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In Memoriam, Henry Krotoschin

Henry Krotoschin (1913-2009)

On 17 March 2009, shortly before his 96th Birthday, is Henry Krotoschin gone from this world. As he wrote in the words of his longtime friend, Stefan von Jankovich, he has "the promotion on the school's planet Earth existed and is to reach a higher level.

He was mentally active up to his last day. He died at his desk, surrounded by his beloved books and papers. In the hearts of all who knew Henry Krotoschin, he lives through his work and the dissemination of Huna concepts. Please accompany Henry on his way with a generous gift of mana.

Henry Krotoschin was the founder and until his departure, head of the Huna Research of Z├╝rich, HFG, the German Subsidiary of Huna Research, Inc. in Missouri USA. Since 1981 he was the official representation of Europe Huna World Headquarters, Huna Research, Inc. in Missouri USA.

Henry Krotoschin came in a deep crisis in their lives through the books by Max Freedom Long on the Huna Way. As a scientist, he has the practice of Huna teachings thoroughly and critically examined. Since his retirement, he dedicated himself to his vocation as a Huna teacher and has in recent years more than 700 lectures and seminars held.

Aloha y,all,

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Henry was a friend and mentor of more than 30 years, a Brother Master Mason, he was my Best Man, and ... now that the Statute of Limitations has expired ... he was kind enough to smuggle a box of Cuban cigars into the US for my 30th Birthday!

... so many wonderful memories!


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