Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Expanding Awareness

It really does come down to this.

Those that are aware of it and apply it, are the folks who are on top of their game and Mastering Life.

Here it is:
Awareness Affects Matter

Anyone who does not believe this, let me ask you something:

"If you were driving a car, and
you turned off your awareness for
just a minute, would it affect the
matter around you?"

That's the bottom line of the whole thing, and only a fool would disagree.
Yet those same fools (let's call them "sheeple") would say you are wasting your time with self-improvement!

Don't be fooled
by these fear-mongers
who want you to stay stuck with them right where you are!

"Expanded Awareness"
makes the "sheeple" very uncomfortable!

... since they're too afraid or un-informed, they only feel comfortable if you limit yourself the same way they have limited themselves.

Good thing you now know better, right?

Look at it this way ...

... with a basic awareness, you've been getting a basic life, right?

...but now imagine what kind of life could you have with Expanded Awareness!

Amazing, isn't it?!

One excellent way to help expand your awareness at light-speed is with our all-new Huna Convention Home Study DVD course!

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Now that's fair enough, isn't it?

Unlocking the Secrets of Success,


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"Reclaim your inner power!"
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Release powerful emotion energy healing

--- Original Message ---

> Vince,
> I have been struggling with creating a thought form for my perfect job:

No you haven't ... you've been "striving."

... you've been really thinking-it-through, and you've already reaped some rewards which I'll point out below.

Now, here's your list ...

> Be a resource
> Help people and make a difference in their lives
> Use my creativity (whether to create an actual object or view a
> situation differently)
> Be positive and loving
> Use my knowledge of crystals and therapeutic essential oils would travel
> 25% of the time
> Have a short commute

Sounds more like you're aligning your life-style with your deepest personal values.

And when you're living your life-purpose, you're doing something completely different that a "job."

So, notice what feelings came up when you were thinking about "getting a job" ...

... got it?

And you can probably come up with a better term describing what you're doing when you're waking-up every morning exited about what you're doing, can't you?

Or do you just want a "job."

You choose.

... because your unconscious mind already chose.

> But I get stuck with taking all that and putting it into a thought form.
> I have been mulling this over for awhile, So today, I said what else do
> I want?


If you haven't noticed yet how good your inner-communication is, it's OK if you want to congratulate yourself now.

When you've done the "ground work" and then you just sort-of "let go" like that, your release powerful emotion energy healing.

> I would also like to meet the right man for me and get married.
> Immediately, I saw a rainbow and under the rainbow was myself and a man.
> We are standing face to face and holding hands. Our heart chakras are
> open and I can see the exchange of bright green light. How lovely, how
> easily that picture came to me. So I am thinking perhaps this is my
> biggest desire at the moment. If it were work, wouldn't I have formed a
> picture by now? Any suggestions for how I can put that desire into a
> picture?

Guess what ...

... that IS your thought-form-picture.

You've gone through all the conscious evaluating and analyzing ... and THIS is the picture your unconscious mind produced for you.

Notice how spectacularly wonderful it is ...

... and, if you can imagine stepping-into-the-picture so yo're experiencing it "as if" now ... you'll probably notice how all those other little details you used to worry about have "taken care of themselves."

Then step back out and send it to your Aumakua!

... and enjoy!


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"Reclaim your inner power!"
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Friday, July 17, 2009

How did THEY get so freakin' lucky?

Aloha y'all,

Has that thought ever crossed your mind?

You meet someone who seems to have it all in their their life ...

... success, wealth, freedom, notoriety, and great relationships with their family.

Yes, everything they touch seems to turn to gold.

Meanwhile, you're working your tail off ....

... struggling ... yet always taking one step forward, two steps back.

Sound familiar?

Well, I've got news for you. Truth is, those people DO have a significant amount of luck working in their lives.

But ... it's not by chance ... it's by CHOICE.

And this eye-opening video will reveal exactly how you can get it too.

We've discovered that there's an actual SCIENCE to increasing your luck and reaching all your
personal goals faster and easier.

Now, we're ready to reveal his secret formula to the world that will allow you to systematically
create opportunities that lead to the success you want.

And you can get your start right HERE.

I urge you to take action immediately and watch this short video...

Because let's face it--we could all use a lot more "luck" in our lives.


Yours in Kahuna Wisdom,


P.S. Oh, and one last thing: This is NOT what you
think it is. It's NOT the "touchy feely", new age
mumbo jumbo of "thinking positive."

This is the real deal. And just the training you can get today
could easily help you reach your goals ...
Plus BOOST you faster than you ever thought possible!

Go watch these videos:

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Psychic Visions

Re: Paranormal Activity

--- On Wed, 7/15/09, bri_0010 wrote:

> Hi Vince,
> I am not seeing people but picking up more things from a wider
> vision perspective. Is this a good thing picking up etheric junk
> as you call it.

Aloha Brian,

It is.

Noticing what is there is so much better than being "oblivious" of it ... don't you think?

And there are way more NICE things you can see.

One of the easiest, most beautiful, and most useful, are the "Vitality Globules" ...

... almost everyone sees them at one time or another, and MOST people pretty much ignore them.


And take a look at the Thought Forms pictures in the eBook by that title at:

... and you might start noticing those now that you know what to look for.



© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"Reclaim your inner power!"
2008 Huna World Convention on DVD
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Metaphysical Money Miracles

Aloha y'all,

If you knew the ONE THING that was holding you back from getting anything what you want in life,what could you accomplish?

You might "think" you know what's holding you back, but guess what ... you're probably wrong.

Because what's holding you back is usually always a subconscious issue ...

... NOT not a conscious one.

It's just outside of your awareness ... in our mental "blind spot."

For example:

You might think and feel you are righteous, but in fact you're really "prideful."

This pride is a roadblock preventing you from realizing your goals.

Or you may have limiting subconscious beliefs about money ...

... so you ... unknowingly ... set yourself up to have very little money, that way you can go on "being righteous."

What you really see is actually a symptom, and the root cause goes unaddressed...

...until now.

With the all-new 2008 Huna World Convention Training DVDs, the blockages get exposed in the very first disc!

... You'll learn POWERFUL WAYS OF ENERGY ... how to remove the self-blinders placed on you by western institutional education.

... YOU GET to discover how to increase 1000% in 7 months!

... The Kahuna plane of awareness (this is like ZANSHIN
on steroids!) where you are so in tune that nothing
escapes your understanding

... The POWER-STATES that set you up for light-switch success!

... You'll find the most simple, peaceful and practical
methods of self-discovery and how to sky-rocket your

Would that be good to know?

That's only the first half-hour of the first disc!

...and each of the 7 discs is two hours!

You have a few more days to get this course for only $297+P&H

After Aug. 6th, it goes up to $497

So make a wise move now, you save $200 bucks and get skills that will last you a lifetime.

The time is right now for this:

Yours in Kahuna Wisdom,


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Online Jedi Training

--- On Thu, 7/16/09, Barbara Patterson wrote:

> Thank you Vince.
> I had an aha moment earlier today when I received your e-mail
> about the dumbing down of education.

Very eye-opening, huh?

... and if you look at ANY report on the so-called "negative effects of homeschooling" it's ALWAYS some form of attack on independent thinking:

  • they're not learning what we want them to learn
  • they're learning something we don't want them to learn

And that "mentality" effects everyone!

> We are learning huna in the right way. We study, ask questions,
> dive in or swim in the shallow water, but we are self directed.


... and you could pay me no higher compliment ... "self-directed" ... like your own online jedi training.

I don't know if it's "sink-or-swim" as much as "falling-off--a-log."

See what I mean here:

> I also realized a little later that the process was fun and
> joyful. Like opening up a present that we didn't expect.


... I love it.

We do things differently!

Now you've probably noticed why I often respond to questions the way I do ... just doing the exact opposite of the 6-Lesson Schoolteacher.

Maybe that's the difference between a "teacher" and a "trainier" ...

... or a "coach"

... or an "inspirer."

You choose.


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paranormal Activity

-- On Mon, 7/13/09, devon rice wrote:

>Hi Vince,
> I am starting to 'see' people and things out of the corners of my
> eyes, especially on the left-hand side. Is this 'normal' or am I
> losing it?

Aloha Devon,

No surprise you're beginning to notice more as you're paying close attention ... especially using Hakalau.

... so you'll start picking-up on all the "etheric junk" out there, as well.

And it's really MORE than normal ... it's very NATURAL ...

... ask any kid 7-years-old or younger ... IF their parents haven't told them to stop talking about such "foolishness."

In fact, you'll probably start remembering things like this you saw regularly when you were very young.

It's a new world.



© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"Reclaim your inner power!"
2008 Huna World Convention on DVD
Special this month only:

Huna World Convention Venue

--- Candice wrote:

> Aloha,
> Could you please tell me - whereabouts in Cape Girardeau is the
> conference being held?

Aloha Candice,

We're holding it at the Rose Bed Inn ...

... see

And ...



© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"Reclaim your inner power!"
2008 Huna World Convention on DVD
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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Secret Science Behind 'the Secret'

If you've been interested in Huna for any length of time and you've practiced the Ha Rite and Huna prayers, this is an absolute must if you want to get results you can see! You simply must watch this if you're going to be seeing the results so many dream about!

Build your Huna on a solid foundation and experience the difference.

The Secret Science Behind "the Secret"

Manifest greatness on a solid foundation
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An all-new understanding of the Kahuna
"Prayer-Action" that dramatically increases results!

In these DVDs you'll learn the Newly Discovered "missing link" between Huna, Attractiveness and the Law of Attraction! Now you can put it all together - the Secret, the Law of Attraction, Ho'oponopono, the Bleep ... it all comes together in this "Diamond Huna" - so you can multiply you mana manifestation!

Imagine using Negative thoughts to absolutely empower you! Sound crazy? It isn't. It's one of the most empowering discoveries of the decade! ....and no one knows about it ...

... until NOW!

Be one of the first to get this course!

"Reclaim your inner power!"
2008 Huna World Convention on DVD
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Thank you!


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"Reclaim your inner power!"
2008 Huna World Convention on DVD
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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Huna World Convention Reports

Great training!!! My socks were blown off. The  issue I have been 
working on for 8 years has begun to heal! I am finally getting my house
in order, because of the things you taught me and the tools from the
seminar. Vince you are amazing!!! Thanks for your help.

Michael Black
Parker, CO

Hi, I would like to thank you for everything. My fractured foot
was totally cured, I was walking on it instantly. I learned so much,
I recommend this to everyone.

Jerry Tafolla
Chicago, IL

Vince, I want to thank you for all the teachings of this event. Healing
others and sending healings towards other and towards myself has
Healed my Vision. I was since little always using glasses, and my
brother Joshua also. I was far sighted...

A few days ago, I went to an optometry clinic in Fort Bragg (because
its mandatory in the military to do so every 6 months). They cleared
me as 20-20 vision.

I don't need glasses anymore! 

They only prescribe a small amount just for reading IF I Need it.

Vince thanks for all the Teachings.

Jonathan W. Rivera
Armed Forces Europe

Instant Healing!

Beginning January or 2007, I couldn’t sleep at night, but the
Convention in October, 2008 worked.

Today is 4th day that started with a healthy sleep, without any sleeping
pill and I see better without the glasses. I do laugh again in my life, I
have my life back.

So you have above the miracles… and professional work of Vince !!!

Barbara Gekecka - much improved since!

Aloha Rev. Vince,

Thank you so much Rev. Vince for creating, providing, facilitating this
wondreous experience, none other than Huna World Convention 2008.

I am so pleased with the results thus far, my head is still spinning with
amazing results!

I find myself naturally, almost in disbelief trying to locate that feeling
of shame I had prior to doing Ke Leina, and I can't find it, which is a
great feeling!

You are a great magician, Kahuna!

Your style of teaching and your loving, kind presence willing and
wanting to help everyone, without any reservations, is really astonishing
and inspiring to say the least.

I really appreciate all the attention you gave me and teaching me and
healing me, and by the way, my back too feels better, and I will not
wear that watch anymore, glad you have pointed it out to me.

Rev. Vince, I consider you a friend for life, and I wish that I can one
day reciprocate as well.

Also your Mom and Dad were so wonderfully giving to me
throughout the entire time, I mean I got more hugs and love from you
guys more then my entire life perhaps!

Furthermore, the powerful life force energy generated by all three of
you beautiful spirits, was so empowering, and even though it blew my
lid off, and I still feel it around me as my head is spinning even as I
write this. It is a great euphoric feeling and I meaning to request from
you all to telepathically keep sending this psychic healing, restoring
energy to me daily, or whenever you can or think of me please I will
continue to ask for it as I am litterally hungry for it!

Thank you again Rev.Vince and the Entire Family, and all the nice
people I have met at the Convention, and please keep in touch and
keep me informed as often as possible.

Love, Peace and Blessings For All,

Andrew Slawek
Bayonne, NJ

© 2014 Huna Ohana

Friday, July 03, 2009

What is living a spiritual solution?

--- "Money Goner" wrote:

> Dear Vince,
> How are you doing? I do hope you are in good spirits.

I'm awesome!

> Please allow me to ask a question concerning my current situation.
> To begin with I have a very very lousy job that isn't paying. I
> would like to leave but it's very very difficult to fins another
> job. I am a dishwasher and my salary is the absolute minimum.

First, let me tell you this.

I've been there ...

... OK?

It sucks ... I know!

But you've already taken the first step to getting where you want to be ... and here's a *hint* ... "where you want to be" is NOT what you've described below!

Us this asset and create wealth.

Another thing ...

... all of the most successful people in life started out 5h1t jobs.

It's true.

Now-a-days I do a lot of work with high-paid CEOs, entrepreneurs, etc. ... and here's one "dirty-little-secret" ...

... when they look at a resume, they look at your FIRST JOB ... they look at what you've done.

If "dishwasher" is listed on your resume, you go to the TOP of the list ... because the business leaders who really get things done would NOT EVER hire anybody who's never really worked for a living.

> My physician has advised me to stop doing this job, because I have
> serious health problems. I'm 52 but I feel 88!

Go now immediately to

> At this point I cannot even pay my bills anymore, or the mortgage.
> Now the problem is this.

I've been there.

It sucks.

... but the GOOD NEWS is that ... after doing the Ha Rite correctly ... you're going to see big, dramatic changes you never believed possible.

Read this ... because this one quote got me from scrubbing toilets to running a successful business in less than a year.

> I am a bit naive and too kind when it concerns money. I have lent
> a "friend" 17.000 euro at a time I had some money. We had an
> "agreement" and it is written on paper. I felt sorry for this
> person and just wanted to help her. How stupid. This lady doe pay
> very irregularly, and much less than what we agreed. I know she has
> money, because she goes out on holidays, while I have much
> difficulties to make ends meet. I'm fed up with this situation, and
> just want my money.


... sounds to me like you're a good person, and you believe other people are good too.

Well ... there ARE people out there who don't hold up their end of the bargain.

> I don't want to harm her, or make threats. This will only make her
> angry. But I'm fed up with this situation, and want her to start
> paying regularly and give me what,s mine.

It's your money, she owes you money, and she's ripping you off ... so why don't you want to make her angry?

She's affecting your health.

> The second problem is this. Also money related. My father left me 2
> houses, the house I live in, and the house next door. My father was
> the landlord, and this man was living in the house almost for free.
> There was no contract. Now this guy is still living in the house
> paying me 178 euros a month!! This is outrageous!!! You can't even
> get a garage for 350 a month!! I have to pay taxes for that house,
> and I cannot even raise the rent!

What is preventing you?

> Oh yes I can ask 1% every year! Big deal! There is nothing I can do
> I cannot throw him out, for he is protected by law, while I am not.

How's that if there's no contract?

I know there are laws on the books in plenty of cities that pretend to "protect renters" and all they do is destroy landlords.

So both of these issues require some sound legal advice from an attorney familiar with and practicing in your area.

Yes, we're spiritual beings having a physical experience, and that means sometimes you have to take regular 'ol practical action right here on the physical plane.

> But I want him out, I need the money!

So what is living a spiritual solution?

Yes you do, and there are some nuts-n-bolts things you're going to have to take care of ...

... but FIRST ... you can make everything "so much easier" if you set-it-up-in-advance on the spiritual level.

Start by doing the I'o process with these people.

> I need money to go to school get education in order to get a
> better job!

Well that doesn't make any sense to me.

Here's why.

Go back and read my post from earlier today about how your Aumakua operates ...

... because "money-to-get-an-education-to-get-a-better-job" is totally "left brain" thinking!

This goes far beyond the healing powers of subconscious mind.

Remember you have a friend ... an Utterly Trustworthy Parental Spirit ... with resources and perspectives far beyond your left-brained thinking.

Your High Self.

Your High Self loves you, and wants you to be happy.

Your left-brain, conscious, uhane mind is there for a purpose and it is an essential part of you ...

... so here's one way to think-things-differently!

When creating the Thought-Form for your Ha Rite, you want to "go to the end of the process" instead of planning "how to get there."

Because your High Self will guide you there once you tell it exactly what you really want!

So ...

... start thinking about how you want your life to BE.

You've already though about how to get there, so go ahead and set that sort of thinking aside and do this:

Describe your ideal situation ... your lifestyle ... what you'll be doing ... how you'll feel ... etc. AFTER your High Self has stepped-in and given everything you've always wanted.

Focus on that.

This will help you get started:

So ...

... after you have a clear idea of what you really want, then you can enlist the assistance of the powerful energy from the TMHG.

You're going to be pleasantly surprised!



© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Prosperity Prayer

TMHG prayer request:

"healing for money"

--- On Wed, 7/1/09, Grant wrote:

> Thank you so much! my time will be 8 pm central time.
> I desire a check for 2,000 dollars or more to come from a relative so I
> can get a place to live. I live in my car now. Thanks

Aloha Grant,

Why put such limitations on your prosperity?

Is it OK if you find yourself living happily in your new home?

Think about it!

What do you REALLY want?

Be sure to read

Huna: The Three Most Common Mistakes People Make with the Huna Prayer
... and Enjoy!


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Check-out this Month's special:

How do I use my subconscious power?

--- On Tue, 6/30/09, Pearl Pastilock wrote:

> What is mana

Huna, like other top metaphysical organizations, uses psychic energy. And your understanding of mana is key to the basic question, "how do i use my subconscious power."

This is the basis of lifeskills education- self awareness.

For some
self awareness building strategies, here's a little clip from the 12-week Huna Course ...


The kahuna recognized the magnetic, attracting force, and the opposite, repelling nature of vital force or mana. Both polarities are present in all such energies. Unfortunately no detailed exposition of the subject was left. The force was known as a thing which had to do with all thought processes and bodily activities. It was the essence of life itself.

The kahuna symbol for this force was water.

Water flows and so does vital force. Water fills things. So does Mana. Water may leak away ... and so may the vital force. All thinking involves an "electrical-like"� activity of the higher "voltage"� of vital force. (Terms from the field of electricity are analogies only, not specific descriptions.)

The kahuna associated all thinking process with MANA. The Hawaiian word mana-o means "thinking, --� the -o added to show that the process is one of using mana to produce thought. As each thought is formed, it is given its shadowy body (aka) and is fastened by a thread of the same substance to thoughts which came before it (the association of ideas in terms of modern psychology). Mana is taken from the food and air by the inner, basic self and is stored in its aka-body, but it is shared with the Middle Self and with the High Self.

The mana, when used as the life force of the Middle Self, is changed in some subtle way. The kahuna of old symbolized this as a dividing of the basic Mana into two kinds and called it Mana-Mana. Doubling the word indicates that the Mana is doubled in its power, so that it can be used by the Middle Self to command and control the Low or Basic Self. This is the force we know vaguely in modern psychology as "the will."� It is also the force which should at all times be strong enough to make the Low Self carry out every suggestion. It is seldom used in its full strength, and so the inner self gets out of hand or flits from one activity to another, without carrying out any suggestion or command fully.

... and, since we've been getting a lot of questions about these most basic Huna principles, I put the 12-week Huna Course on this Month's special below ...



© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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