Thursday, July 16, 2009

Psychic Visions

Re: Paranormal Activity

--- On Wed, 7/15/09, bri_0010 wrote:

> Hi Vince,
> I am not seeing people but picking up more things from a wider
> vision perspective. Is this a good thing picking up etheric junk
> as you call it.

Aloha Brian,

It is.

Noticing what is there is so much better than being "oblivious" of it ... don't you think?

And there are way more NICE things you can see.

One of the easiest, most beautiful, and most useful, are the "Vitality Globules" ...

... almost everyone sees them at one time or another, and MOST people pretty much ignore them.


And take a look at the Thought Forms pictures in the eBook by that title at:

... and you might start noticing those now that you know what to look for.



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