Thursday, July 16, 2009

Online Jedi Training

--- On Thu, 7/16/09, Barbara Patterson wrote:

> Thank you Vince.
> I had an aha moment earlier today when I received your e-mail
> about the dumbing down of education.

Very eye-opening, huh?

... and if you look at ANY report on the so-called "negative effects of homeschooling" it's ALWAYS some form of attack on independent thinking:

  • they're not learning what we want them to learn
  • they're learning something we don't want them to learn

And that "mentality" effects everyone!

> We are learning huna in the right way. We study, ask questions,
> dive in or swim in the shallow water, but we are self directed.


... and you could pay me no higher compliment ... "self-directed" ... like your own online jedi training.

I don't know if it's "sink-or-swim" as much as "falling-off--a-log."

See what I mean here:

> I also realized a little later that the process was fun and
> joyful. Like opening up a present that we didn't expect.


... I love it.

We do things differently!

Now you've probably noticed why I often respond to questions the way I do ... just doing the exact opposite of the 6-Lesson Schoolteacher.

Maybe that's the difference between a "teacher" and a "trainier" ...

... or a "coach"

... or an "inspirer."

You choose.


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