Thursday, July 09, 2009

Huna World Convention Reports

Great training!!! My socks were blown off. The  issue I have been 
working on for 8 years has begun to heal! I am finally getting my house
in order, because of the things you taught me and the tools from the
seminar. Vince you are amazing!!! Thanks for your help.

Michael Black
Parker, CO

Hi, I would like to thank you for everything. My fractured foot
was totally cured, I was walking on it instantly. I learned so much,
I recommend this to everyone.

Jerry Tafolla
Chicago, IL

Vince, I want to thank you for all the teachings of this event. Healing
others and sending healings towards other and towards myself has
Healed my Vision. I was since little always using glasses, and my
brother Joshua also. I was far sighted...

A few days ago, I went to an optometry clinic in Fort Bragg (because
its mandatory in the military to do so every 6 months). They cleared
me as 20-20 vision.

I don't need glasses anymore! 

They only prescribe a small amount just for reading IF I Need it.

Vince thanks for all the Teachings.

Jonathan W. Rivera
Armed Forces Europe

Instant Healing!

Beginning January or 2007, I couldn’t sleep at night, but the
Convention in October, 2008 worked.

Today is 4th day that started with a healthy sleep, without any sleeping
pill and I see better without the glasses. I do laugh again in my life, I
have my life back.

So you have above the miracles… and professional work of Vince !!!

Barbara Gekecka - much improved since!

Aloha Rev. Vince,

Thank you so much Rev. Vince for creating, providing, facilitating this
wondreous experience, none other than Huna World Convention 2008.

I am so pleased with the results thus far, my head is still spinning with
amazing results!

I find myself naturally, almost in disbelief trying to locate that feeling
of shame I had prior to doing Ke Leina, and I can't find it, which is a
great feeling!

You are a great magician, Kahuna!

Your style of teaching and your loving, kind presence willing and
wanting to help everyone, without any reservations, is really astonishing
and inspiring to say the least.

I really appreciate all the attention you gave me and teaching me and
healing me, and by the way, my back too feels better, and I will not
wear that watch anymore, glad you have pointed it out to me.

Rev. Vince, I consider you a friend for life, and I wish that I can one
day reciprocate as well.

Also your Mom and Dad were so wonderfully giving to me
throughout the entire time, I mean I got more hugs and love from you
guys more then my entire life perhaps!

Furthermore, the powerful life force energy generated by all three of
you beautiful spirits, was so empowering, and even though it blew my
lid off, and I still feel it around me as my head is spinning even as I
write this. It is a great euphoric feeling and I meaning to request from
you all to telepathically keep sending this psychic healing, restoring
energy to me daily, or whenever you can or think of me please I will
continue to ask for it as I am litterally hungry for it!

Thank you again Rev.Vince and the Entire Family, and all the nice
people I have met at the Convention, and please keep in touch and
keep me informed as often as possible.

Love, Peace and Blessings For All,

Andrew Slawek
Bayonne, NJ

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