Sunday, August 27, 2006

Huna is where you find it!

"Moving Mountains"

The great motivational speaker, Les Brown, introduced me to this powerful quotation.

... commonly credited to Goethe, it comes from the journal of William H. Murray, reflecting upon the organization and will-power necessary to begin the Scottish Himalayan Expedition.

"Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way."

He then went on to quote Goethe:

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now."

... so "what are you waiting for?"


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"A ohe pau ko ike i kou halau"
Think not that all wisdom is in your school.

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Huna 101: How to stop a psychic attack!

Repairing the "weak spot" where
Sorcerers can attack you!

Leto Wrote:
A question from another group.

> dear all, i got to know that somebody cast an
> evil spells, (since i was 13 years), over my family
> and i was affected. any one an expert please give a
> hand to realesed this spells. thanks alot.

It's a "complex" problem!

So ...

Why would anyone go to the trouble of putting an "evil spell" on anyone?


I mean ... most people "take care of themselves" anyway!

... and a "curse" requires certain conditions to "work."

The "complex."

... it's that "something eating inside" ... usually caused by thoughts of guilt.

The "complex" makes the unihipili either willing to accept "punishment" ... or unable to repel "attacks" ... or both.

It also makes the unihipili accept the idea that punishment is "deserved" ... sometimes even with amends having been made ... and forces it to continue or manifest the "punishment" in the form of sickness or mental illness.

And more ...

... the complex does what the Kahuna called "blocking the path" ... making your unihipili "unwilling" to contact the Aumakua.

All so "unnecessary."

Because "the key" is finding and "draining off" the complex.

"It's that easy!"

Kala or "clearing!"

Here's a simple yet surprisingly effective method that works ... but you do have to pay ...

... attention!

As you say these words honestly.

This is just one simple method.

... there are other techniques at you can use.

So ...

Notice what "pops-up" and pay attention to the meaning of the words you're saying ...

... because there are "layers & layers" to this simple little prayer.

The "Little Prayer for the HRA's" Max wrote long ago.

Huna Prayer
by Max Freedom Long

If I have hurt someone today
With thought or word or deed,
Or failed another in his need,
I now repent.

If I can take those steps again,
Tomorrow will I make amends
And heal with love those hurts.
I do this pledge.

And if a hurt has struck me deep
And no amends are made,
I ask the light to balance all.
I count the debt as paid.

Parental Spirits whom I love,
And who I know love me,
Reach through the door I open wide.
Make clear my path to Thee.

So Mote it Be!


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Leaving my old "home town" again!


There are many wonderful and loving spiritual people there ... but I am so very glad to be gone from Cape Girardeau!

My blessings upon you all ... "every single one of you!"


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kahuna Secret to Breaking-Free from "Negativity!"

Aloha Y'all!

Here's my reply to a question from a Huna Ohana group member.

... and that "tiny secret" ... that secret to breaking-free from "negativity" is in my reply below!
I "threw it in" together with a whole bunch of "other stuff" you can start using right away!

So have fun ...

---Original Message ---

> From what I remember reading in MFL's books, I always
> considered the Unihipili the realm of emotions. When when
> we we feel a well up of emotion, I thought its source was
> the Unihipili, the the Unihipili brought this to the Uhane's
> awareness.>> In Enid Hoffman's book, she describes how the
> Uhane both thinks and feels. That the Uhane has thoughts
> and feelings as part of its realm. She does mention that the
> Unihipili retains thought forms and emotional patterns in the
> storehouse of memory. Included in this storehouse are the
> feelings that remain unexpressed and held in.
> Anyway, perhaps I am making more out of this than it
> deserves, but I do wish for an accurate model with which I
> can better explore the the elements that make up who I am.

OK ...

This is very important ... because we're working with a "model" here ... and the "accuracy" of your model is measured by its effectiveness!

... and the "model" really WORKS!

So that's a good thing ...

... simple and effective.

> Thanks for any clarification you can offer.

The "quick" answer ...

It's like this ... the unihipili is the "source" and "storehouse" of emotions.

Uhane experiences emotions in the present ... (otherwise you would not be *aware* of them ... hint hint.)

OK? ... so just ...

"Imagine the possibilities!"

NOW ...

If you "understand this distinction" ... then you have one of the First "Master Keys" to Living Excellence ...

... AND ... How-to Secure and Maintain Lasting Happiness, Health, Well-Being and Success...

That's why I'm always emphasizing the "How To Eliminate 'Roadblocks that Stand Between You and Your Happiness Immediately and Forever" aspect of Huna and complimentary technologies.
Think about it ...

... that's the primary benefit of Huna ... AND the one "Hidden Secret" to "Unlocking" your ability to control your future.*

So you can easily learn to let go of any unwanted feeling ... including all forms of anger, fear, grief, depression, apathy and emotional pain ... on the spot ... and break-up the thought-form-clusters (and resulting behaviors) that cause the feelings to re-occur.

The recent "How to get rid of 'black boxes'" technique is just one easy way that will surprise you.
BUT ... here's the "Big Surprise!" ...
All emotions are "Good."

Once you have clarity-of-mind (Uhane), the experience of an emotion is just another piece of information.

Let me illustrate...

Scene One:

You walk into a grocery store and feel a vague sense of fear. This is uni telling you there's something to be afraid of, right. You find the source of the fear and it's over by the checkout lanes. You walk on to the snack isle to pick-up an aerosol can of simulated cheese product. A commotion breaks out at the front of the store... someone was caught shoplifting and pulled out a knife.

That's an experience of "fear in the present moment." Your unconscious picked-up on danger and gave you a warning.

Another example would be your wife points a loaded revolver in your face, pulls back the hammer, and says she might pull the trigger.

That's fear in the present... an appropriate response.

It's rational.

Unihipili and Uhane are in agreement.

Scene Two:

You're afraid of guns. You're visiting a friend. His wife answers the door with a hammer in one hand and some nails in the other. You walk down to the basement where your friend is cleaning his guns... and you feel fear.

This is "fear gone wrong."

Your uni has some thought-form-cluster giving you "fear."

Here's how you know...

You didn't feel fear when you saw the hammer. You know more people are killed with hammers than guns every year, and you have no reason to believe she was likely to hurt or kill anyone. You also know your friend is not likely to hurt or kill anybody.

So if you experience fear at the sight of a gun, you know the source of the "fear" is irrational and not based in the present. The source is either an event from your past, a belief formed in the past, or it is anxiety ... which is fear about the future.

A more common fear is fear of "public speaking" ... and you can see how it works the same way.

Either there's a memory ... (e.g. the time you were to give a talk when you stood up and your brain sat down) ... a belief ... (e.g. "I'm not a good speaker.") ... or anxiety about the future (eg. "I'm going to make a fool of myself.")

In any case ... the unihipili and uhane are in conflict ... because the emotion is NOT in the present moment.

Huna teaches you to identify the source of emotions. When you find any unwanted feeling coming up, you will no longer be "controlled."

Free of your "emotional baggage" ... you will feel more confident and relaxed ... even in the very situations you once had to avoid. You will have the clarity-of-mind to say and do what is appropriate and natural in any situation.

And ... using Huna ... you know how-to-set-up situations ahead of time ... so they will go your way for the benefit of all concerned.


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Huna 101: The Ha Rite ... Kahuna Prayer-Action

HUNA Ha Rite (Prayer-Action) Format *

1. Decide exactly what you want.

2. Obtain the cooperation of the three selves. This requires the complete relaxation of the body, the inner self and the conscious mind, followed by meditation on the High Self to "draw it near to you."

3. Generate a surplus charge of mana (life force).

--> For "how-to" ... see Kahuna Breathing.

"I am now going to generate mana by breathing deeply.
I am gathering extra mana as I draw in more and more
oxygen. I ask my inner self to assist me in generating
and storing this force. My will is being made strong
and enduring so that I am filled with the
determination to accomplish the things I desire."

Take a series of deep breaths.

"My vitality is building up; my inner self is creating
mana. Mana is flowing like water into a bowl. Energy
is being stored in the bowl. I can see the mana rising
higher and higher in the bowl ... until it overflows."

Continue breathing until you feel fully charged.

"I now command my inner self to hold this mana energy,
until I am ready to send it to the High Self."

4. Make contact with your High Self.

"Parental Spirit, who dwells in the realm of Light, I
call to you. May the perfection of Your level of being
be reflected to my level of being. I ask that You lead
and guide me in all that is being done. I
ask that You take an active part in my life."

"May Your power create for me the good things, first
in Your perfected realm and then cause them to appear
as realities on my physical level."

5. Make the mental picture (thought-form) of the desired condition.

"I now make in my mind the mental picture of that
which I desire. I feel a deep, emotional need for

Repeat your request three times with as much emotion as possible:

"I see myself as already having obtained my request,
and give thanks for it."

6. Send the thought-form to your inner self to present telepathically to your High Self:

"I hold this picture before the mirror of my High Self
and reflect it down into the depths of my inner self."

7. Strengthen the thought-form with mana and send it to your High Self.

"I now send this thought-form picture along a stream
of mana to You. May this gift of mana empower You to
work on Your level."

8. End the prayer with a feeling of faith and confidence:

"I end my prayer and release it to Your keeping to
work with as You see fit. I know that it is only a
matter of time until my request appears as a reality
on the physical level . . . My prayer has taken
flight. Let the Light of my High Self shine back to
me. Let the rain of blessings fall. So Mote it Be."


This is a really nice, simple, step-by-step process that works.

Now ...

Even though this is more than 30 years old and we are constantly learning new ways of improving it ... you can easily use this technique to start turning your dreams into reality!

So "give it a go!"

... and Enjoy!


* Adapted from William Glover's book, Huna: The Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking, pp. 52-53

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© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Monday, August 07, 2006

How to Relax INSTANTLY ...

How to Relax INSTANTLY ...
.. the First Step to Developing
Your Psychic Skills

--- Original Message ---
> .......sounds interesting.
> What are fore-head neurovasculars?


They're also known as the frontal eminences, if you have a good anatomy book (actually they're still called that even if your don't, but I didn't come here to tell you that) ... they're the BUMPS on your fore-head directly above your eyes.

Here's the BASIC Technique ...

Gently TOUCH the bumps with the pads of your index and middle fingers.

Touch the right bump with the left hand, and vice versa.

Hold for FIVE minutes.

You can DO THIS the next time you feel stressed or confused or anxious or etc ... and notice how those negative emotions kinda just "melt away."


Play with that for awhile before moving on to more advanced techniques.


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Kahuna Power Secrets

--- Original Message ----
> This probably is an elementary lesson, but I have
> missed it. Is it possible to accumulate vital force
> frequently during the day and then use it in the
> prayer when we are ready?

Good question.

Yes. And that is one of the reasons you should do your Ha Breathing daily.

In the Kahuna way of thinking, the key is conditioning your body/unihipili to KEEP a sur-charge of mana ready at all times. So, basically, a "normal" charge for you will, with practice, be ten times or more what a "normal" charge is for most people.

Lanakila used to teach cloud bursting in his "Targeting Your Mana" training. Now, cloud bursting might seem pointless on the surface, but what he was REALLY training you to do was ACCUMULATE mana ... STORE it effectively ... and then DIRECT it any time you

> Is there more effectiveness in working this way?

Is it good to be ten times as powerful as the average guy? :-)

Imagine having a regular surplus "store" of mana you can use at any time.

So those special times of day when you feel really "connected" you can just imagine sending a flow of mana to your High Self and then feeling the "return flow" known as "the rain of blessings."

It's also about being always ready in the moment.

> Do I instruct the lower self that this is what I am
> doing when I do the breathing exercises or even it
> is not to send the mana up at the present time?

Yes. Yes. One of the Master Keys Max Freedom Long discovered was how adding the THOUGHT of accumulating mana while doing the breathing multiplies the effect geometrically!

I think this is covered in "Letters on Huna" Lesson 4 or in Max's Mana, or Vital Force.

I had the folks do a demonstration of WHY-WHAT-HOW at last year's Huna World Convention.

Test it.

#1 - Get a baseline for how much mana you have.
(Energy Test, pendulum, however)

#2 - Do some deep breathing ... Ha Breathing.

#3 - Re-test your mana level.

#4 - Now do your Ha breathing while adding the THOUGHT
that you are increasing your mana, instructing your
unihipili that this is what you want it to do. (This
is covered well in Glover's book)

#5 - Test how much more mana you have.

You'll probably also notice how much easier it is when you add thought ... mental instructions, visualization, etc.

Dr. Joe does a really cool demonstration demonstrating the difference between Ha Breathing and Ha Breathing for Accumulating Mana.

It never occurred to me Ha Breathing could be used for relaxation ... I'd always used it the other way.

We are always learning, are we not?

> If I am working on a specific prayer is it helpful
> to use the affirmation frequently without sending up
> the mana?

I like how you've already answered this below.

Affirmations can actually do more harm than good because of "tag-ends."

> I am a past Science of Mind student where we used
> affirmations all the time. (Not very effectively I
> might add) Do the affirmations do anything by
> themselves or should they always be accompanied with
> the mana to the higher self?

Affirmations don't work for most people because so many necessary steps to guaranteed success are left out.

But ... affirmations done at Alpha work 300 times better, if that's any help.

And the Aumakua High Self will create your future from the thoughts you focus on throughout the day when "the connection" is made every night as you sleep.

So doing affirmations is like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hopping some of it will stick.

The stuff you thought about all day, or watched on TV, or focused on, or thought about that #*&**&% who cut you off in traffic, etc. ... they all "get there" with as much mana as your "affirmations."

So, which is better ... "affirmations" ... or "your chosen future?"

When you decide on "your chosen future" and you make a thought-form out of it, and you make it real, and you mana-gize it, and then you send it to the HS with the intention of making it manifest ... how many thousand time more powerful is THAT?

Which one WORKS?


Keep studying ...


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Huna Secrets of Remote Healing

One top authority (I don't recall if it was Charlie Kenn or Sam Lono or who at this time) told us ...
... he just didn't put them all
in his books."

When Dad asked the magic question ... "If I did know where those answers are, where would I find them?" ... the answer came back in Max's voice ...

... "Go back and read the Bulletins. It's all there." *

"The Secret Archives"

Most of you know ... or anyone who has done any SERIOUS RESEARCH on Huna knows ... there are over 3000 pages of research reports Max published and distributed to the HRA's in his lifetime.

All research, experiments, and discussions appeared in the Bulletins before they anything was published in book form.

And only a TINY percentage made it into the books.

BTW ... it was done that way deliberately. :)

Hmmm ...
"Why didn't he just
'give away' all his secrets?"

Well ...

You can still get ALL THE BULLETINS from HRI, if you want THE WHOLE STORY.


So HERE's a tidbit ...

Plenty of information was left out simply because of lack of space.

In the early days, many of the HRA's reported having trouble picturing the healed condition when working on Remote Healing.

In 1948, shortly after the publication of The Secret Science Behind Miracles, Max revealed his secret technique for getting around the tendency to let the "undesired condition" slip into mind when doing Remote Healing.

The secret is in visualizing the AKA BODY of the person you are healing.

Here's the basic outline.

Remember that you are connected by an aka thread ... so any manipulation you do in your mind affects them telepathically.

Also remember the Law of Reciprocation ... meaning whatever you "do to them" also affects you ... so be sure to ask for the guidance of BOTH High Selves.

Relax and go to level.

1. Start by seeing them in their current condition.

2. Then imagine their aka body raising out of the physical body.

You will notice that whatever ills the person may have will show up as contaminations on the aka body ... perhaps as dark spots, red flashes, hard objects, clogs, etc. on the otherwise transparent aka body.

3. Clean the aka body.

Now, one of the Master Keys of Huna is the use of PHYSICAL STIMULUS to impress the unihipili ... so it is important to actually REACH OUT AND USE YOUR HANDS as you imagine yourself cleaning and removing any imperfections from the aka body.

It's also important to remember to use a SURCHARGE of mana in your healing work.

Keep cleaning until the light blue aka body becomes a deeper blue.

4. Strengthen the aka body using your surcharge of mana until it takes on a new GLOW of "glassy solidity."

5. Return it to the body to use ITS STRENGTH to correct the ailing parts of the physical body.

6. End your session.

That's the basic process.

REPEAT the process (either in the same session or in multiple sessions) until the aka body can be pulled out WITHOUT bringing new amounts of the former contaminations ... until it COMES OUT CLEAR.
... and keep on learining!


* Max did know a lot of "unscrupulous" or "naive" people would say they were "channeling" him, so he DID set up a VERIFICATION CODE ... just like Houdini ... so WE CAN TELL by the "message" if it is valid or not.

Too bad nobody told that dimwit author with the Ouija board.

Hmmm ... "Why don't we give away all our secrets?"
© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Huna Mind Secrets ... The Kahuna "Waking Meditation" Stage One, Part II

Stay in Hakalau state for as long as you can. Notice how it feels. Notice the ecstatic feelings that begin to come to you as you continue the state.

That's the FIRST STAGE ... here's some experiences from The Huna Ohana.


--- Original Message ---
>I have a question that affects the Hakalau drill you
>gave ... I wear glasses with multi-focal (graded)
>lenses. This affects how I look around me. I tend to
>physically turn my head to maintain the focus of
>areas to the sides of my vision as well as tilting
>my head up and down to focus on printing etc.
>What I am wondering is should I remove my glasses to
>do these exercises? I am concerned that if I keep my
>glasses on and my peripheral vision kicks in, the
>tendency will be for me to want to move my head to
>maintain focus.
>Thanks, Elizabeth


Yes ... Take them off.

Practice the drill until it gets "hardwired" into your neurology, THEN you can chose to wear them or not even though you MAY be surprised at what happens.

Sometimes these things STILL blow me away.

I was teaching Hakalau to a group, and after the third stage we were doing "the finger test" ...

Basically the Testor holds up a finger behind, brings it around the side, to the front, and has the Testie says "OK" when they can see it.

In normal foveal vision (where you're focused on one thing) the finger has to be almost in front of them before they see it.

In regular peripheral vision, most can see it at about a 45 degree angle or better.

In Hakalau, almost everyone can see the finger before it's even with the ear ... i.e. BEHIND the 180 degree plane of vision ... PHYSICALLY BEHIND THE EYE.

As I was demonstrating this, shrieks came from one group.

They were trying it on someone who is LEGALLY BLIND IN ONE EYE ... i.e. no vision except some color smears, and THAT ONLY in the VERY CENTER of his field of vision. (Some of you know him).

So, what happened?

Foveal vision ... pretty much a wash.

Peripheral vision ... nothing.

Hakalau ... he was able to SEE the FULL 180 degree open field of vision ... yes ... even on the physically blind side.

So we said, "Hmmmm ... maybe there's something to this?"


>I found I can see everything when
>I drive and there's no stress.


--- AE Ambassador wrote:
> I think one reason this drill is coming fairly
> easily for me is having studied Sun Tse's "Art of
> War," specifically one part where he recommends
> just this sort of "defocused focus."

This is also referenced in MFL's The Secret Science Behind Miracles. --Vince

--- AE Ambassador wrote:
> I'm having an interesting side effect though. I'll
> stare at the spot for a while, and as my eyes come
> out of tunnel vision, I'll notice a general
> darkening of my vision overall. My personal theory
> is that my spiritual eyes are coming out from
> behind the flesh, and they're just not used to
> being used.

You're learning to "see things differently." --Vince

--- AE Ambassador wrote:
> It could be one of those "dark cloud" things
> though... Any thoughts, anyone?

I'm not picking up on that because it's a general change in how you're seeing things. Believe me, hang out on ANY busy city street and you'll see people with "dark clouds." -–Vince


--- "Ms. Kimberly" < > wrote:
> Thanks you very much, I started today trying it, it
> wasn't easy but I'll keep onit.


Good. If it "snaps back," just ...

1. Look at the spot.
2. Spread your vision out.
3. Spread it down.
4. and back.

I broke it up into three stages because you want to be able to HOLD the state BEFORE you do the next step.

But, you can add the rest of stage one I "accidentally" left out ...

BTW ... "stage one" is Hakalau, so you'll HAVE "already got" the drill after you've done "the rest of the story" ... below. The next stages will move you toward the "what else?" stage.

>And I am interesting in learning more!

Here's more!

While your vision is spread-out like you've already learned to do … and you've ALREADY noticed what you're "picking up" in that state … noticing what feelings you felt ... you have, haven't you?

So, as you DO THAT, you can (just pretend) imagine what it would feel like if you could "sort of" feel everything in your field of vision?

And ... as you're in that state … what would it feel like if you could feel all around you ... 360 degrees.


Keep on learning ...

... and Enjoy!


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD