Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kahuna Secret to Breaking-Free from "Negativity!"

Aloha Y'all!

Here's my reply to a question from a Huna Ohana group member.

... and that "tiny secret" ... that secret to breaking-free from "negativity" is in my reply below!
I "threw it in" together with a whole bunch of "other stuff" you can start using right away!

So have fun ...

---Original Message ---

> From what I remember reading in MFL's books, I always
> considered the Unihipili the realm of emotions. When when
> we we feel a well up of emotion, I thought its source was
> the Unihipili, the the Unihipili brought this to the Uhane's
> awareness.>> In Enid Hoffman's book, she describes how the
> Uhane both thinks and feels. That the Uhane has thoughts
> and feelings as part of its realm. She does mention that the
> Unihipili retains thought forms and emotional patterns in the
> storehouse of memory. Included in this storehouse are the
> feelings that remain unexpressed and held in.
> Anyway, perhaps I am making more out of this than it
> deserves, but I do wish for an accurate model with which I
> can better explore the the elements that make up who I am.

OK ...

This is very important ... because we're working with a "model" here ... and the "accuracy" of your model is measured by its effectiveness!

... and the "model" really WORKS!

So that's a good thing ...

... simple and effective.

> Thanks for any clarification you can offer.

The "quick" answer ...

It's like this ... the unihipili is the "source" and "storehouse" of emotions.

Uhane experiences emotions in the present ... (otherwise you would not be *aware* of them ... hint hint.)

OK? ... so just ...

"Imagine the possibilities!"

NOW ...

If you "understand this distinction" ... then you have one of the First "Master Keys" to Living Excellence ...

... AND ... How-to Secure and Maintain Lasting Happiness, Health, Well-Being and Success...

That's why I'm always emphasizing the "How To Eliminate 'Roadblocks that Stand Between You and Your Happiness Immediately and Forever" aspect of Huna and complimentary technologies.
Think about it ...

... that's the primary benefit of Huna ... AND the one "Hidden Secret" to "Unlocking" your ability to control your future.*

So you can easily learn to let go of any unwanted feeling ... including all forms of anger, fear, grief, depression, apathy and emotional pain ... on the spot ... and break-up the thought-form-clusters (and resulting behaviors) that cause the feelings to re-occur.

The recent "How to get rid of 'black boxes'" technique is just one easy way that will surprise you.
BUT ... here's the "Big Surprise!" ...
All emotions are "Good."

Once you have clarity-of-mind (Uhane), the experience of an emotion is just another piece of information.

Let me illustrate...

Scene One:

You walk into a grocery store and feel a vague sense of fear. This is uni telling you there's something to be afraid of, right. You find the source of the fear and it's over by the checkout lanes. You walk on to the snack isle to pick-up an aerosol can of simulated cheese product. A commotion breaks out at the front of the store... someone was caught shoplifting and pulled out a knife.

That's an experience of "fear in the present moment." Your unconscious picked-up on danger and gave you a warning.

Another example would be your wife points a loaded revolver in your face, pulls back the hammer, and says she might pull the trigger.

That's fear in the present... an appropriate response.

It's rational.

Unihipili and Uhane are in agreement.

Scene Two:

You're afraid of guns. You're visiting a friend. His wife answers the door with a hammer in one hand and some nails in the other. You walk down to the basement where your friend is cleaning his guns... and you feel fear.

This is "fear gone wrong."

Your uni has some thought-form-cluster giving you "fear."

Here's how you know...

You didn't feel fear when you saw the hammer. You know more people are killed with hammers than guns every year, and you have no reason to believe she was likely to hurt or kill anyone. You also know your friend is not likely to hurt or kill anybody.

So if you experience fear at the sight of a gun, you know the source of the "fear" is irrational and not based in the present. The source is either an event from your past, a belief formed in the past, or it is anxiety ... which is fear about the future.

A more common fear is fear of "public speaking" ... and you can see how it works the same way.

Either there's a memory ... (e.g. the time you were to give a talk when you stood up and your brain sat down) ... a belief ... (e.g. "I'm not a good speaker.") ... or anxiety about the future (eg. "I'm going to make a fool of myself.")

In any case ... the unihipili and uhane are in conflict ... because the emotion is NOT in the present moment.

Huna teaches you to identify the source of emotions. When you find any unwanted feeling coming up, you will no longer be "controlled."

Free of your "emotional baggage" ... you will feel more confident and relaxed ... even in the very situations you once had to avoid. You will have the clarity-of-mind to say and do what is appropriate and natural in any situation.

And ... using Huna ... you know how-to-set-up situations ahead of time ... so they will go your way for the benefit of all concerned.


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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OZ said...

I've done my ho'oponopono, along with some of your huna-work, also been tapping(eft)1-hour a day, for the past 4-weeks, but a subpart of the neurosis is still tangible.

It's like reading thoughts, the feelings there, but its under the radar, and this, either subhypertension or subtension has a light uncomfort uneasiness, that dwells in my chest at night when I go to sleep. And I don't need any specialist, cause I'am its creator as well as its soon to be banisher!

Any thoughts, or words??
besides "looney", lol!