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Kahuna Power Secrets

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> This probably is an elementary lesson, but I have
> missed it. Is it possible to accumulate vital force
> frequently during the day and then use it in the
> prayer when we are ready?

Good question.

Yes. And that is one of the reasons you should do your Ha Breathing daily.

In the Kahuna way of thinking, the key is conditioning your body/unihipili to KEEP a sur-charge of mana ready at all times. So, basically, a "normal" charge for you will, with practice, be ten times or more what a "normal" charge is for most people.

Lanakila used to teach cloud bursting in his "Targeting Your Mana" training. Now, cloud bursting might seem pointless on the surface, but what he was REALLY training you to do was ACCUMULATE mana ... STORE it effectively ... and then DIRECT it any time you

> Is there more effectiveness in working this way?

Is it good to be ten times as powerful as the average guy? :-)

Imagine having a regular surplus "store" of mana you can use at any time.

So those special times of day when you feel really "connected" you can just imagine sending a flow of mana to your High Self and then feeling the "return flow" known as "the rain of blessings."

It's also about being always ready in the moment.

> Do I instruct the lower self that this is what I am
> doing when I do the breathing exercises or even it
> is not to send the mana up at the present time?

Yes. Yes. One of the Master Keys Max Freedom Long discovered was how adding the THOUGHT of accumulating mana while doing the breathing multiplies the effect geometrically!

I think this is covered in "Letters on Huna" Lesson 4 or in Max's Mana, or Vital Force.

I had the folks do a demonstration of WHY-WHAT-HOW at last year's Huna World Convention.

Test it.

#1 - Get a baseline for how much mana you have.
(Energy Test, pendulum, however)

#2 - Do some deep breathing ... Ha Breathing.

#3 - Re-test your mana level.

#4 - Now do your Ha breathing while adding the THOUGHT
that you are increasing your mana, instructing your
unihipili that this is what you want it to do. (This
is covered well in Glover's book)

#5 - Test how much more mana you have.

You'll probably also notice how much easier it is when you add thought ... mental instructions, visualization, etc.

Dr. Joe does a really cool demonstration demonstrating the difference between Ha Breathing and Ha Breathing for Accumulating Mana.

It never occurred to me Ha Breathing could be used for relaxation ... I'd always used it the other way.

We are always learning, are we not?

> If I am working on a specific prayer is it helpful
> to use the affirmation frequently without sending up
> the mana?

I like how you've already answered this below.

Affirmations can actually do more harm than good because of "tag-ends."

> I am a past Science of Mind student where we used
> affirmations all the time. (Not very effectively I
> might add) Do the affirmations do anything by
> themselves or should they always be accompanied with
> the mana to the higher self?

Affirmations don't work for most people because so many necessary steps to guaranteed success are left out.

But ... affirmations done at Alpha work 300 times better, if that's any help.

And the Aumakua High Self will create your future from the thoughts you focus on throughout the day when "the connection" is made every night as you sleep.

So doing affirmations is like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hopping some of it will stick.

The stuff you thought about all day, or watched on TV, or focused on, or thought about that #*&**&% who cut you off in traffic, etc. ... they all "get there" with as much mana as your "affirmations."

So, which is better ... "affirmations" ... or "your chosen future?"

When you decide on "your chosen future" and you make a thought-form out of it, and you make it real, and you mana-gize it, and then you send it to the HS with the intention of making it manifest ... how many thousand time more powerful is THAT?

Which one WORKS?


Keep studying ...


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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