Monday, December 24, 2007


by Robert G. Ingersoll

Again we celebrate the victory of Light over Darkness, of the God of day over the hosts of night. Again Samson is victorious over Delilah, and Hercules triumphs once more over Omphale. In the embrace of Isis, Osiris rises from the dead, and the scowling Typhon is defeated once more. Again Apollo, with unerring aim, with his arrow from the quiver of light, destroys the serpent of shadow. This is the festival of Thor, of Baldur and of Prometheus. Again Buddha by a miracle escapes from the tyrant of Madura, Zoroaster foils the King, Bacchus laughs at the rage of Cadmus, and Chrishna eludes the tyrant.

This is the festival of the sun-god, and as such let its observance be universal.

This is the great day of the first religion, the mother of all religions—the worship of the sun.

Sun worship is not only the first, but the most natural and most reasonable of all. And not only the most natural and the most reasonable, but by far the most poetic, the most beautiful.

The sun is the god of benefits, of growth, of life, of warmth, of happiness, of joy. The sun is the all-seeing, the all-pitying, the all-loving.

This bright God knew no hatred, no malice, never sought for revenge.

All evil qualities were in the breast of the God of darkness, of shadow, of night. And so I say again, this is the festival of light. This is the anniversary of the triumph of the Sun over the hosts of Darkness.

Let us all hope for the triumph of Light—of Right and Reason— for the victory of Fact over Falsehood, of Science over Superstition.

And so hoping, let us celebrate the venerable festival of the Sun.

Robert G. Ingersoll, originally published as
“The Agnostic Christmas,” in The Journal, New York,
December 25, 1892: p. 477 of The Works of Robert G.
Ingersoll, Vol. 11, NY, 1900, pp. 375-376

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Advanced Kahuna Ho'oponopono Overview

Aloha y'all,

I posted the basics of the 7 principles of Ho'oponopono earlier this year, so I'm adding a Basic
Overview of Advanced Kahuna Ho'oponopono on the Ho'oponopono Bog ... covering:

* The 12 steps of Ho'oponopono

* The 7 principles of Ho'oponopono

* The 5 levels of Ho'oponopono

* The 3 kapu of Ho'oponopono


* The 1 law of Ho'oponopono



© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Huna: The Three Most Common Mistakes People Make with the Huna Prayer

Keys to a Successful Outcome.

Here's how to get MORE from your Huna practice.

Simply put, the quality of your thought-form determines your success.

... so we're going to focus on THREE KEY ELEMENTS of an effective thought-form.

The Telepathic Mutual Healing Group (TMHG) has been very active lately and reports of success are up, so we'll use the TMHG article as our frame of reference. If you haven't done so lately, go back and re-read the article… go to ... it's a good review of the Ha Rite process.

Steps Two and Three cover the creation of the though-form to be energized.

When creating your thought-form, keep these things in mind.

#1 – State Your Outcome in Positive Terms.

Remember you're creating your desired results

... so don't picture the problem, picture the SOLUTION instead.

Creating the conditions you want.

The most common mistake I hear takes the form "Send energy for my money problems." The only way to create a picture from that is to picture the problem. Think about how things will be when you have your desired outcome and describe/picture that.

#2 – Go to the END of the Process.

If you're trying to sell a house, don't picture people wanting to buy it … picture it SOLD …

... the papers have been signed ... the money's in-the-bank ... everyone's happy.

#3 – Suggest an Action ... NOT the "ability to act."

"I want to be able to run like I used to."


... do you want to be "able" to run or do you want to be running ... feeling good ... etc?

Picture what you will be doing, how things will be at the successful completion of your desired goal.


So take a look at your current project and evaluate your thought-form by these three keys. And, having done that, here are some other keys to consider.

  • Be as specific as possible.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Be in control.
  • Verify your outcome is ecologically sound and desirable.
  • Use the present tense.
  • Go for your dreams!

... and keep studying!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Friday, October 26, 2007

Re: Special group Huna healing session tonight!

--- Robert wrote:

> That WAS incredible!! Thank you from San Diego.
> ~Robert

I'm already getting messages that the fires are retreating in some places.

Thank you to everyone who participated!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Special group Huna healing session tonight!

Aloha y'all,

Tonight at 9:53pm Pacific Time we are holding a special session of the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group for California Residents.

This is your opportunity to send out your healing thoughts and prayers to humanity in need of spiritual enlightenment, and make a real difference!

Join the world-wide healing network meeting regularly since 1948 ... for this vitally important healing session.

100% success!

We are extending out "Wall of Protection" to California residents while we're healing the overall situation.

Read the fascinating history of the "Wall of Protection" ...

Please do your part.

You may copy, share, forward, and post this message to anyone who may benefit provided you retain the entire post, including subject line.

Thank you!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Huna Energy: More on Vitality Globules

Messages from

--- Original Message ---

> Hi Vince,
> I have been seeing these light sparkles for several
> years now. The first time I saw them was on a plane
> flying to the States. I looked out the window after
> we had been in the air for some time and saw
> little speckles of light dancing all over outside
> the window.

Something about the airplane window makes them easier to see.

It could have something to do with the "orgone accumulating" properties of an airplane ... the
electric conducting metal and the dielectric conducting plastic.

> When I told people about them, they said it
> was just ice crystals. I flew back and ever since
> then I can see them in the sky across the street
> from our apartment. I notice them in places that
> have a lot of paranormal activity,

Let them think they're ice crystals.

But they form the same way right here on the ground.

They are formed by the sun's interaction with etheric atoms or particles.

Etheric is still physical, and is one step "finer" than gaseous.

When the sun vitalizes an etheric atom it immediately attracts six other atoms of a specific kind to form the VG.

The VG is the easiest form of etheric matter to SEE because of the CHARGE and because of its ACTIVITY.

> I'm curious what they are and what their function
> is??? I was once told by a lady that they are sort
> of like a vortex where our dimension is merging with
> another.

That's sort of a convoluted way to put it.

But, if you consider the Astral Plane to be the Fourth Dimension, then that is true in the sense that the Etheric is the "bridge" between the Astral and the physical brain.

So, why is that important?

"What is their Function?"

Anyway ... the IMPORTANT thing is their FUNCTION.

Which is this ...

The Vitality Globule is the only source from which the body can absorb the sun's vitality.

And they're absorbed through the spleen chakra, which then feeds the other chakras and the nervous system.

Try this ...

The next time you notice the Dancing Lights, imagine breathing them in through your spleen chakra.

And notice the difference between that and just trying to "breath them in."

> Thanks!



--- Original Message ---

> You mean not everyone sees that "snow" type thing?
> I am not sure if we are talking about the same
> thing, but I have always been able to see
> some "stuff" when I chose to, not really knowing
> what it was. When I learned about molecules, I was
> sure that I was able to see them.

That's what I thought when I learned about molecules.

> When I told my parents about that, they thought I
> was a bit weird, so perhaps not everyone sees those
> thingies.

Maybe most adults don't see them, or they've learned to ignore them.

My parents were OK with them, but I did learn most other people weren't.

> I sometimes see the "o" thingies when I look for
> them on sunny days, and when the sun hits the window
> in a certain way. I can see them bump into one
> another like billiard balls......when they strike
> one another.

Yep ... and for some reason they're even more active on airplane windows.

> Is that the same thing that you are talking
> about......or do I need my eyes checked? LOL

I think contacts might interfere with seeing them because there was a time in my teen years when I forgot about them. But, then again, I was thinking about "other things."

Anyway, the "snow" thingies are sort of multi-colored and the "o" thingies appear white because they're so much brighter.

"Thingies" is a technical term!

The "o" thingies are created by the interaction of sunlight upon the "snow" thingies.

And the Vitality Globules (aka "o" thingies, which are composed of seven "snow" thingies) are the Form of Mana YOU are able to ABSORB from the atmosphere.

And THAT determines your HEALTH, VITALITY, ETC.

Again, this dove-tails with Reich, Huna, Pranic Healing, etc., etc.

And it's consistent with what I've observed.

So those "o" thingies are pretty important after all!

Or not.


--- alescographiks wrote:

> Wow, this is weird. I don't know if you're
> describing what I've seen.
> I've always called them air molecules for lack of
> something better to relate them to,

Yep, when I learned about molecules, I said "I can see molecules."

That was in school ... so I learned early on not to talk to school teachers.

> I never thought of trying to do anything with them
> though.

We were kids, so I guess we didn't know better, right?

I think it was my brother's idea.

We called them "the dots" at that age.

One night he said something like, "This is cool. Send the dots outside."

So I did.

"Now bring them back inside."

So I did, and they were doing that cool diagonal figure 8 thing.

You just have to honestly want them to go a certain way and they will.

> I wasn't even sure if I was seeing anything
> special.

I'm doing some research, and it looks like they are VERY special.

... could be the difference between Huna Success and failure ...

... life and death ...

... little things like that.

And NO ... you don't have to see them for the body to absorb them (indirectly, but that's another post) ...

> But when I would describe them to others, I never
> found anyone else who could see it.

I met one person who, from the way he described it, could see (or noticed) the uniform field/"snow" thingies/etheric atoms/whatever.

... Until Tonight!

Now they're "coming out of the woodworks."

It's that time of year, remember?

> They sort of reminded me of what you see when you
> look at water under a microscope. Round little
> floating dots, all the same but shimmery. What's
> your take on this?

Sounds like Vitality Globules to me!

A few more tests ...


--- "James R. Knippenberg" wrote:

> How "big" are they? Or are they various sizes? If
> so, what range?

Well, there's a sort of "uniform field" of lights a little bigger than your average period in 10-12 pt. text.

The "uniform field" is usually in motion, but it is static, if that makes sense. It usually looks like the "snow" on a TV screen when you can still see an image behind it. When it is in motion it is uniform motion ... i.e. all the points move in the same direction.

Then the Vitality Globules are about the size of a small "o."

They dance around.

> How do you see them?

I don't know. I've always seen them.

When my brother and I were kids we used to send the uniform field lights outside. In other words, they'd look like TV static ... then we'd send them outside until there were no little lights.

Then when we would bring them back into the room they would be more like little figure 8's and they'd always be moving uniformly, all together, diagonally.

It wasn't until I started looking for "energy," auras, etc. that I noticed a difference between the uniform field and the dancing lights.

> Are they more visible in some places than in
> others?

They're easiest to see looking at the sky on a sunny day ... especially around Airports.

I had noticed there were always more and they were more active on sunny days ...
and there are fewer Vitality Globules at night ... and they are less active.

The VGs gradually decrease until just before the sun rises because they are sort of dependent upon the sun.

> How are they different than seeing "mist" in the
> air?

Mist is mist ... it's water.

These are lights.

> Or is it a level of "zooming in or out" that
> determines if you see a globule or a mist just the
> same as some of the globules that Ingo Swann saw
> around people? Or is it different?

I don't know what Ingo saw around people, but I have a feeling I will very soon. The etheric body or "inner aura" looks more "like a mist" to me.

I guess that's because the etheric level is still physical ... the next sage above "gaseous."

And if that's true, then you can see it with your physical eyes. I mean, I see VG's as clearly as I see a book or a glass of water.

And they are easier to see now that I have a label for them ... now that I "know what they are."

Like when I was studying "Life Drawing" in college ... that's the study of naked chicks :-).

After we studied anatomy, bone structure, musculature, etc. I could REALLY SEE all those things that were there before anyway, but now I know what to look for.

So you could already be seeing them and all you have to do is pay ...

... attention!

> How do you see them?

I don't know. I've just always seen them.

Use Hakalau to get the skill yourself.

Now I'm paying attention, discriminating, comparing, playing, and studying because they "makes sense" now.

> Where do you look / focus, specifically?

Anywhere ... they're just easier to see looking at a clear sky in daylight because there's less

There's so much other etheric stuff going on when you look at things, people, trees.

It's like how the stars are easier to see at night if there are no street lights around.

Example: while I was watching the glass of water change I looked at it from different angles. Over concrete, the Vitality Globules were easier to see than if the grass or my knee was in my field of vision.

> Jim

Thank you, Jim.

Answering your questions forced me to make finer distinctions and pay more attention, too!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Huna Energy: Vitality Globules

I'm so excited!

I'm reading Powell's "The Etheric Double" and Chapter Two is all about those Vitality Globules I've seen all my life, but was never able to quite "figure out. "

It's not mana.

It's not "energy."

But it IS very important.

So I put the book down and went outside, where the Vitality Globules are dancing around like crazy.

Then I played with moving them around like I used to do when I was a kid.

This is cool ...

I remembered what someone said recently about water collecting "sun prana," so I ran inside to get a glass of water.

Why was the kitchen dark?

The shades were pulled.

... so I opened them to let in sunlight.

Ran outside and put the water in the sun.

Played around with the Vitality Globules some more and then went inside ...

This is So Cool ...

I noticed the Vitality Globules were not very active inside.

Then ...

I noticed they were more active in the kitchen, where I opened the shade.

There's more ...

I went to the living room where the shades had been open all day ...

They Were Dancing!

... not as much as outside, but the Vitality Globules were definitely having more fun in the living room than in shaded rooms.

Cool ...

So I went and got my glass of water that had been "dead" ... left inside a dark closed refrigerator
since last night ... and was now SPARKLING WITH LIFE!

I went inside. The water was more "alive" than the room, so I started drinking the water.

"What about darkness?"

I went to a closet ... the Vitality Globules were there, but they were almost completely still.

I stuck the water glass in there and "noticed the differences."

Then I took it out and "noticed the differences" between the closet in general and the spot where the water had been.

It's as if there's something important about noticing the differences!

Having Fun!


Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Friday, October 19, 2007

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Monday, October 01, 2007

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© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD


Friday, September 28, 2007

Huna Inspiration

--- JD LeJeune wrote:

> Fellow Huna'ers. I'm sure there is a way to do this,
> but I felt to ask. I feel as though I am coming to a
> close in my current line of consulting work. I can
> do it well, but just don't "feel for it" like I used
> to.
> Is there any way to receive some direction on this?
> Like if I should change, go back to school..etc?

There is ...

"Your True Purpose in Life"

It's time to create a new way of understanding who we really are that gives us a purpose in life that is so compelling and truly liberating that it magnetizes us away from uncertainty ... taking you beyond the "drama" of our life so you can see the "big picture."

... and the truth that ... right now lies "hidden."

For you ... something that will awaken that truth, so you will understand your true purpose in life, AND prove to yourself your ability to transform it.

If that's OK.

Now ...

> Soooo looking forward to Missouri!

Me to!

As we prepare for the next great leap in our spiritual evolution ... which I believe is imminent, we're going to be exploring a NEW way of living to transform any energy pattern completely and fully.

For those of you who have not signed-up yet ... go to right now and click on the "Advanced Kahuna Ho'oponopono Training" link to "find-out more."

... it's true!

Since I began teaching Ho'oponopono ten years ago, I have heard enough "horror stories" from people to convince me that there is not a human being on the planet that has not been seriously victimized at least once in their lifetime, and in minor ways more times than they could count.

To "break free" from such a powerful energy pattern, we must replace it with something radically different.

And this is the healing that we must all experience ...

... and the healing that the whole world needs if the next great leap in spiritual evolution is to occur.

For you, I've created FOUR CORE QUESTIONS.

The factors that form the core of meaningful and satisfying life choices lie in the answers to these four questions:

... ask yourself:


1. What are your core values?
2. What is your core purpose?
3. What do you want to do with your life?
4. How can you best align your career with your values and purpose?

This will prepare you for the up-coming training as well as the rest of your life.


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Huna: Testing the Mana Flow on yourself!

--- In the Huna-Ohana dziebell88 wrote:
> Hi Vince,
> I attended one of your sessions where you demonstrated the power of
> using kinesiological testing to determine a postiive or negative
> response.

Aloha Darlene,

... "Careful."

There IS an important difference between "muscle testing" and Energy Testing.

... Mana Testing!

> This demonstration required 2 people. Is there a way to
> perform a kinesiology test on myself; without the assistance of a
> second person?

You can use "the body pendulum."

... it's on the DVDs.

Begin practicing with foods.

Hold the food being tested just in front of your 2nd chakra ... holding it evenly with both hands.

Relax ...

... get centered ...

... take a deep breath ...

... and "let go!"

Sooner or later you'll feel your body being "pulled" toward the food that is in harmony with your energies ... or "pushed" away from a food that is NOT in harmony with your energies.

Notice the differences.

The "fine-tuning" exercises from Donna Eden's "Energy Medicine" can be adapted for this method.

You can also just use a pendulum.

BUT ...

... make sure you've thoroughly read the section on "A Biological Basis for Energy Testing."

If you don't have Donna's book yet, get it at

And ... keep studying!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kahuna Masters Collection

--- neesa wrote:

> Aloha Vince,
> As an overseas resident, I'm very excited to know
> that these teachings/trainings are available on
> DVD.
> For those of us who are so far away and not in a
> position to participate in October training, is it
> possible to order the DVD of the October training?
> Or would you suggest purchasing the current bundle
> DVD offer which also sounds wonderful?

Tell you what ...

... for everyone who orders the "Lost teachings of Morrnah Simeona's Ho'oponopono" and "Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power" at the same time, I'll give you another
$100 off.

Here are the links:


Thank you!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

NOW you can get Morrnah Simeona's Ho'oponopono training DVDs FREE ...

Advanced Kahuna Ho'oponopono training in October.



© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Waking Up to a World of Wonders


We've talked about "psychic sleep" on the Huna Ohana group ... the strange state of "hypnotized humanity" ...

... most people are "hypnotized" ... living one great nightmare they mistake for reality.

We've talked about dissolving the false self and living your True Self.

So "climb aboard!"

Begin your adventure along the Mystic Kahuna Path with a totally receptive mind.

And start "right where you are!"

This is of the utmost importance ... you must not assume that you are spiritually awake.

You have already seen that one of the "smoothest tricks" of the false self is to deceive us into thinking that your present state is a conscious one.

Alertness in exterior affairs has no connection with psychic awareness!

Exterior abilities are on the physical plane, but psychic skills are on a higher spiritual level.

--- Original Message ---

> I have wondered what is wrong with myself
> and other people. The idea of psychic sleep
> makes perfect sense. Why else would thousands
> of people march off to senseless war? I want
> to know more.

Don't be concerned if it's not clear to you now because that's merely indicating that you have not yet escaped far enough to distinguish the difference between "sleeping" and "awakened" states.

Because ...

... when you are in "psychic sleep" you can't possibly see what is meant by wakefulness until you actually "wake up."

You see ... awakening is the most "different" event a person can experience!

"How to Wake Up to a World of Wonders"

Now we come to the single most important technique on the Mystic Kahuna Path.

With persistent practice, you can turn into a new person.

It's simple AND dynamic!


Before you can tell what it is, you must see what it's NOT.

It's definitely NOT self-centered mental absorption!

If THAT were "liberating" ... then millions would be totally free. In fact ... self-centered reflection is the exact opposite of genuine Self-Observation ... and it's worst enemy!

Self-Observation is watching everything that goes on ... both within yourself and outside.

Do nothing but watch ... just like it was happening to someone else.

Don't "personalize."

Don't "react."

Don't form an opinion about anything you observe.

Don't judge anything as good or bad, pleasurable or painful, favorable or unfavorable.

Simply watch!

Watch as if you have no personal connection with whatever you observe.

It's just like standing on the sidewalk watching cars going by. They are different sizes, shapes, and colors, but what does that have to do with you?

You have no connection with the color, shape, or size ... you are merely watching them go by.

Now ... Self-Observation means "passive detachment."

You don't try changing the things you see in yourself ... and you don't "interfere."

No attitude.

No comment.

You simply LOOK.

It's a remarkable experience to "stand aside" and watch a fear, a depression, or a passion "pass through" you without personalizing it.

It is "sheer magic" that eventually changes things effortlessly and correctly as we proceed.


Your greatest technique for New-ness!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Huna "Hierarchy" ... rising above the Order of Ku, Lono, and Kane

One common misconception in Huna is that there were Three "Orders" of Kahuna.

The Three Lesser Orders of Kahuna are Ku, Lono, and Kane.

Most people only know about these three.

... but there are the Higher Orders.

You have to graduate from all three Lesser Orders before you can join the Higher Orders ...

... like Maui.

My true favorite! :-)

But you can also find hints about The Highest Order in the Huna Ohana message archives.

Again, this goes back to "The Secret Vault."

So ...

... why does it have to be this way?

"A more balanced perspective!"


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Friday, August 24, 2007

The 7 principles of Ho'oponopono

"Ho'oponopono: Making Things Right!"

... throughout ALL OF YOUR LIFE.

Right Thinking + Right ACTION = Right Future.

The first step in any healing technique, whether of physical illness, mental or emotional trauma, or financial or social difficulty, always kala (cleansing).

That can mean clearing out mental and emotional blocks, purging the body of built-up toxins from unassimilated chemicals and improper diet, or getting rid of such mental garbage as jealousy or anger or "thinking poor."

Any problem requires "setting things right" before it is possible to make positive progress in regaining a healthy mind, body, bank account, or social inter-relationship.

The Hawaiian word for this basic Huna process is HO'OPONOPONO. *

"A More Balanced Perspective"

For our purposed, using the word "right" may NOT work best.

... because Ho'oponopono also means

"Creating Harmony"

"Creating Balance"

Now ...

"PONO" is one of the most important words in Huna.

In just one system of traditional initiations I received they would spend 29 weeks teaching this
concept alone!

... so I've discovered that "right" is definitely NOT your best translation for "pono."

"Not even close!"

We'll use "Harmonious" or "Balanced" instead.


So you guys on The Huna Ohana group can give us your experiences using these terms.

... Energy Test it!


Because, in "Western Culture," when they used the word "right," it automatically brought-up the exact to opposite to mind.

"That's wrong!" ;->

We really like "Harmony" ... we really like "Balance," right?


The question you can ask yourself as you're living your life is ...

"Am I really
being in harmony
with what is happening
in the present moment
right now?"

This question can help you to remember to stay on "The Mystic Path" as you are living Ho'oponopono.


"The 7 principles of Ho'oponopono"

1. Pono Maopopo - Harmonious Perspective
2. Pono Mana'o - Harmonious Thinking
3. Pono 'Olelo - Harmonious Communication
4. Pono Hana - Harmonious Action
5. Pono Kahe'e - Harmonious Practice
6. Pono Ho'omana'o - Harmonious Observation
7. Pono Makia - Harmonious Collectedness


"Pono Maopopo"

The reason Harmonious Perspective is the starting point in living PONO is because it sets the tone of your entire Path.

"Pono Maopopo" is the perspective of everything that arises being an impersonal process to be observed.

When you're out-of-harmony with the present moment you're taking whatever arises personally, and that can create tension.

Anytime you try to fight the the present moment, it causes DIS-HARMONY ...

... and it causes great pain and suffering!

That is the "First Noble Truth" of Ho'oponopono.

So ... before we go over all seven principles, you will want to "check-them- out" ... asking yourself,

"How can you
apply the 7 principles
to your daily Huna practice?"

Today, you can go ahead and "do that."

Search the deeper code meanings.

... and you can get started developing "Pono Maopopo" by going to the Huna Ohana archives at and reading "Waking Up to a World of Wonders"



© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Monday, June 11, 2007

Huna World Convention 2007

You Can Put Our Hand-Picked "Mastermind
Team" to Work on YOUR Personal
Challenges and Get Their Best CURRENT
How-To Advice … Including ADVANCED
Strategies and "Live-On-Stage" Interviews,
Panels, and Open Q/A.

by James Mason

* Gain the REAL-WORLD SKILLS you need today, tomorrow,
and beyond!

* How to ask for and GET what you NEED from High
Self... when you need it.

* Develop your own personal power!

* Bring more ABUNDANCE into your life.

* Fill in the "Missing Pieces."

* Getting GUIDANCE from the High Self

"Why Experts, Gurus, Consultants, Coaches, and
Therapists are Praying You NEVER Hear About THIS."

It's a sinister fact: Experts make more money if you
keep returning to them. And they make sure you'll
return by providing incomplete information to you.

I spent 16 years searching and studying with every
"Guru" in the book. I wasted a bunch of time and money
just searching for answers.

Then I met an unsuspecting retired professor from
Missouri who literally set me free! He told me ...

"You Have to Know 'The Secret!'"

Then he explained it, and within 15 minutes he had me
using "The Secret" to get the job I wanted.

Now, before you ask, "What can I do?" let me tell you
one universal truth ... we are all marvelously created
humans with special psychic and healing abilities!
Most people never develop these secret skills, whether
because it's not accepted in society, because people
might laugh... whatever. And most psychics, healers,
etc. won't teach you
to do-it-yourself!


There are two main reasons:

FIRST, they may not even know how they do it! They
have a natural psychic or healing ability (a "gift"),
and so they share it with the world. They don't know
exactly how they do it, and so they can't teach you!

SECOND. If you're doing it, they'd have to get a real
job! Its no secret these people make big money. One
"hot-line" charges $3.99 per minute ... Don't pay
$239.40 an hour for "spiritual guidance!"

Heck, I know one "guru" that charges $10,000 for a
simple training!

There's a Better Way!

Let 10,000 years of tradition and over 120 years of
research and experience help you. Dr. William Tufts
Brigham (Curator of the Bishop Museum in Hawaii from
1888-1918) began the scientific examination of Kahuna
"magic" and "miracles" in 1864!

Max Freedom Long founded the Huna Research Association
in 1945, dedicating more than 50 years of his life to
uncovering the Secret Science Behind Miracles.

Dr. Otha Wingo continues that tradition from his
secluded office in America's Heartland! A Retired
Minister, Master Teacher, Professor Emeritus of
Classical Languages, 32 degree Deputy Grand Masonic
Lecturer, and Director of Research at Huna
International Headquarters for over 33 years, Dr.
Wingo has personally taught more than 20,000
students these ancient secrets... not only how the
Kahuna instantly healed the sick, saw into the future,
and changed the future for the better... he has
developed a simple, workable system to teach people to

Here's the MAIN EVENT

This year's Huna World Convention is a complete
four-day "crash course" that will let you master the
secrets of taking charge of your own future.

Dr. Wingo's Team of World-Class Huna Specialists will
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entire process, using proven methods.

Huna ... The Secret Science Behind Miracles ...
doesn't require strange initiations. You don't need
hundreds of bucks worth of special equipment. It
doesn't require "talent" ... just enough brains to
follow simple instructions.


Just absorb the information and put the principles
into action ... that's all it takes. If you do just
that the results will be hard to believe!

* The single most important Key to energize yourself

* Combating "hidden" beliefs that weaken you.

* One simple tool to instantly access your inner
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* How to ask for and get what you want out of life.

* The single biggest mistake people make in meditation
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* 3 steps to guaranteed results.

* Feel more self-confidence

* Access past experiences... the future... and remote

* Run your life more efficiently and have more fun!

* Increase your psychic influence 100 to 1000 times.

* How-to instantly build a "Psychic Shield"

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... and your cost is less than a visit to one expert!

Most Seminar Companies would charge you $3000 bucks
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The regular fee for the 2007 Huna World Convention is
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All the proceeds are re-invested into more research,
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* Straight Forward Healing


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Alive, full of Energy and Mana! I got way more than I
expected from the seminar." — Cliff Gbur (OH)

"The most important of many things is the awareness I
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Monday, April 23, 2007

Huna's Top-Secret Vault of Mystic Kahuna Power

At last!

You are now on the verge of the most stupendous experience of your life.

In a very short time, the most closely guarded secrets of the "Mystic Council" will be revealed to you.

Nothing will be held back!

All of these mighty powers will be placed directly into your hands.

But before this can take place, you must prepare yourself. Otherwise you will be unable to understand this great and powerful wisdom ...

... and unable to use it!

You don't need any advanced education or "psychic gifts" to prepare ... all you'll need is one simple "tool."

The Huna Ohana is prepared to give you this "tool" completely FREE ... showing you the 15 steps you must take along the Kahuna path ...

... simple and exciting steps you must follow to prepare yourself, and the true meaning of certain
signs and omens will be given to you.

But this is more than a group of easy on-line lessons ...

... it is a powerful action plan for controlling the Cosmic Forces in your own right.

"Your Summons from the Council"

Once you have made yourself ready to receive the Higher Wisdom, the "Mystic Council" will summon you ... giving you an UN-MISTAKABLE SIGN your learnings will have trained you to recognize.

Suddenly ....

... a whole new world will open up to you and a roaring flood of power will surround you ... not the feeble power of "mere mortals" ... but the most flashingly brilliant, dynamic, electrifying power the world will ever know!

Yes ... before you know it the walls of the Universe will roll back, and right there, spread before you will be the greatest treasure of the Psychic World ... yours for the asking!

"Free for the taking!"

... join the Inner Circle by signing up at NOW!

Who is this "Mystic Council?"

.... you can find out the Secret History of the Kahuna at

Next ...

In the coming weeks you can easily start following the Super-Secret Kahuna Path to glowing success and a marvelous New Life for yourself and your loved ones ...



© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Monday, February 19, 2007

New Beginnings!

The Huna Ohana is pleased to announce the Engagement of
Sarah Jane Eftink
Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD
A May 24, 2008 Wedding is planned.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Huna 101: Essential Study Materials!

Books by Max Freedom Long

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FREE sample
for your PC!

Recovering the Ancient Magic
Magic in all its manifestations is treated in a compelling and personal fashion, and includes fire-walking, spiritualism, levitation, mind reading, and changes in physical material.
This is the basic book of the Huna science used by the early Polynesians for healing, changing the future for the better, control of winds and weather, etc. Kahuna language reveals secret knowledge used by the miracle workers as well as keys to psychic phenomena.
Handbook of the Huna science used by the early Polynesians for healing, changing the future for the better, control of winds and weather, etc. Kahuna language reveals secret knowledge used by the miracle workers as well as keys to psychic phenomena. Includes how the coded Huna information was found in the Bible.
The primer for putting to personal use the knowledge uncovered in the ancient Huna way, with aphorisms and simple exercises for growing into the Secret Science of Huna.
Huna more than doubles modern psychological knowledge in the use of Self-Suggestion for making the Basic Self play its part in using Huna. Here, at last, is an explanation of how and why mesmerism and hypnosis operate.
This RARE book has been unavailable for the past TEN YEARS!
Accumulation of a Surcharge of MANA. The Pendulum Test. The Ferson Method. The Magnetic Pull Test. Mapping the Future. The Thought-Form Mold. The "Perfect" Ritual. "Recharging the Batteries." Mana--A Living Force. Potentized MANA. Necessity of Mana Confirmed
Recaps the first three books and presents later research on Huna information in the Bible, showing similar coded information in religions of the Egyptians, Israelites, Buddhists, and Yogis.
Nine personal talks covering step-by-step proceedure for the study and discussion of Huna in a group or as an individual. Max Freedom Long speaks informally to his students about the TEN ELEMENTS OF MAN: As we "listen in" we hear theories and speculations on the origin of man and of the Huna system. But, he always comes back to the TEN ELEMENTS—the three selves with their "shadowy" bodies, three grades of vital force, and the physical body. And always he speaks in practical terms on the use of the Huna concepts.

Additional Books:

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HUNA: The Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking
by William R. Glover
Considered by many to be THE BEST BOOK WRITTEN on Huna.A complete introduction to Huna, its history, and application. A must read! The Code Language. The Three Selves of Man. Mana, the Life Force. Relaxation and Suggestion Techniques. Effective Prayer. Huna Prayer Format. The "Unanswered" Prayer. The Significance of Life

Special Training DVDs:
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NEW! - Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power
Specifically outlines and leads you through the skills ... so all YOU have to do is take notes and do the drills.

© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD