Saturday, October 20, 2007

Huna Energy: Vitality Globules

I'm so excited!

I'm reading Powell's "The Etheric Double" and Chapter Two is all about those Vitality Globules I've seen all my life, but was never able to quite "figure out. "

It's not mana.

It's not "energy."

But it IS very important.

So I put the book down and went outside, where the Vitality Globules are dancing around like crazy.

Then I played with moving them around like I used to do when I was a kid.

This is cool ...

I remembered what someone said recently about water collecting "sun prana," so I ran inside to get a glass of water.

Why was the kitchen dark?

The shades were pulled.

... so I opened them to let in sunlight.

Ran outside and put the water in the sun.

Played around with the Vitality Globules some more and then went inside ...

This is So Cool ...

I noticed the Vitality Globules were not very active inside.

Then ...

I noticed they were more active in the kitchen, where I opened the shade.

There's more ...

I went to the living room where the shades had been open all day ...

They Were Dancing!

... not as much as outside, but the Vitality Globules were definitely having more fun in the living room than in shaded rooms.

Cool ...

So I went and got my glass of water that had been "dead" ... left inside a dark closed refrigerator
since last night ... and was now SPARKLING WITH LIFE!

I went inside. The water was more "alive" than the room, so I started drinking the water.

"What about darkness?"

I went to a closet ... the Vitality Globules were there, but they were almost completely still.

I stuck the water glass in there and "noticed the differences."

Then I took it out and "noticed the differences" between the closet in general and the spot where the water had been.

It's as if there's something important about noticing the differences!

Having Fun!


Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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