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Huna Energy: More on Vitality Globules

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> Hi Vince,
> I have been seeing these light sparkles for several
> years now. The first time I saw them was on a plane
> flying to the States. I looked out the window after
> we had been in the air for some time and saw
> little speckles of light dancing all over outside
> the window.

Something about the airplane window makes them easier to see.

It could have something to do with the "orgone accumulating" properties of an airplane ... the
electric conducting metal and the dielectric conducting plastic.

> When I told people about them, they said it
> was just ice crystals. I flew back and ever since
> then I can see them in the sky across the street
> from our apartment. I notice them in places that
> have a lot of paranormal activity,

Let them think they're ice crystals.

But they form the same way right here on the ground.

They are formed by the sun's interaction with etheric atoms or particles.

Etheric is still physical, and is one step "finer" than gaseous.

When the sun vitalizes an etheric atom it immediately attracts six other atoms of a specific kind to form the VG.

The VG is the easiest form of etheric matter to SEE because of the CHARGE and because of its ACTIVITY.

> I'm curious what they are and what their function
> is??? I was once told by a lady that they are sort
> of like a vortex where our dimension is merging with
> another.

That's sort of a convoluted way to put it.

But, if you consider the Astral Plane to be the Fourth Dimension, then that is true in the sense that the Etheric is the "bridge" between the Astral and the physical brain.

So, why is that important?

"What is their Function?"

Anyway ... the IMPORTANT thing is their FUNCTION.

Which is this ...

The Vitality Globule is the only source from which the body can absorb the sun's vitality.

And they're absorbed through the spleen chakra, which then feeds the other chakras and the nervous system.

Try this ...

The next time you notice the Dancing Lights, imagine breathing them in through your spleen chakra.

And notice the difference between that and just trying to "breath them in."

> Thanks!



--- Original Message ---

> You mean not everyone sees that "snow" type thing?
> I am not sure if we are talking about the same
> thing, but I have always been able to see
> some "stuff" when I chose to, not really knowing
> what it was. When I learned about molecules, I was
> sure that I was able to see them.

That's what I thought when I learned about molecules.

> When I told my parents about that, they thought I
> was a bit weird, so perhaps not everyone sees those
> thingies.

Maybe most adults don't see them, or they've learned to ignore them.

My parents were OK with them, but I did learn most other people weren't.

> I sometimes see the "o" thingies when I look for
> them on sunny days, and when the sun hits the window
> in a certain way. I can see them bump into one
> another like billiard balls......when they strike
> one another.

Yep ... and for some reason they're even more active on airplane windows.

> Is that the same thing that you are talking
> about......or do I need my eyes checked? LOL

I think contacts might interfere with seeing them because there was a time in my teen years when I forgot about them. But, then again, I was thinking about "other things."

Anyway, the "snow" thingies are sort of multi-colored and the "o" thingies appear white because they're so much brighter.

"Thingies" is a technical term!

The "o" thingies are created by the interaction of sunlight upon the "snow" thingies.

And the Vitality Globules (aka "o" thingies, which are composed of seven "snow" thingies) are the Form of Mana YOU are able to ABSORB from the atmosphere.

And THAT determines your HEALTH, VITALITY, ETC.

Again, this dove-tails with Reich, Huna, Pranic Healing, etc., etc.

And it's consistent with what I've observed.

So those "o" thingies are pretty important after all!

Or not.


--- alescographiks wrote:

> Wow, this is weird. I don't know if you're
> describing what I've seen.
> I've always called them air molecules for lack of
> something better to relate them to,

Yep, when I learned about molecules, I said "I can see molecules."

That was in school ... so I learned early on not to talk to school teachers.

> I never thought of trying to do anything with them
> though.

We were kids, so I guess we didn't know better, right?

I think it was my brother's idea.

We called them "the dots" at that age.

One night he said something like, "This is cool. Send the dots outside."

So I did.

"Now bring them back inside."

So I did, and they were doing that cool diagonal figure 8 thing.

You just have to honestly want them to go a certain way and they will.

> I wasn't even sure if I was seeing anything
> special.

I'm doing some research, and it looks like they are VERY special.

... could be the difference between Huna Success and failure ...

... life and death ...

... little things like that.

And NO ... you don't have to see them for the body to absorb them (indirectly, but that's another post) ...

> But when I would describe them to others, I never
> found anyone else who could see it.

I met one person who, from the way he described it, could see (or noticed) the uniform field/"snow" thingies/etheric atoms/whatever.

... Until Tonight!

Now they're "coming out of the woodworks."

It's that time of year, remember?

> They sort of reminded me of what you see when you
> look at water under a microscope. Round little
> floating dots, all the same but shimmery. What's
> your take on this?

Sounds like Vitality Globules to me!

A few more tests ...


--- "James R. Knippenberg" wrote:

> How "big" are they? Or are they various sizes? If
> so, what range?

Well, there's a sort of "uniform field" of lights a little bigger than your average period in 10-12 pt. text.

The "uniform field" is usually in motion, but it is static, if that makes sense. It usually looks like the "snow" on a TV screen when you can still see an image behind it. When it is in motion it is uniform motion ... i.e. all the points move in the same direction.

Then the Vitality Globules are about the size of a small "o."

They dance around.

> How do you see them?

I don't know. I've always seen them.

When my brother and I were kids we used to send the uniform field lights outside. In other words, they'd look like TV static ... then we'd send them outside until there were no little lights.

Then when we would bring them back into the room they would be more like little figure 8's and they'd always be moving uniformly, all together, diagonally.

It wasn't until I started looking for "energy," auras, etc. that I noticed a difference between the uniform field and the dancing lights.

> Are they more visible in some places than in
> others?

They're easiest to see looking at the sky on a sunny day ... especially around Airports.

I had noticed there were always more and they were more active on sunny days ...
and there are fewer Vitality Globules at night ... and they are less active.

The VGs gradually decrease until just before the sun rises because they are sort of dependent upon the sun.

> How are they different than seeing "mist" in the
> air?

Mist is mist ... it's water.

These are lights.

> Or is it a level of "zooming in or out" that
> determines if you see a globule or a mist just the
> same as some of the globules that Ingo Swann saw
> around people? Or is it different?

I don't know what Ingo saw around people, but I have a feeling I will very soon. The etheric body or "inner aura" looks more "like a mist" to me.

I guess that's because the etheric level is still physical ... the next sage above "gaseous."

And if that's true, then you can see it with your physical eyes. I mean, I see VG's as clearly as I see a book or a glass of water.

And they are easier to see now that I have a label for them ... now that I "know what they are."

Like when I was studying "Life Drawing" in college ... that's the study of naked chicks :-).

After we studied anatomy, bone structure, musculature, etc. I could REALLY SEE all those things that were there before anyway, but now I know what to look for.

So you could already be seeing them and all you have to do is pay ...

... attention!

> How do you see them?

I don't know. I've just always seen them.

Use Hakalau to get the skill yourself.

Now I'm paying attention, discriminating, comparing, playing, and studying because they "makes sense" now.

> Where do you look / focus, specifically?

Anywhere ... they're just easier to see looking at a clear sky in daylight because there's less

There's so much other etheric stuff going on when you look at things, people, trees.

It's like how the stars are easier to see at night if there are no street lights around.

Example: while I was watching the glass of water change I looked at it from different angles. Over concrete, the Vitality Globules were easier to see than if the grass or my knee was in my field of vision.

> Jim

Thank you, Jim.

Answering your questions forced me to make finer distinctions and pay more attention, too!


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