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Huna 101: The "Magic" 4-step Formula for Success

"The Ultimate Success Formula"
... a Huna perspective!

1. You must know EXACTLY what you want.
2. You must want it SINCERELY.
3. You must firmly BELIEVE that you will get it.
4. You must exert every possible EFFORT to obtain it.

#1. People rarely know exactly what they want out of life … usually because they want too many things at the same time. To guarantee success you need to concentrate your attention on a SINGLE OBJECTIVE.

#2. Success can't be measured by a single achievement … there are many steps along the path.

Material things are merely energy converted into matter … and the way to attract this energy is to stimulate the thought-energy into "thought-waves." DESIRE is the "mystic force" which transforms thought forms into material things.

#3. Your desire must conform to the law of cause and effect. As you send out thought-waves (the cause), the condition (the effect) MUST FOLLOW. There IS a time-lag … and the time-lag can be long enough you may not recognize the sequence … but as you become more expert at maintaining thought-forms, you'll achieve results with ever increasing speed.

#4. This means repetitious practice of energizing your thought form (see the article "Instant Huna"). Before you go to sleep at night, always re-energize your chosen goal.

And you must take massive action in the physical world … eg. if you're praying for a job you have to LOOK for a job … and you MAY have to take on a lesser job in the meantime.

Note on "Keeping it Secret"
from Max Freedom Long:

"It is unwise to tell others what one is praying for, because if others thoughtlessly express doubt as to the outcome, the faith and confidence of the suggestible low self may be shaken. Such a suggestion of doubt needs much contrary affirmation of faith to counteract it. There must be a determination from first to last not to allow the slightest doubt of the final outcome to get a foothold in the mind. If necessary, special additional prayers for strengthening of faith and confidence may be made."

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Huna Mind Secrets ... The Kahuna "Waking Meditation" Stage One, Part I

Hakalau is the "waking meditation" of the Kahuna. One meaning of Hakalau is "to focus in and to spread out."

Hakalau is good for learning, disassociating, energy testing, teaching, seeing auras, etc. It's probably the fastest way to learn "alpha" there is.

"Daddy" Bray talked about how it was necessary for Kahuna practice, but he didn't teach HOW, and there were other Kahuna techniques for theta.

There's been a lot of talk about looking up just above eye level on the Huna Ohana list lately, and THAT'S WHERE YOU START ...


It's good to start in a room with a wall ... you might even want it to be the South wall, if you know what I mean.

Just pick a spot on the wall to look at, above eye level, so that your field of vision just meets your eyebrows, but NOT so high so as to cut off your field of vision.

As you stare at that spot, just let your mind go loose, and focus all of your attention on the spot until you notice your vision begins to spread out.

Let it spread out until you can see both corners of the wall (You'll begin to see more in the peripheral than you do in the central part of your vision, even though you're keeping your eyes "on" that spot).

Begin to pay more attention to the peripheral than to the central part of your vision as you allow your vision to spread down until you can see all four corners of the wall.

Relax and continue to let your vision spread back until you have (or seem to have" 180 degree peripheral vision.

Stay in this state for as long as you can. Notice how it feels. Notice the ecstatic feelings that begin to come to you as you continue the state.

That's the FIRST STAGE ...


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The Kahuna "Cleansing Breath"

This simple kahuna breathing exercise ventilates and cleans the lungs. It stimulates the cells and tones the respiratory organs.

You may conclude any other Huna breathing exercises with the Cleansing Breath because it refreshes the entire system.

It can be used after speaking or singing to rest the repertory system.

(1) Inhale a Complete Breath.

(2) Hold the breath a few seconds.

(3) Pucker the lips as if your were whistling without swelling the cheeks. Exhale a little air through the small opening with considerable force, stop for a moment (retaining the air), and then exhale a little more. Repeat this exhalation pattern until the air is completely out.

The Cleansing breath can be used any time you are tired. I use this breath any time I have been around smoke or other air pollutants.

For more Huna Breathing techniques, click on "Key to the Unlimited Power of Huna"


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Huna 101: your "Bowl of Light"

"The Bowl of Light" is one of the earliest and most important "parables" from Molokai.

Here is the basic story as taught by Kaili'ohe Kame'ekua.


The Bowl of Light

Each child born has at birth, a Bowl of Perfect Light.

If he tends his Light it will grow in strength and he can do all things — swim with the shark, fly with the birds, know and understand all things.

If, however, he became envious or jealous he drops a stone into his Bowl of Light and some of the Light goes out.

Light and the stone cannot hold the same space.

If he continues to put stones in the Bowl of Light, the Light will go out and he will become a stone.

A stone does not grow, nor does it move.

If at any time he tires of being a stone, all he needs to do is turn the bowl upside down and the stones will fall away and the Light will grow once more.

from Tales from the Night Rainbow by Pali Lee and Koko Willis

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Protection for Our Servicemen


What follows is of one of the TMHG's most famous and impressive success stories. The "Wall of Protection" project began in 1951 to protect allied servicemen involved in the Korean conflict.

We are reintroducing this project today.

The Telepathic Mutual Healing Group (TMHG) began its work in 1948 under the direction of Max Freedom Long. It consists of a small group of Huna Research members who are dedi-cated to the healing of those who request help healing of the body, personal problems, and social or financial tangles. The TMHG meets on a regular basis to send healing to those who request it for themselves or for others.

Below are two excerpts from the HRA Bulletins. The first is the original announcement, and the second is the letter explaining the process.

After all was said and done, NOT ONE PERSON on the "Wall of Protection" project's list was killed or seriously injured!
I'll have to check my notes, but I believe one man received a minor injury that ended up saving his life by taking him out of his assigned situation. One soldier was shot 6 times, and the bullets hit his shovel, his weapon, etc., leaving him completely unharmed.

I'll take 100% success anytime!
More information on this and how we are conduction our current project appear in The Huna Research Bulletin.

Keep studying!


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Here are the 2 excerpts.
HRA Bulletin 46. Pg. 9. January 1, 1951 [Hollywood, California]


Since the fresh outbreak of war, requests have been coming in for special work through the T.M.H.G. to enlist the aid of the Aumakua in building a wall of protection around those who are now actively engaged in conflict, or who may soon be.

The matter of building protection is in no way different from our regular Huna method of working to get the future changed from a possible bad one to a good and desirable one. The kahuna were constantly engaged in the work of bringing about such changes from bad to good on the part of the ones they served. In our work for health or betterment of financial or social conditions, we use the same steps: (1) decide what is wanted, (2) visualize NOTHING but the desired condition, and (3) present this picture with a flow of mana to the Aumakua in the usual prayer-action.

If the one who is now in danger, or who may be in danger later on, can cooperate in this work and make with us the positive picture of protection and the possession of a "charmed life" (as it will actually become), then the best possible results may be expected. If, on the other hand, the person involved cannot, for some reason or other, be told of the method we are using or take part in it, his friends or loved ones may do much without his knowledge. This is a true Service and is designed to help. It is, therefore, under our Huna system of action, entirely good and entirely justified.

In addition to the individual who is actively engaged in the fighting, or who may be, there is a similar need for protection on the part of those whose lives are bound up with his—the wives,
parents, children or others held close in the bonds of love, For these there is a similar need of the carefully-built-up wall of protection. For the soldier we visualize personal safety in body as
well as a happy final outcome and return to civil life. For the ones who remain behind there must be a similar visualization of safety from bodily harm, from breaking mental stresses, and for faith and confidence. The pictured end of the war and its happy outcome and the return to civil life, is the same because it includes the whole of the group within the bounds of mutual love and dependence.

Those who wish to do so are invited to take part in this special branch of the TELEPATHIC MUTUAL HEALING GROUP work, whether or not they are regular HRAs. Also, HRA volunteers are needed for this work.

If possible, I would like to have one or more of us praying in the Huna way on the even hour all through the day and into the night so far as possible. It may be that each volunteer can be provided with the signature of all the ones being held in this way to the Light. This would give the fullest contact via the aka threads and would make the best working conditions. For the present, the list is read and the work carried on through the aka thread connecting the one who requested the prayers and his or her loved ones who are to be surrounded by a stronger and stronger wall of psychic protection.

Write to me if you are interested in any way and either wish to add names to the list or to take an active part. Keep up the prayer- actions for world peace. Keep sending empowering mana.
HRA Bulletin 47. Pg. 2–4, 7-8. January 15, 1951

Open Letter to Participants

[This is a letter about recent discoveries, which have to do with the very latest and most efficient method of making prayers. ]

Dear Friend:

For three years, my friends and I have been experimenting with the methods of prayer found in a recently rediscovered and very ancient system of thought, belief, and practice which had no name, but was always spoken of by the initiates who knew it, as "THE SECRET." The system was based on religious knowledge and psychology. It appears to be the "Strong meat" which Jesus reportedly reserved for his disciples—a secret lore covering the ways of getting miraculous healing results through a certain method of making and delivering prayers.

This letter is for our fighting men and their loved ones. It is to explain in the fewest possible words just how to use the new prayer methods. It is to teach the man endangered in war to pray in the best possible manner for protection from all forms of danger. It is to teach the loved ones at home how to pray for the safety of the ones at the front or on the sea or in the air.

The customary methods of making prayers need not be changed. What they need is to have a few things added to methods now in use. We all know of the miraculous answers to prayer recorded in World Wars I and II. There can be no question about the protection that can be called down by prayer. All that need concern us is the matter of being more CERTAIN that the prayer will get the desired results.

While the ancient system of which I speak was not a part of Christianity—because it was developed and lost long before Jesus lived and taught, there is so much of it thinly hidden in Christian teachings that this presentation can best be made in terms of the New Testament. Of course, it can be applied by people of any faith. Its inner and secret teachings may be found in all great religions if one knows what to look for.

(For those who remain behind while a loved one goes to fight for our liberties, a full account of the ancient system may be found in my book, The Secret Science Behind Miracles, should more complete information be desired.)

• • • • • •

I think that most of you who are new to "THE SECRET" will find little difficulty in under-standing the fact that "As above, so below" applies to the trinity of God in the highest reaches of conscious being, the "Three In One," and, on the other hand, to us who are "created in His own likeness on the human levels of consciousness. Man is made up of three "selves," the conscious mind self, the subconscious mind self and a Superconscious Mind Self, which we know as the Guardian Angel, of which every man, woman and child, without exception, has one. Modern psychology recognizes the first two selves, but is still puzzling over the third, because it is
not something to be taken into the laboratory.

The Guardian Angel or High Self is much older and wiser than the other two selves, being able to see and shape the future. All three selves are going through the school of life. We might say that the subconscious is in the grade school, the conscious self in high school and the High Self in College. Jesus spoke of the High Self as the "Father" and of himself as the "Son." This was a veiling of the secret lore and has not been clearly understood until now. Jesus taught, "The Father and I are one." He disclosed the fact that all the miracles which he performed were made possible by the action of the Father. The secret of why and how was given only to the disciples. Jesus also taught that all prayers to the Highest Being in the Universe, GOD, must be sent through the Father, or in the name of Jesus as ONE WITH THE FATHER, which amounted to the same thing. What I wish to tell you is that in the "SECRET" we have found the how and why of this.
We cannot pray directly to Ultimate God, whose very nature is beyond our comprehension, so we must send cur prayers to our High Self and depend on its greater wisdom to know how to forward them on to the next higher levels of Beings when necessary. (Yes, there are many levels of conscious Beings between the High Self and Ultimate God, and all are triune in their nature. But, because these are quite beyond the reach or comprehension of men, Jesus had little to say of them. He knew that in so far as men were concerned, the thing of greatest impor-tance was that they learn to know and to work with the "Father" High Self.)

That covers the first point in the new way of making prayers. We pray to God as usual, but address our prayers to Him through our own Guardian angel. One may pray to God in the cus-tomary way, asking things in the name of Jesus, or one may address the prayers to the Guardian Angel, asking that they be handed on to any other Higher Being if necessary. It makes little dif-ference to whom our prayers are addressed for the simple reason that all prayers automatically go to the Guardian Angel or Superconscious Self.

The reason for this is that all prayer is sent by telepathy and that the Guardian Angel of each of us is tile only one tuned in to pick up our telepathic prayer message. In the Bible we read of the "silver cord." This is invisible to ordinary sight, but people gifted with psychic sight have often seen silvery cords leading away from the body of a friend. Not only are we naturally tied to our Guardian angel with a strong and unbreakable cord of this kind, but we are tied to loved ones and close friends in a similar way. The threads or cords carry our mental pictures like the wires of a telegraph, our vital force acting as the electricity needed in the process.

In recent years many experiments have been made with telepathy. It has been proven to be a fact at several universities. But a strange thing was observed from the first. Words, which are vocal symbols of things or thoughts, are far more difficult to send telepathically than mental pictures of things or conditions. The eye is the oldest and most highly developed organ of the senses and it seems to play the major part in this matter. And, this being a fact, as all books on telepathy tell us, our prayers are best sent as mental pictures. In other words, one prays best if one holds before his mind's eye a picture of the condition which is desired to be brought about by the Guardian Angel.

For example, one might pray, "Heavenly Father — Guardian Angel — this is the condition I ask that you bring about in the future. It is a condition in which, day and night, in battle and out, I am surrounded by your protection as by a WALL OF LIGHT AND MIGHTY INVISIBLE AND INVINCIBLE POWER."

We do not need to tell the Guardian Angel how to bring about this condition of protection under all circumstances, for it is older and vastly wiser. It knows. But in saying the words we may select to describe the circumstance and the way the protection is given, we help OUR-SELVES make a complete and detailed MENTAL PICTURE of what we desire and, even as we say our prayer, aloud or silently, we send that picture telepathically through the intervening space, large or small, to the Guardian Angel Self, who hovers directly over us at all moments of danger, protecting and directing in a way hard for us to sense, but that is effective to the last de-gree.

One may picture the Guardian Angel as a shining human form, standing above one with arms outstretched in protection, and with the WALL of protective Light and Power falling all around one as a cone. No matter how this is pictured, it carries the telepathic message of what is being asked in the prayer.

On the other hand, one must take great pains NOT to let fear or anxiety cause one to make during prayer a picture of the condition which may be feared, such as death, being wounded or otherwise injured. This is because of a law, which we do not understand because it seems con-trary to the loving action of a Guardian Angel to allow such a picture to form as a reality in the conditions of the individual's future. It is enough to say, in this short exposition of the "SECRET," that each human being has been given the priceless gift of FREE WILL. He is allowed to decide for himself what he will or will not do, and is thus enabled to learn by experience. The Guardian Angels are bound under this law NOT to interfere and to keep hands off of the two lower selves UNLESS their help and guidance and protection are asked for through prayer.

Because of this FREE WILL, which is ours by divine edict, we, as men, blunder along and learn the hard way. We make wars on our fellow men, and often wonder why God allows such things. Knowing of the LAW of FREE WILL, we have the answer to the question.

However, all life is growth, and at some point in his growth, each human being makes the discovery that there is a HIGHER BEING above him which is wiser, kinder, more loving, and more powerful, also that it can be appealed to in prayer and that, when invited, to take a part in his life, can and will do so in a way that seems no less than miraculous.

One is "converted" in terms of Christianity, when one becomes aware of the actuality of the Higher Beings and their yearning love. Often the contrast between his acts and those of the loving and utterly trustworthy Guardian Angel—and even higher Beings—is so great that there follows a strong "conviction of sin" and a turn into better ways. SALVATION comes from the fact of knowing of the Guardian Angel and working with it—in this way giving all three of the triune SELVES the rightful share in living the life of the individual. Change the words Guardian Angel to the words Jesus the Christ and Savior, and you will see how this fits into all Christian teachings.

When one is caught in the wars and other desperate situations brought about by ourselves, because we have used FREE WILL blindly, the "REDEMPTION" comes through the facts that Jesus taught and which the more ancient "SECRET" contained. This teaching is that only when we become aware of the High Self—the Superconscious, the Guardian Angel, the Christ-in-us—and begin to work with it and under its guidance, do we progress as individuals and as nations.

It makes little difference who is right and who wrong when a man is caught in the blind struggle of FREE WILL war and forced to fight—to kill or be killed. All that counts in terms of growth and real progress is that the Higher Beings be recognized and the door opened by prayer to invite them to take their just parts in our lives. It may safely be left to them to adjust the entire matter of right and wrong in war—which is, in any event, something the fighting man is helpless to do anything about. One lives as kindly and humane a life as is possible, while confidently leaving it to Higher Powers to adjust the spiritual values of right and wrong. On all the lower levels of life the strong devour the weak. It cannot be helped. But when we tie ourselves back—which is the literal meaning of the word "religion"—to the higher levels and part of our triune being, we come under the new dispensation where love and kindness hold sway in
vaster worlds.

We have seen how the prayer is to be delivered telepathically to the Guardian Self. Now we must consider a very vital matter, the vital force or electrical life energy, which is the driving force behind the whole mechanism of prayer and its answer. In former years we did not know why hands were laid on those who were to be healed or who were being blessed. We did not know what the "virtue" was that left Jesus when the woman touched his robe and was healed—the "virtue" that he actually felt leave his body. Now, thanks to modern research and to the "SECRET," we know that it was electro-vital force. We know that this force must be present and be put to use in every act of thinking, picturing, and forming plans— even in remembering and dreaming. It is a force which is used by each of the three selves of man, but it is manufactured by the low self in the body, that being one of its jobs. The conscious mind self draws on this supply of vital force to get what it needs for thinking, which is, primarily, its job. And now comes something of great importance. If the Superconscious Self (Guardian Angel) is to have sufficient power to mould future conditions and to do actual protective work of a miraculous nature in response to prayers, IT ALSO MUST BE SUPPLIED WITH A GOODLY AMOUNT OF electro-vital force.

Because we cannot see the Guardian Angel and because it uses a wisdom and skill which we have still to come to know and possess, we have overlooked the need for its part of the vital force drawn from the lower and denser levels of physical living. In modern Psychic Science we have excellent evidence that this is a fact, and in the "SECRET" we have much information, the most important point in which is that the vital force in the hands of the Guardian Angels can make instant changes in physical matter. Instant healing of a broken bone is an example. The broken parts of the actual bone are changed and put back in the former condition. In miracles of healing where parts of the body are changed or restored, it is the same. Always, it is actual physical matter instantly turned to nothing and as often returned to some better original state. In Psychic Science our great investigators have observed under the strictest test conditions the
passage of living animals and men through walls. They have seen metal and stone objects, ice, flowers and insects—endless things—changed to an invisible form and returned to the natural form, usually after being transported from other places and passed through closed doors or walls. (Over a hundred famous men have testified to these things, but because they could not be explained, we have heard little of them in schools or journals. However, all good libraries can furnish pages of testi-mony in scientific verification of the phenomena.)

In Spiritualistic séances under test conditions, scientific studies have shown that so much vital force was taken from the living for this work of changing solid or living objects that the members of the circle and the medium were often left nearly exhausted at the end of the sitting. If the training you have had makes you doubt what is being related, that is of little consequence. The important thing which is to be got across is the basic fact that, if enough vital force is not available to the Guardian Angel, it cannot make changes in the matter on the physical level or shape circumstances except by very slow stages, as vital force can be obtained little by little. In battle instant changes in the material of bullets or shells or flame may be necessary in forming the WALL of protection.

This brings us to the actual methods used as a vital part of prayer to supply this electro-vital force. Ordinarily, a man or woman in normal health has more vital force stored in the body than is needed.

One may suddenly begin to run, and can go on for a short time on the supply already in the body, but if the exertion is to keep up, more must be made in short order. The subcon-scious self will do this, but it may take a few minutes to get the sugar in the blood burning in oxygen and the manufacture of the force going full blast—so that we "get our second wind."

Fortunately, we have but to think strongly that we are making a large extra supply of vital force, and the subconscious will at once set to work to make it. We can test this action of mind by imagining ourselves getting set for a race. As we imagine we are getting set, we will find our bodies tensing and our breath quickening—more vital force being provided. There is another way we can test the amount of vital force stored in our bodies. We do not have to have the modern instruments that measure the force in body and brain in laboratories.

All that is needed is a ring or other bit of material to tie to a bit of thread about four inches long to make a plumb bob or pendulum. Holding the improvised pendulum with about three and one-half inches of thread between object and fingers, it is suspended over the free palm. Give the mental or oral command to the subconscious self to make the pendulum swing to indicate your normal charge of vital force. It will usually swing with a moderate motion. Or you can ask that it swing a number of times, while you count the swings to get the number of the charge. The average number of swings has been found to run between 250 and 350. The swing is usually back-and-forth, but can be circular. Some people may not be able to get a reading, but can be read by a friend, if he holds the pendulum over the palm of the one to be tested. Some are so constituted that the pendulum will not swing for them or will just keep on swinging. That only shows that the low self is not grasping the idea of the test. We all have vital force if we are alive, and can accumulate a sur-charge if we can think, exert the will, and instruct the subconscious self.

The subconscious will learn in surprisingly short order to accumulate a large surcharge of vital force when asked to do so. One may stand with feet spread far apart and arms extended at the sides level with the shoulders. One begins by taking deeper breaths and says or thinks, "I am now accumulating an extra supply of vital force and storing it in my body for use. I am filling myself with the universal life force from toes to the top of my head. I feel it tingling in my hands NOW."

Usually a tingle will be felt in hands or elsewhere in the body. One's sight will become keener and details at a distance will stand out. One will be more alert mentally and able to re-member or to memorize faster. One will be able to solve mental problems with numbers faster and more accurately. There are many indications. One will feel better, throw off depression, and overcome fear or nervousness. The pendulum test is very good, however, as it is something all may see. After trying to accumulate a surcharge, say for two or three minutes, make the pendulum test as before and see how much stronger the swing is or how many more times it swings while you are counting.

When the tests show that one can quickly accumulate a surcharge of vital force, practice at making a complete, effective, and powerful prayer-action should very quickly show results.
The prayer steps are these:

(1) Decide what you want to ask for and try making a clear and complete mental picture of it. When that is done,
(2) accumulate a surcharge of vital force as instructed above. There is no need to test its strength once you have learned the knack.
(3) Pray to your Guardian Angel or to whomever you are accustomed to pray (all prayers go to the same place in any case), and as you ask for a condition to be brought about, picture it in your mind and describe it in words to help yourself make the picture. This picture will go telepathically to the Guardian Angel.
(4) Say, "I am now sending to you, my Father Guardian Self, a large supply of vital force. Accept it and cleanse it. Use it as you see fit for your own purposes and to bring about the conditions I ask for and picture n my mind. Use the pictures as seeds. Use the life force I send to make them grow into material conditions on this level soon. This sending of force and holding of the mental pic-ture may go on for a minute or more. Each person soon senses the length of time best suited for his own prayer-actions.
(5) Give thanks that the desired condition has already been made a reality in the invisible and is soon to appear in the visible. Word your thanks and feel your joy, while you make a gleaming mental picture of your own joyful face filled with gratitude. This emotion of gratitude and joy is very important, since it is something in which the subconscious self takes part and finds a form of expression. If one feels a stir of emotion, that is the sure sign that the subconscious self is doing its full part in making the prayer and sending the telepathic pictures and vital force that must go to the Guardian Self.
(6) Say "Amen," and end your prayer in orderly manner. Let go of it mentally and be confident that it has been properly made and will be answered. This confidence "having faith." Expect to see the conditions requested come about and refuse to imagine the contrary as happening.

The prayer action may be repeated after a few minutes of rest and relaxation in mind, if not in body. Even in action one may soon be able to accumulate a surcharge and make a prayer-action swiftly. The Catholics learned long since that by praying for something every hour for a day or more (a "novena" or nine-day rite), answers were best obtained. Now we know that all depends on how much vital force can be accumulated and supplied to the Guardian Self to use in building the answer to the prayer—in bringing about the condition requested on this material level of life and action.

The secret behind all offerings in religion is that one must offer his own vital force. "Offer yourself, a living sacrifice, wholly acceptable, etc.," as we read in the veiled words of the Bible. This vital force, when in the bands of the Guardian Father Self, is the "Light," and often one sees a spread of the whitest imaginable light behind one's eyelids when praying. It is the "Water of Life" also, and has been hidden in symbols all down the centuries from the time when, in the far, dim past, the ancestors of the human race came to know the inner secrets of the relation of the three selves of man— the relation of man to God through the Father.

• • • • • •
Those who can overcome their natural shyness in speaking to friends of such matters as this can benefit greatly by joining others in making the same general prayer, such as a prayer for the safety of the squad. Once such a prayer has been discussed and a picture of the desired condition agreed upon, several men may join and silently go through the steps of the prayer while one act-ing as leader speaks aloud the words of the prayer, in which the picture is described and the request is made for it to be brought about. The wording is not important but the picture made by all in the group must be as nearly the same as possible. In this way, the joined power of the Guardian Angels of the men of the group is shared in such a way that it can be focused in its entirety for the protection of any one in the group who may momentarily be in the path of danger. There is great truth in the "Where two are gathered in my name," and with numbers the power increases proportionately. A sincere chaplain of any faith should be able to lead this form of prayer, if he is not blinded to the truth behind the newly uncovered "SECRET" method. The new way of prayer can be used in addition to any other religious observance or apart from it. It is fitted to men of any faith or of little or no religious background.

A great service can be done a friend who may not readily grasp the idea of how to make this type of prayer for himself. You may pray for him effectively, but one thing he must do for himself to the best of his ability, however slight, and this is to ask in whatever prayer he can make, that the Guardian Angel Self watching over him take a hand in his life and help in whatever way is seen best. This is the step needed under what seems to be the ironclad law of allowing the fullness of experience under FREE WILL. This is opening the door and inviting help. If the individ-ual will request that help as best he can, his friends or loved ones at home may pray through their own Guardian Selves to HIS, asking for a WALL of protection in exactly the same way as for themselves. In this way the man for whom prayer is strange or difficult may be brought into the group where his Guardian can work with the others, share the accumulating supply of vital force and use it for the good f all. Pray even for a man who gives reluctant consent to being prayed for. It may work miracles for him, and if he is one of your squad, prayers for him may keep the entire squad from being touched.

Those at home can also pray, and in the same way. Distance means nothing in telepathic contact, and prayer for another makes the basic thing, "church," to multiply power. Frequent prayer gets best results. Five times a day is the way the Moslems advise us to pray.

In emergencies we may pray almost "constantly," as is advised in the Bible at one place, or "without ceas-ing." Any who wish to have prayer-actions made with and for them, may send in their name to me, Max Freedom Long, 126 Camellia Dr., Cape Girardeau, Missouri 63703.
There are a number in our H.R.A. organization, who will be praying for your safety on the hour at almost any hour of the day and far into the night. You fight for us, we'll pray for you. Any person who will pray for himself will be eligible as a part in our circle of prayer. This includes the wounded who are asking for healing.
Max Freedom Long, for H.R.A.

[HRA Bulletin 51. Pg. 4 (+1-6). March 15, 1951]

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Huna Psychology: An Introduction

Huna is not an "occult" system-- that is, hidden from all but a few "favored" adherents or "initiates." It is based on knowledge of human psychology and of how the various parts of the human personality function. When you learn how the psyche works, you will be able to see how it functions properly and with the greatest effectiveness. Huna emphasizes normal living in every way and makes everyday life more livable. In times of stress, Huna offers effective relief in any situation. As Max Freedom Long put it, "If you are not using Huna, you are working too hard!"

Basic Concepts

The basic tenets of Huna can be summarized in these words, "NO HURT: NO SIN," that is, the Huna concept of "sin" is doing something hurtful. "SERVE TO DESERVE," that is, be of help and service to others in order to feel worthy of good things in your life. A more concise statement is the Huna motto: The Hurtless and Helpful Life.

Huna Will Work for Everyone

Potentially, Huna principles will work for everyone. When the desired results are not obtained, Huna psychology reveals the causes of the failure. The best place to start learning the basics of Huna psychology is the Free Huna Online Newsletter available at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/huna/. It is an excellent basic text that will give you a clear statement of what Huna is and how to use it. A good, quick, and thorough introduction is Huna: The Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking, by William Glover.

For further study, the works of Max Freedom Long are recommended. The Secret Science at Work (1953) reviews the account of the discovery of the ancient coded secrets of the kahuna and gives suggestions for the use of Huna principles. The Secret Science Behind Miracles (1948) presents a more detailed account of the search and the method of discovery. These books and more available online at The Huna Store.

Is "Psychic" Ability Necessary?

It is not necessary to have "psychic" ability in order to use Huna. Such ability is natural to everyone and is developed to a greater extent by some, while in others such qualities are latent, or unrecognized, although used naturally. Because the principles of Huna psychology involve the study of universal laws and basic concepts, most people find that the intuition becomes stronger and "psychic" or "spiritual" awareness begins to develop. This awareness is the by-product of profound study in any area, whether astrology or physics, art or Tarot, biochemistry or any of the systems of psychology, including Huna.

You are More than a Body

Because you are conscious of your own existence, you realize that you are alive and that a process of thinking is taking place. You are aware of your body and its various functions, both voluntary and involuntary. The part of you that is all of these things-- the real you, so to speak-- enables you to be conscious of the fact that you exist as a spiritual or psychic "person" in addition to the body in which you seem to live. It is natural, therefore, to speak of YOU and YOUR BODY as two parts, whether they are actually separate or not.

Conscious and Subconscious Minds

At times a person speaks of "having a little talk with himself" in order to make up his mind about a decision or to work up courage for something very difficult or frightening. "I told myself there was nothing to worry about," we might say. Or, in trying to make a decision, we have a little conversation "with ourselves" and mentally list the pros and cons of the alternatives. It is as if one part of us argues for one side, while a second part comes up with arguments for the other!

Whether we consider that there are really two of us inside our minds, or two functions of one mind, at least it seems for the moment that two separate minds exist. At the time the function of the mind is dual and not single. Since most psychological systems recognize a subconscious part of the mind, it is natural to state that there are two minds or psychic entities. For the purpose of discussing the psyche, we may speak of two minds or two selves: the conscious-mind self and the subconscious-mind self.

It is the conscious mind which the kahuna called "uhane," or the middle self, the part of man that is conscious of his own existence and has the ability to reason. The subconscious mind was "unihipili," or the inner self. Max used the term "low self". This is the one we "have a talk with." The term "low" has no reference to rank or importance, but only to the fact that it is "below" the level of consciousness (thus the term sub-conscious) and has its bodily center in the solar plexus, below the consciousness centered in the head. Remember that the function of this part of you is very important and the low or basic self has a very large part to play in your life.

There is Yet a Third Part of Man

The third part is the High Self-- called by the kahuna the name "Aumakua." This is sometimes called the "superconscious," but writers unfamiliar with Huna psychology may use that word to designate the subconscious. The High Self is the "older, utterly trustworthy, parental spirit." The High Self may, in religious terms, be called a sort of guardian angel who helps us when requested to do so, but does not necessarily interfere unless asked to help. However the concept of "God" or deity was considered to be above the level of High Self, which is an integral part of the human personality. It is our divine connection with God. It is the High Self, using whatever higher resources which may be required, that brings all desired conditions into reality.

The Triangle of Trinity

The symbol of the triangle suggests that once all three selves are working together with perfect union and harmony, we have perfect communication among the three selves. Even though we often speak of separate functions of the individual three selves, remember that they must always work together to function effectively. When we refer to an individual self, we must always include the others in proper relation to that part. It is at this stage of harmony that there is "direct" contact from the middle self to the High Self, because all three are a harmonious three-self team. This is the perfect or whole person.

All three selves have their proper part to play in the life of each of us, and they must work together to accomplish whatever is desired, whether solving a problem in the present, or trying to work for a better future. When the three selves work harmoniously together, things can happen that may appear to be "miracles." But when you know the proper and normal functions of the three selves and how they work together, the miracles will seem to be in no way "supernatural."

The ideal to which we aspire is to become a complete person, with all parts united. As Max Freedom Long expressed it: "Our task as middle selves is primarily that of learning to work consciously and properly with both the low [inner] self and the High Self."

"Aka" or Shadowy Bodies

There is an original blueprint or pattern, printed on transparent material, which fits each of the three selves in every detail. Compare this with the transparent overlays used in encyclopedias to show the various skeletal, muscular, or nervous systems of the physical body. The kahuna of ancient Hawaii talked of the three selves of man, with their exact duplicates, which they referred to as aka-bodies. This aka-substance formed a sort of invisible pattern or "aura" around each of the three selves, keeping the blueprint intact, but capable of changing shapes temporarily to form a connecting thread between the basic self, the middle self, and the High Self.

Since aka has a sticky quality and stretches without breaking, when contact is made between two persons, a long, sticky thread is drawn out between the two, like a silver spider-web, and the connection between them remains. Further contacts add other aka-threads and these are braided together into an aka-cord, resulting in strong rapport between the two persons. Such an aka-cord must be kept strongly braided between the inner self and the middle self, and between the inner self and the High Self, in order for the three to work harmoniously together.

Mana, or Vital Force

The kahuna recognized the magnetic and the opposite, repelling nature of vital force, or "mana," but unfortunately left no detailed exposition on the subject. They knew the force as a thing which had to do with all thought processes and bodily activities. The life force was the essence of life itself. The kahuna symbol for this life-force was water. Water flows and so does vital force. Water fills things. So does the vital force. Water may leak away and so may vital force. All thinking involves an electrical-like activity of Mana. The word "mana-o" means "thinking," the "o" added to show that the process is one of using Mana to produce thought. As each thought is formed it is given its aka body and is fastened by a thread of the same substance to thoughts which came before it ("association of ideas" in terms of modern psychology).

Mana is taken from the food and air by the inner self and is stored in its aka-body, but it is shared with the middle self and with the High Self. The Mana, when used as the life-force of the middle self is changed in some subtle way. The kahuna of old symbolized this as a dividing of the basic Mana into two kinds, and called it Mana-Mana, indicating that it was "doubled" in power, so that it could be used by the middle self to direct the inner self. This is the force we know vaguely in modern psychology as "the will." It is seldom used in its full strength, and so the inner self gets out of hand or flits from one activity to another, without carrying out any suggestion or command fully.

Accumulating a Surcharge of Mana

We know that taking a slow, deep breath will give us an extra amount of energy. We can use certain techniques combined with specific mental images to accumulate a surcharge-- an extra large and powerful charge-- of vital force any time we need it. This assumes that we are in reasonably good health and are not weakened by physical or emotional trauma. We can use these surcharges of Mana in several very valuable ways, particularly in healing ourselves and others, and in making a Prayer-Action that will have real power.

An Action of the Mind

The kahuna believed that by an action of the mind a person adds to the amount of Mana created from food and air. The extraction process is quickened. This theory is supported by our physiologists, who have found that when we digest food it is not all used at once, but is changed to blood sugar, or glycogen, and oxidized with oxygen from the air we breath to give us such amounts of force and energy as we may need for the work we happen to do. The basic self, who tends to all such matters, can at any time begin to take in more air and cause more blood sugar to be burned to create more of that strange chemically-manufactured force we call Mana. The inner self learns to do this easily in most cases. By combining the Mana from food and air with additional Mana from unlimited cosmic sources, we can always have the power we need to accomplish whatever we truly and justly desire.

The accumulation of a surcharge of vital force is accomplished simply by explaining to the inner self within just what it is to do and then asking it to do it. To help the inner self, we can start breathing more deeply, add the thought of accumulating a large surcharge of Mana, and the process begins.

The Mana Rises Like a Fountain

The kahuna used the symbol of water for Mana. When he wished to accumulate a surcharge, be breathed deeply and visualized Mana rising like water rising in a fountain, higher and higher until it overflowed. The body is pictured as the fountain and the water is the Mana. Another image that can be used is filling a sphere with light and mentally seeing your entire body surrounded by this sphere and fully illuminated.

An Exercise

Exercise or any form of physical exertion always starts the inner self manufacturing more Mana, otherwise we would use up what we have in a few minutes and would begin to feel faint. Athletes know that they can go only so far on their first wind, which is the charge of Mana they happen to have in their body and aka-body at the start. Then in a short time they get a fresh supply of energy (the second wind) and can then keep going steadily and at top speed. It is important to use the surcharge, over and above the basic physical energy required to maintain health and daily activity, in working toward a specific goal, such as healing or solving a social problem.

Or a Mental Attitude

Instead of exercising, we can assume the mental attitude of getting set to run a race. We hold the picture in mind of getting ready to run, we breathe more rapidly and tense up the muscles a little. The inner self will begin to create the desired vital force.

A Sense of Well-Being

Persons with a low normal charge-level of vital force have found that they can sense the additional surge of Mana after taking on an extra supply. It adds to the sense of well-being, of physical strength and endurance, of will and determination, and it sharpens the mind, makes memorization faster and easier, and the senses more acute. This can easily be tested by checking the clearer vision or sharper memory after a surcharge of vital force.

Mana and Miracles

The point that is most important when considering Mana or vital force is that when you have learned to accumulate a surcharge, it is possible to use it, with the help of the High Self, to perform "miracles," which range all the way from slow and simple healing to miraculous changes in bodily tissue and even the fabric of the future. The High Self contacts us of its own accord in our sleep, making use of the connecting aka-cord. Our thoughts of the day, with our plans, hopes, fears, loves, and hates, are examined, taken as duplicate thought-forms, and at the same time vital force is taken. This vital force is stepped up to the high "voltage" and is used by the High Self to construct a shadowy body which will materialize your future. Such though-forms were described by the kahuna as "seeds" and were symbolized as seeds, which were vitalized by the High Self and grew into actualities of the future.

Let the Rain of Blessings Fall

The High Self not only takes from us the vital force it needs, but returns a compensating force to us. This is vital to our health and well-being. This return can be pictured as a shower of Mana falling from the up-welled fountain, as a gentle mist, a "rain of blessings." Thus the three-fold communication symbolized by the triangle is complete. After consciously contacting the High Self for the purpose of sending a gift of Mana and also presenting a "prayer-picture," the kahuna ended his prayer with these words: " The prayer takes its flight. Let the rain of blessings fall."

Daily contact and guidance in all of our lives may be had from the High Self as our Divine Connection-- but only if requested. All the more reason to discover for yourself the basic concepts of Huna and how they may be put to practical use in your own life-- the three selves and their functions as a unified team and the importance of understanding how Mana, the life force, can be increased and utilized to bring about a better life now and for the future.

Adapted from Huna Psychology: An Introduction by Dr. E. Otha Wingo

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