Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Best Easy Relaxation Techniques

Whether you're looking for ways to relax the parasympathetic nervous system, how to relax while taking the test you have tomorrow, or even relaxation techniques for children with autism, there is one simple technique you can use any time.

Discover the best easy relaxation techniques ...




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Monday, June 29, 2009

How to Send Healing Energy to a Sick Person

Aloha y'all,

We've received a new report on Ho'oponopono and Shamanism from Mark Perkins.

This is the perfect way of using the Native Hawaiian sense of space from native Hawaiian cultures in your Ho oponopono practice, especially in learning how to send healing energy to sick person.


Hello, Vince and Ohana!

Just got back from the Society for Shamanic Practitioners conference where I introduced (and re-introduced) a group of the Society members to Ho'oponopono.

I led a 4-hour workshop that outlined the Hawaiian spiritual concepts (3-selves, kahuna, aka, etc.) and the Ho'oponopono process then mapped these concepts to their shamanic world-view (not all that different...just different words.) We then selected a situation that one of the members presented to the group as the focus of the process.

The group did a shamanic journey to view the situation prior to Ho'oponopono, afterwhich I guided the group through the process having them repeat the process word-for-word from Morrnah's manual. The group then again journeyed to the situation and reported back the pre- and post Ho'oponopono information they received.


They were blown away!

One of the journeys saw the pre-Ho'oponopono scene with the people involed competely trapped by a negative energy. Afterward, the negative energy had completely vanished and the people were dancing and playing (this included the "antagonists" that were included in the process.) All of the group witnessed the marked improvement that Ho'oponopono facilitated.

I specifically used the term "re-introduced" as one of the group had studied with Morrnah back in the ealy 70's. She was there to re-learn and refresh here knowledge, however, she had not previously used shamanic work to see the changes. She, too, was blown away.

I want to offer my heart fealt thanks to Morrnah and to Vince for re-introducing this amazing process. Use it...it works!


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Mark will be presenting
this workshop at the
2009 Huna World Convention
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Healing Faster

--- On Tue, 6/23/09, nimmoo kinger wrote:

> Dear Vince
> I am a healer and am very passioante about healing people . I am very
> keen to learn more techniques related to physical healing and I saw that
> you had healed a broken ankle in a few minutes.

Yes ...

... I've been getting results like that regularly for thirty years or so.

> Which program of yours will give me this learning?

I reveal exactly step-by-step how-to-do-it within the Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power DVDs.

In fact ...

... one of the guys attending one of the sessions you're getting on one of the free bonus DVDs got his finger smashed in a car door during the lunch-break.

It was all black-and-blue and crooked, but the pain went away almost instantly ...

... and it was totally back to normal within 20 minutes.

Same technique.

So you can get everything you need at
http://secrets.hunaohana.com/ now.

> I live in India and I am very eager to learn all that is there to learn
> in the field of healing.
> Hope to hear from you soon
> In Soul Connection

Mahalo for your dedication ...

... and keep studying!


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Dowsing and Spirits

How To Get the RIGHT ANSWER ...
Instead of Just "Wishful Thinking"

A Pendulum Workshop
by Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"Psychology pendulum experiment."

It's frustrating to work with the pendulum, and the number one complaint I hear about pendulum work can be summarized in one sentence:

"I don't get the right answer ...
... I get what I want to hear."

What if there is a way to test and make sure you're getting the right answer time and time again.

Would that build your psychic self-confidence?

... for dowsing and spirits?

Would that improve your Huna work 10%... maybe 50%.. or maybe even 100%?

Of course it will.

Correcting errors in a simple pendulum:

The way to get the right answer is to train yourself through a series of repeated discrete trials with clear, immediate feedback and clear reinforcement for success.

After you've gone through the simple exercises I'm going to teach you in the article below, you will have the ability to not only get simple yes/no questions right, you can pick the right route to work or play, pick the right restaurant, and find the real complex, the limiting belief that was holding you back from manifesting your ideal life.

Here's the article:



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dowsing and spirits
errors in a simple pendulum
psychology pendulum experiment

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    5 - Basis of the Huna Prayer-Action. What's NEW in Huna. Changing the Future.

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-- Joan Mills (Alberta, Canada)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Secrets of the Ha Rite "prayer-action"

This excerpt is from Dad's 12-week Huna Course #5 ... and, even after reading it 30 years ago ... it's still just as important today!

Dear Huna Student:

What we generally call "prayer" has taken on "religious" connotations which are so strongly established that it is difficult to examine its intrinsic meaning ("an earnest request"). This word has been used a number of times already in these lessons. The expression "Prayer-Action" is closer to our meaning here. In the Hawaiian language, there are two significant words for prayer:

v (1) wai-pa, meaning literally "to divide water." Water is the Huna symbol for mana or vital force and thus prayer refers to the use of mana in the various functions of the three selves.

v (2) pule, meaning "to send forth" thought-forms to the High Self via the flow of mana along the aka cord.

So, when I speak of "prayer" or Prayer-Action, I am referring to a carefully worked out blueprint for what we wish to be built into our lives, together with the appropriate implementation of that design. The Huna principles which are taught in these lessons are easy to grasp. They are much like those with which we are familiar in the older and newer religions and psychologies which are current at this time. What we are doing is working out in more detail what makes an effective "prayer" or Prayer-Action to a Higher Intelligence. Here is the necessary procedure:

l. THE PREPARATION FOR THE ACT OF "PRAYER." Careful consideration must be given to the NEW CONDITIONS, which we wish brought about. In Huna, the Prayer-Action is not made for the momentary need alone, but for the needs of all the life ahead. Instead of drifting, we take as much time as is needed, and make up our minds, insofar as it is possible, EXACTLY what we wish the future to hold for us. Isn't it strange how few public "prayers" in modern churches have any thought or preparation back of them? In fact, it seems that a prepared prayer is held under suspicion. You can ask for health, happiness, and prosperity, including specifics -- but YOU MUST NOT forget to include service to others. There is much that is helpful in the ideals of the kahunas.

"The kahuna taught that there was an ideal condition to which the individual might aspire. It was a condition in which the aid and guidance of the High Self was requested, received, and then acted upon. The one rule o f life that must be obeyed was that we should do nothing to hurt another unjustly. For those more advanced, the rule included loving service. Love can unite men and enable them to do great works for the good of all. Hate and fear can unite men only f or war and destruction.�

(The Secret Science Behind Miracles, p. 188)

The principle is that we must decide on our future, then plan it in as much detail as we can, after which we set about taking the next step, that of bringing the desired condition into reality.

Max Freedom Long gives a very instructive example of how this is done, drawing on his own experience. Because of its length, this account will be given in its entirety in a postscript to this letter.

2. The second step is to build a complete set of thought-forms of the new future, through visualization and with the use of a physical stimulus to impress the subconscious Low Self.

3. The third step is to accumulate a sufficient supply of Mana o r vital force (as practiced in the preceding lesson) to send the newly created thought-forms along the invisible aka thread of connection to the High Self.

4. The fourth step is the follow-up in which we DAILY review and strengthen the visualized future embodied in our thought-forms, and DAILY present them anew with a fresh supply of vital force to be used by the High Self to do what the kahuna symbolized as "growing the seeds (thought-forms) by sprinkling them with water (Mana) until they bear fruit as actual conditions as the future becomes the present."�

5. As a part of the work of taking these steps successfully, you will learn of the necessity of removing any blocks caused by such things as guilt feelings and fix ations (fixed ideas held by the Low Self).

What's new about all this? The reaction sometimes is that so much "sounds familiar" -- this may be because you recognize the truth of these principles, or because they are simple concepts, perhaps put into perspective for the first time. Perhaps an outline of some of the approaches of Huna that differ from others would be helpful at this point:

· l. The long-term scope of the Prayer-Action and the more careful preparation is new.

· 2. The use of visualization may be familiar to some extent, but its use to create consciously a set of thought-forms to act as molds for the materialization of desired future events is new in perspective.

· 3. The request to the High Self, asking that the thought-forms be used to create for us a new and more desirable future is new.

· 4. The accumulation of extra Mana or vital force and the sending of it to the High Self to be used in the creation of the desired future is new.

· 5. The invisible aka thread that connects us with the High Self is new, although there is a hint of it in the Biblical reference to the "silver cord."�

· 6. The use of a flow of Mana to carry the thought-forms telepathically to the High Self is new and of greatest importance.

· 7. The fact that the aka thread runs between the aka or shadowy body of the Low Self and the High Self, and that it is the ONE AND ONLY means of contact between the inner Self and the High Self, is not only new, but revolutionary in the psychological-religious thinking of this century. It gives us, at last, an explanation of WHY the usual vocal prayer made by the conscious mind or Middle Self gets no answer -- the Low Self is not brought into the action and the telepathic sending of the prayer is missing, to say nothing of supplying the needed vital force to be used by the High Self or paying attention to the removing of blocks to this telepathic communication.

Keep studying!


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Send Healing Energy to a Sick Person

Instant Healing ...

"My fractured foot
was totally cured!"
Aloha y'all,

If you're looking for documented evidence of miraculous healings that are taking place regularly through the application of Kahuna Energetics, then you'll want to take a moment now to read this entire email.

My name is Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD, and I've been applying The Secret Science Behind Miracles effectively in real-life-or-death situations for more than 30 years.

That's "my job."

But I think that you, like me, want to apply these miracle-making powers for yourself!

... and frankly, I'm bored!

Because it's "so easy-to-do" if you just pay attention and follow the instructions.

In fact, if you'll do just that ... it works every time ... guaranteed.

But some people want "proof."

... and that's OK.

So, here's just ONE example.

Jerry Tafolla drove-down from Chicago to get real proof.

... because he'd jumped off a second-floor balcony into a swimming pool ... "on a dare" ... two weeks prior.

And he instantly felt the bone-crushing blow to the heal of his foot ...

... turns out he fractured it ... pretty badly.

But, THEN ...

Jerry signed-up for the Huna World Convention ... and while he was there ... he asked me to "do some healing" on his foot during one of the breaks.

... so I did.

Now it's perfect!

  • the pain went away!

  • the swelling went down!

  • he felt a "change" inside the bone!

... and then it was perfect.

His words ...

... perfect.

And it was ...

... in fact, he spent the rest of the conference walking around, feeling great, and learning How-To heal himself and everything in his life on the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level.

And everyone else who actually took initiative to sign up and show up had an experience of equal or greater value.

Read this ...

--- On Tue, 10/28/08, JERRY TAFOLLA wrote:

... and "yes" ... it's always "nice" to help a fractured foot heal instantly!

Well ... almost instantly ...

... I think it DID take 3 or 4 minutes!

"Oh well."

I guess "perfect" is good enough, though?

Jerry's photos have been uploaded to the Huna Ohana group at:


So "here's the deal."

The fact is, "little things" like broken bones are pretty easy-to-fix ... but only IF you bother to really learn this stuff.

So you can learn to "do that" ...

... or not.

You choose.


PS - If you DO want to learn HOW to heal a broken bone instantly ... or "whatever" ... then just follow the link below or copy and paste it into your browser ...

... but DON'T even bother unless you really want to learn.


PPS - I'm "bored" ... and I'm NOT going to teach this "beginner's stuff" any more ... because we have so many more powerful things to do together! ... so ... if you want to be a healer, then go to http://secrets.hunaohana.com right NOW and follow the instructions.

PPPS - This is only for people who seriously want to DO these things for real ... otherwise, please don't waste my time!

Is that fair?

You choose:


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kahuna Wisdom with Dr. Allen P. Lewis

Kahuna Wisdom
with Allen P. Lewis
The Complete Kahuna Wisdom Program

Clearing Your Life Path
Lessons In Living
or Living In Harmony

on Audio CD

Clearing Your Life Through Kahuna Wisdom

1. The Basics of Kahuna Wisdom

  • The Minds of Man
  • The Bodies of Man
  • Of Breath and Mana
  • The One Commandment
  • To Gain Control

2. Into the Silence

  • Meditations and Visualizations
  • Re-program your sub-conscious mind
  • Take conscious control of your lifepath

3. Meet your subconscious

  • Reaching concesus

4. Clearing the Blocks

  • Releasing Sin
  • Clearing Fixations
  • Cutting the Cords

5. Meet Your High Self

Lessons In Living
Living in Harmony Through Kahuna Wisdom

1. Living in Harmony

2. Kahuna Mediation

3. The Ha Rite (Kahuna Prayer)

4. The Power of the Spoken Word

5. The Cleansing Rituals

6. Your Personal Protection

The Complete Kahuna Wisdom program on Audio CD


Order in the US

Order Outside the US

Aloha Vince.

I wanted to let you know how much I love these CDs. It takes all the bits of information that we have learned and places it all in perspective. I am following the directions and will stay on the 3rd CD until I no longer have any more people from my past to forgive. The interesting thing to me is that even though we are told to go back to the beginning to forgive and cut the cords, I have had people from my recent past come to me when I am in the silence. So I am just going with the flow and just forgiving as they come up. As I forgive them, I forgive myself.

These are amazing. As are all your products.


Barbara Patterson
Cincinnati, OH

© 2009 Huna Ohana

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October 18-24, 2009