Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Kahuna Wisdom with Dr. Allen P. Lewis

Kahuna Wisdom
with Allen P. Lewis
The Complete Kahuna Wisdom Program

Clearing Your Life Path
Lessons In Living
or Living In Harmony

on Audio CD

Clearing Your Life Through Kahuna Wisdom

1. The Basics of Kahuna Wisdom

  • The Minds of Man
  • The Bodies of Man
  • Of Breath and Mana
  • The One Commandment
  • To Gain Control

2. Into the Silence

  • Meditations and Visualizations
  • Re-program your sub-conscious mind
  • Take conscious control of your lifepath

3. Meet your subconscious

  • Reaching concesus

4. Clearing the Blocks

  • Releasing Sin
  • Clearing Fixations
  • Cutting the Cords

5. Meet Your High Self

Lessons In Living
Living in Harmony Through Kahuna Wisdom

1. Living in Harmony

2. Kahuna Mediation

3. The Ha Rite (Kahuna Prayer)

4. The Power of the Spoken Word

5. The Cleansing Rituals

6. Your Personal Protection

The Complete Kahuna Wisdom program on Audio CD


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Aloha Vince.

I wanted to let you know how much I love these CDs. It takes all the bits of information that we have learned and places it all in perspective. I am following the directions and will stay on the 3rd CD until I no longer have any more people from my past to forgive. The interesting thing to me is that even though we are told to go back to the beginning to forgive and cut the cords, I have had people from my recent past come to me when I am in the silence. So I am just going with the flow and just forgiving as they come up. As I forgive them, I forgive myself.

These are amazing. As are all your products.


Barbara Patterson
Cincinnati, OH

© 2009 Huna Ohana

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Jane Jones said...

Love this program Vince! It sounds awesome! I will try to get your program. I like this blog!