Monday, June 22, 2009

NEW - The Huna eCourse

only $49

12 Weeks to Mastering The Secret
Science Behind Miracles

Letters on Huna:
A Course in the Fundamentals of Huna Psychology

by Dr. E. Otha Wingo

Best-Seller since 1972
Regularly $65 ...

NOW only $49

LETTERS ON HUNA provides basic instruction for the practical use of Huna in everyday life. This course of twelve lessons is sent to your inbox at appropriate intervals for twelve weeks, allowing time for study and practical application. Support is available from Huna Headquarters.

The Course emphasizes the practical application of Huna in everyday life and contains ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to make the Huna system work for you.


    1 - What is "secret" about Huna.

    2 - The Three Selves, the Invisible Pattern, and the Force behind Huna.


    4 - How to use Mana (Vital Force). Using the pendulum. Physical Stimulus. Recharging the Batteries.

    5 - Basis of the Huna Prayer-Action. What's NEW in Huna. Changing the Future.

    6 - For What May We Ask? Visualization. Serve to Deserve. Summary.

    7 - Review. The Time Element. Huna's Great Secret.

    8 - Unblocking the Aka Cord. The Hurtless Life. The "Twinge" method. Renegade Memories.

    9 - Kala or CLEANSING.

    10 - Designing the Thought-Form Picture for Results.

    11 - The Nature of the Three Selves. "Direct Dialing."

Regular price $65
Now available on-line, send directly to you email inbox.

NOW only $49

"Thank you for this information. I have one of the original
Huna courses, it's been enjoyed when first received and
each time it's been replayed since then. It has certainly
made quite a difference in my life and I sincerely thank
you for making this available and I definitely recommend it
to others as highly beneficial. Best regards!"
-- Joan Mills (Alberta, Canada)


Anonymous said...

I received the Ho'Oponopono booklet (the free one) and Lesson #1. I did the breathing and prayers in the parking lot while my car was being repaired (in a green meadow looking at the mountains) and THE SAME DAY a major issue that has caused severe pain and stress around my life for five years had the first signs of relief and cooperation! I had prayed before a million times and never got ANY result! I can't wait to do Lesson #2 and practice Huna in other areas of my life. Thank you for making this available and affordable! I wish I could afford to go to MO in October and learn from others face-to-face!!!
Mary Lynn
Blairsville, GA - USA

Debra said...

I am new to this group. I am Debra and am living in Savannah, GA. I learned about Huna while reading Long's Pyschometric Analysis. I was interested in learning how to use the pendulum to learn about people's characteristics. I then read Secret Science..... I am interested in joining with those who are establishing world peace and order. Need I say that I have tried all other venues. This (Huna) makes sense and actually has worked for me already even tho I am just getting started. My first major goal is to learn the proper mantra and prayer for healing my vision. I have alway believed that I would be healed and now I have found the true method for that healing.