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Huna 101: Parallels


This chart was developed by Huna Ohana member Joseph Gurney.

Hi all,

My background is Qabalah of the Golden Dawn variety. After recently getting into Huna, I have formed a tentative theory that there are parallels between Huna and the Qabalah (and also yoga and alchemy). Specifically, the Huna selves approximate to the Qabalistic parts of the soul. This is not unreasonable when you consider that Huna was said to originate in Egypt or Africa, and that the tribes left their wisdom in various places en route as they migrated there from.

I am pretty certain that the Unihipili, Uhane and Aumakua are the direct equivalents of the Nephesh, Ruach and Neshamah respectively. However after that it gets hazy, and it may well be that at the upper end of the scale, so to speak, there are no exact matches.

Are these correspondences valid? And if so, does this mean that knowing more about the one (e.g. Huna itself), can teach us more about the others?

Please see the image below for a summary.

I am grateful to Vince for helpful pointers he has given me already.


Keep studying!


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"A ohe pau ko ike i kou halau"
Think not that all wisdom is in your school.

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Monday, September 11, 2006

The Huna World-Wide Healing Network

Huna Telepathic Mutual Healing Group

[How to Participate] [Summary]
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Are you interested in healing yourself or helping to heal others? If you are then you may be interested in joining the Huna Telepathic Mutual Healing Group. Telepathic healing means receiving healing for yourself or participating in healing others at a distance.

The Huna Ohana sponsors an ongoing Telepathic Mutual Healing Group. The Telepathic Mutual Healing Group was started in 1948 by Max Freedom Long and is still active today.

Information on how you can participate in the Huna Telepathic Mutual Healing Group can be found at the end of this article.


The Telepathic Mutual Healing Group began its work in 1948 under the direction of Max Freedom Long. It consists of a small group of Huna Research members who are dedicated to the healing of those who request help healing of the body, personal problems, and social or financial tangles. The TMHG meets on a regular basis to send healing to those who request it for themselves or for others. Some are physically present at the Huna Headquarters Building in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Others join us in their healing meditation, wherever they may be physically. We have members from all parts of the world joining us to direct their Mana for the use of those who have need of healing.

Anyone may request help through the Telepathic Mutual Healing Group (TMHG).

All healing in essence is self-healing and is accomplished through your own three selves. The TMHG helps in two basic ways:

  1. By reinforcing the visualized picture which you describe as the desired result, and

  2. By sending an extra supply of healing mana (vital force), which will give your own life energy a boost and enable it to fulfill your request in the way you desired. We ask that you cooperate in the healing effort by following the simple suggestions outlined here. If you are joining the TMHG as a contributor to the healing Mana that is gathered and sent, we welcome you.

How to Participate

Step One:

Decide that you really want the illness healed or the physical, mental, or emotional problem solved, or the personal problem worked out. You must not only desire healing on a conscious level, but also on a subconscious level. All three selves must be involved to bring about healing: the conscious middle self, the subconscious basic self, and the higher consciousness of the High Self. Examine your feelings and determine what emotional reaction you have when you see yourself completely well and back to your desired way of living.

Step Two:

Decide exactly what you want the outcome to be. This requires careful thought (meditation, contemplation). Some requests cannot be made in exact terms. In that case, decide on what you will be doing when the desired result has been realized. If you always put yourself in the picture of your future, seeing yourself in action, the decision will be clear. When you know what the desired result will be, you are ready for it to be accomplished.

Step Three:

Visualize the desired result and describe it as briefly, but completely as possible. This naturally follows Step Two, but it is important to make a mental picture of your request, so that you can see it in your mind during a quiet period of meditation. And it is important to work out an exact verbal description in order to convey the picture to the TMHG workers.

The word-picture will also act as a strong physical stimulus to your subconscious mind. Check the words you have chosen for any emotional reaction associated with them.

Step Four:

Chose a time of day when you can stop for a few moments, without distraction and remain in a receptive attitude. This is the time when the healing energy can be sent by the TMHG and received by you. It is important that you do this on a regular basis, every day. If you wish to do this more than once each day, so much the better. The TMHG sends energy to those on the healing list at various times during the day and night. If we know you are in an especially receptive attitude, the healing energy can be concentrated. Send us the times you have chosen, so that we can work with you.

Step Five:

You may take part in one of two ways. Simply maintain a receptive attitude for a few minutes at the chosen time, or at any other time during the day when you feel it is needed. Thus the healing work of the TMHG can be more effective as the energy flows freely and without resistance.

The second way you can participate is through active participation. This can help you even more.
  1. Take several deep breaths.

  2. Picture yourself receiving healing energy from the TMHG and charging your body.

  3. Visualize the picture you have worked out and repeat the verbal description.

  4. Instruct your basic self to carry the request to the High Self.

  5. Release the request and put it out of your mind.
Step Six:

Add a request for help for someone else. This is done very simply in your thoughts. There are two basic Huna tenets involved in living the Huna life and receiving healing:

  1. Do no harm to anyone.

  2. When you perform a service to someone else, your inner consciousness (basic self) is convinced that you deserve the healing that you are requesting. This is summarized in the Huna motto: The Hurtless and Helpful Life.

Step Seven:

A simple, but definite ending to your quiet period of meditation should be made. One of the best endings is a statement of thanksgiving for the healing you have received. The ending releases the request to the High Self and allows it to be acted on. There are actions to be taken by all three selves, so be sure to allow each of your selves to do the part appropriate to that level of consciousness.

The Prayer-Picture is like a seed that is planted; you do not dig it up every day to see if it is growing.

Step Eight:

It is of the utmost importance that you convince your basic self or subconscious (unihipili) that you are worthy of healing and that you will be healed.

A physical stimulus is most effective in impressing the inner consciousness of the importance of the request.

A pledge or vow to some worthy cause; helping someone; giving up something for a period of time, an offering to a worthy cause or doing whatever you can do to make the desired outcome certain.


  1. After deciding on your request in exact words and the mental picture, send your request to Huna Headquarters. If you have already written a general request, it may be necessary to revise it according to the suggestions given here and send it again.

  2. State also the time of day you have chosen to participate. We will make sure there are TMHG members participating at that time. Our regular TMHG time is on Tuesday evenings at 9:00 P.M. Central Time (we have a full hour of meditation and energizing starting at 8:00 P.M.) TMHG members also work independently and in groups every day.

  3. Keep in touch by reporting briefly at regular intervals. A short handwritten note will be sufficient. We can only keep you on the healing list if you report regularly.
You may make your by email to the TMHG

We recommend using the Huna Prayer (see below) process written by Max Freedom Long as a Kala (cleansing) meditation once or more every day. Use it especially when joining the TMHG.

Huna Prayer
by Max Freedom Long

If I have hurt someone today
With thought or word or deed,
Or failed another in his need,
I now repent.

If I can take those steps again,
Tomorrow will I make amends
And heal with love those hurts.
I do this pledge.

And if a hurt has struck me deep
And no amends are made,
I ask the light to balance all.
I count the debt as paid.

Parental Spirits whom I love,
And who I know love me,
Reach through the door I open wide.
Make clear my path to Thee.


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Huna 101: Kahuna Physics

The Huna "Mechanics of
Telepathy and Telepathic Prayer"
from The Secret Science Behind Miracles by Max Freedom Long

A. The physical body.

B. The shadowy body pictured as slightly out of the physical body (as in astral travel etc.) but connected with the physical body by a large cord of shadowy body material.

C. A cluster of grapes representing in Huna symbology the clusters of thought forms embodying all memories. These are stored by the low self in its shadowy body (not in the physical brain) and are carried away in the shadowy body when the physical body dies.

D. This single wavy line represents the low voltage of vital force used by the low self (and made by it in the body). The shadowy body is an ideal storage battery to hold such vital force, and the threads of shadowy mate­rial extending in all directions (uniting the individual with all things and persons once touched) are ideal conductors for the low voltage vital force.

E. The thicker shadowy body material cord connecting the shadowy body with the physical body when the low self (usually accompanied by the middle self in its shadowy body) leaves the physical body during sleep, trance and astral travel. The zig-zag line pictures the flow of vital force along the cord.

F. The dotted circle indicates the shadowy body of the middle self. It does not have the shape of the physical body and is thinner than the shadowy body of the low self.

G. A distant person with whom telepathic or mind reading experiments are being carried out, or to whom the healing thought forms and vital force are being transferred in absent healing.

H. The thread or cord of shadowy body substance which connects the man with a distant person (as explained in G). Along the connecting thread flows low voltage vital force and thought forms, both moving to and from the experimenters. The small circles represent the thoughts as thought forms, but these would naturally be clusters to form complete ideas or impressions gained by an extension of sensory faculties along the thread to see, hear, smell, taste etc. and bring back reports. The kahunas symbolized this extension of sensory organs along shadowy threads as "reaching out a finger" or "an ear" etc. The sensory organs are duplicated in the shadowy body, so that the low self, when out of the physical, as in astral travel or after death can still see, hear, taste, etc.

I. Low voltage vital force bringing into action the shadowy cord connecting the low self with the High Self. This low voltage of force goes along the thread carrying the thought forms of a prayer to the High Self. It also furnishes the High Self with the force to be used in making instant or miraculous answers to prayers for healing.

J. The three wavy lines symbolize the flow of high voltage vital force from the High Self to the low. This is the atom smashing voltage which can make instant changes in bodily tissues to cause instant healing, or can produce the "physical phenomena" of Psychical Research.

K. The symbol of the High Self. It is connected with the low self by a thread of shadowy body substance.

L. Along the shadowy connecting thread move thought forms and sensory impressions, the latter gained either by a projection of shadowy sensory organs, such as the eyes, or by impressions already recorded as thought forms. All visions of the future are from the High Self and reach the low self as sensory impressions or thought forms sent along the thread from the High Self to the low self. Or, the low self may extend a portion of a shadowy body eye to the region of the High Self and "see" the thought forms of the not-yet-materialized future which have already been constructed by the High Self.

M. The doubled wavy line represents the middle voltage of vital force used as "will" and in its thinking, by the middle self.

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Huna 101: Communicating with your High-Self ... Part II

The Process

The process I've repeated throughout this little piece (see Part I) can be outlined thus ...

Step One: Decide what your current situation is.

Whether it's relationships, finances, health, or whatever ... get an idea of "how things are now."

Step Two: Decide what exactly what improvements you really want to make.

Don't worry about HOW to do it ...

... INSTEAD ... just focus on what you want to be doing ... what you want to happen ... how you want things to be.

Step Three: Relax into "the silence," alpha, the meditative state, deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, whatever you want to call it ...

Relax ... and, while you're relaxed ... review the current situation.

Then imagine how you want it to be.

Because you're more in touch with your "inner self" at this level, you may find yourself adding nice little details at this point ... and that's OK.

Step Four: Turn the project over to the High Self.

... That's it!

... you've "turned the project over" ... so your job now is to look for signs, omens, feelings, visions ... whatever, however your High Self communicates to you.

In the lottery case from Part I, there are at least Two Master Keys worth pointing out.

First ...

As mentioned ... his focus was not on "how" to achieve the goal ... he focused on his desired outcome.

Second ...

His request was for "improving conditions here on earth" and would benefit others!

It's not necessary to be completely "self-less" in your request because improving conditions on Earth ... helping "humanity" ... includes making things better for you!

You're part of humanity, right?

Including your own self-interest is often necessary to build the genuine desire to push a project through ...

... and that's OK.

When your outcome helps at least two other people ... and is "for the benefit of all concerned" ... your success rate is sky-rocketed!


You may have already noticed the "Four-Step Process for Fine-Tuning Your High-Self Communication" does not involve a formal Ha Rite.

Once reason is because this is about developing your relationship with your selves ... both the unihipili "inner self" and the Aumakua "High Self."

By living the spiritual life according to the "Huna Way" ... by developing rapport and maintaining that communication things tend to "just work themselves out."

All the elements are still there!

Your desire energizes the thought-form ... the image of your outcome. You're sending your "prayer-picture" to the High Self. You're working with your inner self.

It's all there ... in a very "natural way" ... a way that you can use regularly ... every day ... to develop your Huna work.

Sometimes the feedback you receive from the High Self ... because you always get SOME KIND OF FEEDBACK within 72 hours of presenting your "project" ... tells you the goal you presented is not for your highest good at this time.

You may get a feeling you need to be focusing your attention elsewhere ...

... AND THAT'S GOOD ... because "balanced communication" is a two-way communication, and that feedback means you're that much closer to living your purpose in life.

And "living your purpose in life" is the meaning of living the "Huna Life."


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Monday, September 04, 2006

Huna "Action List"

Creating your Thought-Form and
Convincing your Inner Self.

Remember ...

... those who succeed are those who are progressively realizing a worthy ideal ... the persons who say, "I'm going to become this!"... and then begin working toward becoming it.

Have you ever wondered why so many men and women work so hard and honestly ... without ever achieving anything in particular?

Why others do not seem to work hard at all and yet get "everything? "

  • We sometimes think it's "the magic touch" or just "pure luck."

  • We often say, "Everything they touch turns to gold."

  • Have you ever noticed that a person who becomes successful tends to continue this pattern of success? Or on the other hand, how a person who fails seems to continually fail?

    Well, the answer is simple ...

    ... those who succeed have established personal goals.

    Success is NOT the result of making money ... making money is the result of success and success is in direct proportion to our SERVICE.

    1. Establish a definite goal.

    2. STOP RUNNING YOURSELF DOWN! Do not think of all the reasons why you cannot be successful ... INSTEAD think of all the reasons why you CAN achieve success.

    3. Renew your self-image by writing a description of the person YOU WANT TO BECOME.

    4. Act the part ... behave AS IF you are that person!
    ... and "just keep on studying!"


    © 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

    Huna – Truth or Fiction?

    Aloha all!

    Linda Barrett sent a humorous post to the Huna Ohana group exposing some of the manipulating language patters that "some people" with certain political agendas are using to keep you from learning how you can develop your "magical abilities" yourself.

    A whole new "industry" has developed recently around trying to keep Max Freedom Long's true findings and what Huna really is.

    It is true that most of the people who either promote or "oppose" Huna really haven't gone through the entire story.

    From another one of Linda's posts to me ...

    The leading question was "Did Long find the secret science behind the miracles of the kahuna?"

    You can answer either way depending on your political agenda, but the important question is if that was what Max was looking for.

    That's missing the point because that's not quite what he was looking for.

    Maybe the important thing is you can do and you can teach people how to do all the magic the Kahuna used to be able to that Max Freedom Long was investigating.

  • Remote Viewing

  • Seeing into the future

  • Changing the future

  • Healing

  • Blessing

  • Removing complexes

  • And so on.


    So here's the link to Linda's revealing post on her blog ...

    ... "Huna - Missing the Point?"



    © 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD