Friday, September 08, 2006

Huna 101: Communicating with your High-Self ... Part II

The Process

The process I've repeated throughout this little piece (see Part I) can be outlined thus ...

Step One: Decide what your current situation is.

Whether it's relationships, finances, health, or whatever ... get an idea of "how things are now."

Step Two: Decide what exactly what improvements you really want to make.

Don't worry about HOW to do it ...

... INSTEAD ... just focus on what you want to be doing ... what you want to happen ... how you want things to be.

Step Three: Relax into "the silence," alpha, the meditative state, deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, whatever you want to call it ...

Relax ... and, while you're relaxed ... review the current situation.

Then imagine how you want it to be.

Because you're more in touch with your "inner self" at this level, you may find yourself adding nice little details at this point ... and that's OK.

Step Four: Turn the project over to the High Self.

... That's it!

... you've "turned the project over" ... so your job now is to look for signs, omens, feelings, visions ... whatever, however your High Self communicates to you.

In the lottery case from Part I, there are at least Two Master Keys worth pointing out.

First ...

As mentioned ... his focus was not on "how" to achieve the goal ... he focused on his desired outcome.

Second ...

His request was for "improving conditions here on earth" and would benefit others!

It's not necessary to be completely "self-less" in your request because improving conditions on Earth ... helping "humanity" ... includes making things better for you!

You're part of humanity, right?

Including your own self-interest is often necessary to build the genuine desire to push a project through ...

... and that's OK.

When your outcome helps at least two other people ... and is "for the benefit of all concerned" ... your success rate is sky-rocketed!


You may have already noticed the "Four-Step Process for Fine-Tuning Your High-Self Communication" does not involve a formal Ha Rite.

Once reason is because this is about developing your relationship with your selves ... both the unihipili "inner self" and the Aumakua "High Self."

By living the spiritual life according to the "Huna Way" ... by developing rapport and maintaining that communication things tend to "just work themselves out."

All the elements are still there!

Your desire energizes the thought-form ... the image of your outcome. You're sending your "prayer-picture" to the High Self. You're working with your inner self.

It's all there ... in a very "natural way" ... a way that you can use regularly ... every day ... to develop your Huna work.

Sometimes the feedback you receive from the High Self ... because you always get SOME KIND OF FEEDBACK within 72 hours of presenting your "project" ... tells you the goal you presented is not for your highest good at this time.

You may get a feeling you need to be focusing your attention elsewhere ...

... AND THAT'S GOOD ... because "balanced communication" is a two-way communication, and that feedback means you're that much closer to living your purpose in life.

And "living your purpose in life" is the meaning of living the "Huna Life."


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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