Saturday, August 25, 2007

Huna "Hierarchy" ... rising above the Order of Ku, Lono, and Kane

One common misconception in Huna is that there were Three "Orders" of Kahuna.

The Three Lesser Orders of Kahuna are Ku, Lono, and Kane.

Most people only know about these three.

... but there are the Higher Orders.

You have to graduate from all three Lesser Orders before you can join the Higher Orders ...

... like Maui.

My true favorite! :-)

But you can also find hints about The Highest Order in the Huna Ohana message archives.

Again, this goes back to "The Secret Vault."

So ...

... why does it have to be this way?

"A more balanced perspective!"


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Friday, August 24, 2007

The 7 principles of Ho'oponopono

"Ho'oponopono: Making Things Right!"

... throughout ALL OF YOUR LIFE.

Right Thinking + Right ACTION = Right Future.

The first step in any healing technique, whether of physical illness, mental or emotional trauma, or financial or social difficulty, always kala (cleansing).

That can mean clearing out mental and emotional blocks, purging the body of built-up toxins from unassimilated chemicals and improper diet, or getting rid of such mental garbage as jealousy or anger or "thinking poor."

Any problem requires "setting things right" before it is possible to make positive progress in regaining a healthy mind, body, bank account, or social inter-relationship.

The Hawaiian word for this basic Huna process is HO'OPONOPONO. *

"A More Balanced Perspective"

For our purposed, using the word "right" may NOT work best.

... because Ho'oponopono also means

"Creating Harmony"

"Creating Balance"

Now ...

"PONO" is one of the most important words in Huna.

In just one system of traditional initiations I received they would spend 29 weeks teaching this
concept alone!

... so I've discovered that "right" is definitely NOT your best translation for "pono."

"Not even close!"

We'll use "Harmonious" or "Balanced" instead.


So you guys on The Huna Ohana group can give us your experiences using these terms.

... Energy Test it!


Because, in "Western Culture," when they used the word "right," it automatically brought-up the exact to opposite to mind.

"That's wrong!" ;->

We really like "Harmony" ... we really like "Balance," right?


The question you can ask yourself as you're living your life is ...

"Am I really
being in harmony
with what is happening
in the present moment
right now?"

This question can help you to remember to stay on "The Mystic Path" as you are living Ho'oponopono.


"The 7 principles of Ho'oponopono"

1. Pono Maopopo - Harmonious Perspective
2. Pono Mana'o - Harmonious Thinking
3. Pono 'Olelo - Harmonious Communication
4. Pono Hana - Harmonious Action
5. Pono Kahe'e - Harmonious Practice
6. Pono Ho'omana'o - Harmonious Observation
7. Pono Makia - Harmonious Collectedness


"Pono Maopopo"

The reason Harmonious Perspective is the starting point in living PONO is because it sets the tone of your entire Path.

"Pono Maopopo" is the perspective of everything that arises being an impersonal process to be observed.

When you're out-of-harmony with the present moment you're taking whatever arises personally, and that can create tension.

Anytime you try to fight the the present moment, it causes DIS-HARMONY ...

... and it causes great pain and suffering!

That is the "First Noble Truth" of Ho'oponopono.

So ... before we go over all seven principles, you will want to "check-them- out" ... asking yourself,

"How can you
apply the 7 principles
to your daily Huna practice?"

Today, you can go ahead and "do that."

Search the deeper code meanings.

... and you can get started developing "Pono Maopopo" by going to the Huna Ohana archives at and reading "Waking Up to a World of Wonders"



© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD