Monday, April 23, 2007

Huna's Top-Secret Vault of Mystic Kahuna Power

At last!

You are now on the verge of the most stupendous experience of your life.

In a very short time, the most closely guarded secrets of the "Mystic Council" will be revealed to you.

Nothing will be held back!

All of these mighty powers will be placed directly into your hands.

But before this can take place, you must prepare yourself. Otherwise you will be unable to understand this great and powerful wisdom ...

... and unable to use it!

You don't need any advanced education or "psychic gifts" to prepare ... all you'll need is one simple "tool."

The Huna Ohana is prepared to give you this "tool" completely FREE ... showing you the 15 steps you must take along the Kahuna path ...

... simple and exciting steps you must follow to prepare yourself, and the true meaning of certain
signs and omens will be given to you.

But this is more than a group of easy on-line lessons ...

... it is a powerful action plan for controlling the Cosmic Forces in your own right.

"Your Summons from the Council"

Once you have made yourself ready to receive the Higher Wisdom, the "Mystic Council" will summon you ... giving you an UN-MISTAKABLE SIGN your learnings will have trained you to recognize.

Suddenly ....

... a whole new world will open up to you and a roaring flood of power will surround you ... not the feeble power of "mere mortals" ... but the most flashingly brilliant, dynamic, electrifying power the world will ever know!

Yes ... before you know it the walls of the Universe will roll back, and right there, spread before you will be the greatest treasure of the Psychic World ... yours for the asking!

"Free for the taking!"

... join the Inner Circle by signing up at NOW!

Who is this "Mystic Council?"

.... you can find out the Secret History of the Kahuna at

Next ...

In the coming weeks you can easily start following the Super-Secret Kahuna Path to glowing success and a marvelous New Life for yourself and your loved ones ...



© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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