Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Huna 101: The "Magic" 4-step Formula for Success

"The Ultimate Success Formula"
... a Huna perspective!

1. You must know EXACTLY what you want.
2. You must want it SINCERELY.
3. You must firmly BELIEVE that you will get it.
4. You must exert every possible EFFORT to obtain it.

#1. People rarely know exactly what they want out of life … usually because they want too many things at the same time. To guarantee success you need to concentrate your attention on a SINGLE OBJECTIVE.

#2. Success can't be measured by a single achievement … there are many steps along the path.

Material things are merely energy converted into matter … and the way to attract this energy is to stimulate the thought-energy into "thought-waves." DESIRE is the "mystic force" which transforms thought forms into material things.

#3. Your desire must conform to the law of cause and effect. As you send out thought-waves (the cause), the condition (the effect) MUST FOLLOW. There IS a time-lag … and the time-lag can be long enough you may not recognize the sequence … but as you become more expert at maintaining thought-forms, you'll achieve results with ever increasing speed.

#4. This means repetitious practice of energizing your thought form (see the article "Instant Huna"). Before you go to sleep at night, always re-energize your chosen goal.

And you must take massive action in the physical world … eg. if you're praying for a job you have to LOOK for a job … and you MAY have to take on a lesser job in the meantime.

Note on "Keeping it Secret"
from Max Freedom Long:

"It is unwise to tell others what one is praying for, because if others thoughtlessly express doubt as to the outcome, the faith and confidence of the suggestible low self may be shaken. Such a suggestion of doubt needs much contrary affirmation of faith to counteract it. There must be a determination from first to last not to allow the slightest doubt of the final outcome to get a foothold in the mind. If necessary, special additional prayers for strengthening of faith and confidence may be made."

© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Chad Rushing said...

What's interesting about this, is that it is very much how life in general is.

Deceptively simple, and surprisingly all-encompassing.

Well done, Vince.