Thursday, September 06, 2007

Waking Up to a World of Wonders


We've talked about "psychic sleep" on the Huna Ohana group ... the strange state of "hypnotized humanity" ...

... most people are "hypnotized" ... living one great nightmare they mistake for reality.

We've talked about dissolving the false self and living your True Self.

So "climb aboard!"

Begin your adventure along the Mystic Kahuna Path with a totally receptive mind.

And start "right where you are!"

This is of the utmost importance ... you must not assume that you are spiritually awake.

You have already seen that one of the "smoothest tricks" of the false self is to deceive us into thinking that your present state is a conscious one.

Alertness in exterior affairs has no connection with psychic awareness!

Exterior abilities are on the physical plane, but psychic skills are on a higher spiritual level.

--- Original Message ---

> I have wondered what is wrong with myself
> and other people. The idea of psychic sleep
> makes perfect sense. Why else would thousands
> of people march off to senseless war? I want
> to know more.

Don't be concerned if it's not clear to you now because that's merely indicating that you have not yet escaped far enough to distinguish the difference between "sleeping" and "awakened" states.

Because ...

... when you are in "psychic sleep" you can't possibly see what is meant by wakefulness until you actually "wake up."

You see ... awakening is the most "different" event a person can experience!

"How to Wake Up to a World of Wonders"

Now we come to the single most important technique on the Mystic Kahuna Path.

With persistent practice, you can turn into a new person.

It's simple AND dynamic!


Before you can tell what it is, you must see what it's NOT.

It's definitely NOT self-centered mental absorption!

If THAT were "liberating" ... then millions would be totally free. In fact ... self-centered reflection is the exact opposite of genuine Self-Observation ... and it's worst enemy!

Self-Observation is watching everything that goes on ... both within yourself and outside.

Do nothing but watch ... just like it was happening to someone else.

Don't "personalize."

Don't "react."

Don't form an opinion about anything you observe.

Don't judge anything as good or bad, pleasurable or painful, favorable or unfavorable.

Simply watch!

Watch as if you have no personal connection with whatever you observe.

It's just like standing on the sidewalk watching cars going by. They are different sizes, shapes, and colors, but what does that have to do with you?

You have no connection with the color, shape, or size ... you are merely watching them go by.

Now ... Self-Observation means "passive detachment."

You don't try changing the things you see in yourself ... and you don't "interfere."

No attitude.

No comment.

You simply LOOK.

It's a remarkable experience to "stand aside" and watch a fear, a depression, or a passion "pass through" you without personalizing it.

It is "sheer magic" that eventually changes things effortlessly and correctly as we proceed.


Your greatest technique for New-ness!


© 2007 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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