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Huna Mind Secrets ... The Kahuna "Waking Meditation" Stage One, Part II

Stay in Hakalau state for as long as you can. Notice how it feels. Notice the ecstatic feelings that begin to come to you as you continue the state.

That's the FIRST STAGE ... here's some experiences from The Huna Ohana.


--- Original Message ---
>I have a question that affects the Hakalau drill you
>gave ... I wear glasses with multi-focal (graded)
>lenses. This affects how I look around me. I tend to
>physically turn my head to maintain the focus of
>areas to the sides of my vision as well as tilting
>my head up and down to focus on printing etc.
>What I am wondering is should I remove my glasses to
>do these exercises? I am concerned that if I keep my
>glasses on and my peripheral vision kicks in, the
>tendency will be for me to want to move my head to
>maintain focus.
>Thanks, Elizabeth


Yes ... Take them off.

Practice the drill until it gets "hardwired" into your neurology, THEN you can chose to wear them or not even though you MAY be surprised at what happens.

Sometimes these things STILL blow me away.

I was teaching Hakalau to a group, and after the third stage we were doing "the finger test" ...

Basically the Testor holds up a finger behind, brings it around the side, to the front, and has the Testie says "OK" when they can see it.

In normal foveal vision (where you're focused on one thing) the finger has to be almost in front of them before they see it.

In regular peripheral vision, most can see it at about a 45 degree angle or better.

In Hakalau, almost everyone can see the finger before it's even with the ear ... i.e. BEHIND the 180 degree plane of vision ... PHYSICALLY BEHIND THE EYE.

As I was demonstrating this, shrieks came from one group.

They were trying it on someone who is LEGALLY BLIND IN ONE EYE ... i.e. no vision except some color smears, and THAT ONLY in the VERY CENTER of his field of vision. (Some of you know him).

So, what happened?

Foveal vision ... pretty much a wash.

Peripheral vision ... nothing.

Hakalau ... he was able to SEE the FULL 180 degree open field of vision ... yes ... even on the physically blind side.

So we said, "Hmmmm ... maybe there's something to this?"


>I found I can see everything when
>I drive and there's no stress.


--- AE Ambassador wrote:
> I think one reason this drill is coming fairly
> easily for me is having studied Sun Tse's "Art of
> War," specifically one part where he recommends
> just this sort of "defocused focus."

This is also referenced in MFL's The Secret Science Behind Miracles. --Vince

--- AE Ambassador wrote:
> I'm having an interesting side effect though. I'll
> stare at the spot for a while, and as my eyes come
> out of tunnel vision, I'll notice a general
> darkening of my vision overall. My personal theory
> is that my spiritual eyes are coming out from
> behind the flesh, and they're just not used to
> being used.

You're learning to "see things differently." --Vince

--- AE Ambassador wrote:
> It could be one of those "dark cloud" things
> though... Any thoughts, anyone?

I'm not picking up on that because it's a general change in how you're seeing things. Believe me, hang out on ANY busy city street and you'll see people with "dark clouds." -–Vince


--- "Ms. Kimberly" < > wrote:
> Thanks you very much, I started today trying it, it
> wasn't easy but I'll keep onit.


Good. If it "snaps back," just ...

1. Look at the spot.
2. Spread your vision out.
3. Spread it down.
4. and back.

I broke it up into three stages because you want to be able to HOLD the state BEFORE you do the next step.

But, you can add the rest of stage one I "accidentally" left out ...

BTW ... "stage one" is Hakalau, so you'll HAVE "already got" the drill after you've done "the rest of the story" ... below. The next stages will move you toward the "what else?" stage.

>And I am interesting in learning more!

Here's more!

While your vision is spread-out like you've already learned to do … and you've ALREADY noticed what you're "picking up" in that state … noticing what feelings you felt ... you have, haven't you?

So, as you DO THAT, you can (just pretend) imagine what it would feel like if you could "sort of" feel everything in your field of vision?

And ... as you're in that state … what would it feel like if you could feel all around you ... 360 degrees.


Keep on learning ...

... and Enjoy!


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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