Monday, July 31, 2006

Huna 101: Programming your "inner self"

One Simple Secret to "KNOW" when
Your Inner Self is READY to
ACCEPT your instructions ...

It is called the Automatic Finger Signal. It is your way of determining when your subconscious mind is ready to accept your new instructions.

Relax with your hands resting on your thighs ... palms down. You are very aware of your hands. Feel their weight on your thighs and feel their warmth. Concentrate on this weight. Become as sensitive as possible to a weight difference. Does one hand feel lighter than the other? One hand will feel lighter than the other if you are keenly aware of the slightest difference in sensation.

As soon as one hand feels lighter, concentrate on the lightness of this hand, in fact on ANY feeling or sensation that comes into that hand. Can you feel the transfer of heat from that hand to your leg? Is the hand particularly sensitive to the texture of your clothing?

It is important that once a sensation of lightness or warmth or texture is felt, you concentrate on the sensation. Sometimes one feels a tingling sensation. Whatever sensation you feel in the lighter hand, concentrate on THAT sensation.

Now we are going to focus your concentration even more by centering it on one finger – the index finger.

This index finger is now extremely light and in it we feel the other sensations – texture, warmth, tingling, whatever the light hand felt.

Now there is just one more step and then something is going to happen.

Think of your heavy hand as on one side of an old fashioned scale ... when one side goes down, the other side rises. Your heavy hand is causing the lighter hand to rise. FEEL this inclination to rise in the light hand's index finger. You know that this finger will rise. In fact, you feel it pressing less and less on the leg.

This concentration will actually produce a nerve impulse movement of the finger ... it will slowly lift from the leg. It may take a few seconds for the finger to lift or it may take a number of minutes ... but it WILL lift.

This initial movement of the finger is a signal from your unconscious mind that it is READY to receive your instructions.


Re1ax in a comfortable chair. Concentrate on the light hand, on the index finger, on its rising.

Most people get a very definite rise of the index finger on the first try. Some get just a slight or almost imperceptible rise. Everybody gets a better rise the second time. This means greater contact with your unconscious mind.

The greater the lifting response, the deeper is your relaxed state and the MORE EFFECTIVE your instructions will be.

Even a SLIGHT movement of the index finger is enough to begin.

Keep Learning your Huna!


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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