Thursday, July 06, 2006

"Secret teaching" of the in-flight safety flyer makes you a "Superman!"

"14 psychological traps" people
are always using to
manipulate you all-the-time.

Churches use them.

Governments use them.

People use them.

And ... because they're "unconscious" ... many of the individuals who USE THEM against you are NOT even aware of what they're doing!

They're just playing "follow-the-leader."

... following the "conditioned programming" that wasinstalled in their youth by parents, school, culture,etc.

So ... even though people may really have "good intentions" ... the RESULTS are the same.

"You stay trapped!"

And they're "trapped" too.

Now ..

"Here's the GOOD NEWS!"

Those "hidden traps" can only "hold you back" while you're UNAWARE of them!

Once you learn to RECOGNIZE them ... and you consciously DECIDE what programming YOU want YOUR "unconscious computer" to be running FOR YOURSELF ...

... then you are FREE to really be yourself.


AND ... as soon as you take your rightful place as"your own boss" ... the mud those "manipulators" sling at you will just "bounce-off like bullets off of SUPERMAN!

"Call it "Ho'oponopono!"

You can do it.

All the "how-to-do-it" is in book #2 of my "Minimum Reading List" in the "Files" section at the Huna Ohana.

... the book that "saved my life!
"So save yourself!" :-)


It's just like they tell you every time you take a commercial flight!

"Make sure your mask is
secure BEFORE assisting others!"


Because ... if you're still "trapped," you're no good to anyone else!


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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