Saturday, July 15, 2006

Is Huna a Religion?

"What is Huna?"
  • Huna is about miracles, making things happen no matter what.
  • Huna is about self-reliance.
  • Huna is about empowerment, about increasing your spirituality, energy, and your metaphysical healing powers.
  • Huna is about living a hurtless and helpful life.
  • Huna is a powerful and transforming system of practices, teachings, philosophy, energy work, and more.

HUNA™ is an internationally registered trademark of Huna Research, Inc., the organization which coordinates the teaching, research, and practice of this ancient system recovered during over fifty years of research by Max Freedom Long (1890-1971) from the ancient traditions of Hawaii.

Huna contains elements of philosophy, science, and religion.

We often speak of Huna as not in itself a religion, but the truth which lies behind all religions alike. It is a science because it explains spiritual/metaphysical matters not as theological belief, but of direct knowledge obtainable by study and investigation.

It's religious aspect gives Huna "followers" or practitioners a rule of life ... not based on alleged "commands" given to the "chosen" at some remote period in the past, but on plain common sense as indicated by observable facts. The "Divine Will" is expressed in what we know as the laws of Nature.

YOUR RELIGION is what YOU believe ... not what you're told to believe.

An that means ... from a certain viewpoint ... Huna can be practiced as a religion.

There are TWO BIG DIFFERENCES between Huna and what is "typically" called religion...

FIRST ... Huna does not demand belief or even speak of "belief" in the usual sense, because the Huna student either KNOWS a thing or suspends judgmentt about it until they can experience the results until such time as they prove it for themselves.

SECOND ... Huna doesn't endeavor to convert anyone from whatever religion he holds ... it EXPLAINS your religion to you and enables you to see the DEEPER MEANING and PURPOSE than you ever knew before.

Huna principles are not tenets of faith, but are based on direct and repeatable OBSERVATION of what happens.

As my Hawaiian "grandfather" taught ...

"Huna Ka Mana Loa Ike Ao Nei"

-- Kauakokoula Kuhaimoana Kaimana "Koko" Willis


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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