Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finding the "missing step" that's sabotaging your dreams ... and "how-to-fix-it!"

Here's ONE simple "secret" that
will get-you-going in the right
direction ... the one almost every
"Master Motivator" is leaving-out!


Have you ever found yourself "bottoming-out" after striving for your long-term goal?

"It happens, right?"

Sometimes you just feel like "giving up!"

Well ... there IS a simple solution.

And it's pretty easy.

... you only need a carrot!

But it's got to be "the right kind!"

Here's why ...

You already know about "the-carrot-and-the-stick."

Think about "Financial Freedom."

That's a BIG ONE!

You've got bills? ... mortgages? ... credit cards? ...repairs to do? ... etc. etc.

That's "the stick!"

We avoid "the stick" ... and some times it has to get pretty bad to get us moving!

That's OK ... if it "gets you moving!"

So you start moving toward "Financial Freedom" ... because that's a BIG CARROT!

It'll get you started ... but it just can't "keep you going!"

Here's a story ...

I was chatting with a lovely lady on line ... surprise ;-> ... and she was talking about coming to the Huna World Convention this month. She's been struggling to "get on her feet" because she has things she wants to do in her future.

That's great ... but things are "slow."

So I gave her "The Secret of the Immediate Carrot."

"That's the secret!"

Your long-term-goal is that "carrot in the future"you're following.

And ... to keep you going ... you have to have "an immediate carrot" ...

... a smaller goal ... a "reward" ... you can get much sooner along the way.

Because ... if you're always "just trudging along" ...without reward ... it starts wearing you out.

"Here's How-to-Fix-it!"

Find your immediate carrot!

For me ... when I was very successful, but losing motivation ... I put a shiny new Motorcycle out there as my "immediate carrot."

And it really worked!

For her ... coming to the Huna World Convention was an"immediate carrot."

She's a talented and prolific writer ... and she was just "sitting on" piles-and-piles of really good Huna teachings that will really help people

.... so why's she "struggling for money?"

Well ... I explained how to put-it-all-together and publish it so everyone can benefit!

"It took less than 24-hours!"

That "immediate carrot" ... coming to the HWC ... & getting to meet me, of course! ;-> ... got her moving in a way that will keep moving her toward the future goals she's already set-up months from now, years from now, etc.

... and a great new Huna book's coming out THIS WEEK!

So everybody wins!

Now ... what's your "immediate carrot?"


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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