Thursday, July 13, 2006

Restoring the Energy of Youth

Kumalae Hooponopono*

You've probably already heard of "aka cords "...

IMAGINE ... all the thousands or millions of aka cords that connect you to everyone, everything you've come in contact with, seen, or thought about ... just like Max Freedom Long described so clearly.

See Huna Psychology for your "aka basics."

How many are attached to "negative" things that suck your mana?


>"When I first came upon the meaning of "stickiness,"
>part of the root (pili) meaning of unihipili, the
>kahuna word for the subconscious spirit, I could make
>nothing of it. But, when I had associated the shadowy
>body or aka with the subconscious spirit, and had
>considered the several root meanings of a-ka, I
>discovered that the thing that was "sticky" was the
>shadowy body. It sticks to anything we contact or see
>(even to things we contact by hearing, I am inclined
>to believe). It is like touching fly-paper with a
>finger and, when the finger is pulled away, a long
>fine thread of the adhesive substance is drawn out."
>"Absurd as this may sound at first telling, that is
>exactly the way the kahunas found the shadowy body of
>the subconscious worked."
>"The idea of an aka thread or cord is closely related
>to the idea of a flow of mana or vital force. The
>root lea means a cord, and also means a vine which
>branches out. The vine is the symbol of mana, as is

... from The Secret Science Behind Miracles p. 127.

Again ...

"How many are attached to "negative" things that suck your mana?"

Every time you have an interaction with anyone, you become "attached" to them by an aka cord ... even if you never see them again! You can feel their emotions, get their illnesses, and generally be "dragged down" by all these cords.

Imagine yourself at the center of a huge web!

How about if you can "CUT THE CORDS" and then re-connect the ones you CHOOSE ... and from a HIGHER LEVEL?


I wonder what can happen?

Read this report from The Huna Ohana ...

> Here's what happened on my end. At first I didn't
> really feel anything. I thought...oh well. But
> then, as the week progressed, I felt better and
> better, and right now I feel almost like a
> different person than the one who wrote to you on
> Monday. It's hard to believe it hasn't even been
> a week!

Pretty cool.

Yes, you might not FEEL IT RIGHT AWAY ... just imagine trying to fill-up a bathtub that's full of holes.

... the water keeps leaking out.

But, once you repair the leaks, it starts filling up. So ... even though it's already fixed ... it still takes some time to fill up the tub.

That's why it's so important to regularly CUT THE CORDS.

Now ... here's "How-You-Do-It" ...

If you have children, you might want to leave the cords connecting you to those under seven.

OK? ... Now ...

Relax, close your eyes, and imagine all the thousands of aka cords going out from your solar plexus, your head, and all over your body.

You can imagine holding silver or white knives ... or just imagine you have "Edward" Scissor-Hands ... and just imagine cutting all those cords.

Add "sound effects" like "ffffft ffffffft fffft ffffft" as you're cutting the cords ... just imagine
what it would sound like as you're cutting the cords.

You can begin rotating counter-clockwise cutting all the cords ... most will be connected at the solar plexus, but imagine cutting them from all over your body.

Seal off the ends with blue light and bring them (or let them snap back) into your body.


"BUT ... What About the People I LOVE!?!"

Good question ...

The IMPORTANT PEOPLE will re-connect. It's VERY common for people who have done this process to receive phone calls from "long lost" loved ones within 72 hours ... and it's pretty cool.

And the "vampires" and the "Pig Pens" ... (remember Pig Pen from The Peanuts cartoons who walked around in a cloud of his own filth, getting all over everything) ...

... if you were still connected, those "Pig Pens" could take your good energy and you could draw in their "dirty energy. "

Imagine sucking that sick, smelly mana (along with the associated thought-forms) through an aka cord hose.

Makes you want to STOP strengthening the connection by focusing on it ...

Makes you want to just STOP ...

Makes you want to CUT THE AKA CORDS RIGHT NOW, doesn't it ... and just GET RID OF THEM.

Because ... having done that ... those "vampires" and "Pig Pens" just sort of STOP and they aren't able to re-connect.

It's like they can't stand to be around you ...

"Shady characters do prefer the dark" ... do they not?

Notice how, when you fill yourself with LIGHT ... with MANA ... when you fill your space with light-mana-high energy ... "those people" just sort of stop coming around any more.

And you do have to do your Ha Breathing daily, and keep your energies humming, and so on, and so forth.

How much better can you feel?

Go ahead and "find-out!"

All the best!


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

* This technique is shared with the consent of a representative of the Kumalae 'Ohana.

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