Thursday, August 24, 2006

Huna 101: How to stop a psychic attack!

Repairing the "weak spot" where
Sorcerers can attack you!

Leto Wrote:
A question from another group.

> dear all, i got to know that somebody cast an
> evil spells, (since i was 13 years), over my family
> and i was affected. any one an expert please give a
> hand to realesed this spells. thanks alot.

It's a "complex" problem!

So ...

Why would anyone go to the trouble of putting an "evil spell" on anyone?


I mean ... most people "take care of themselves" anyway!

... and a "curse" requires certain conditions to "work."

The "complex."

... it's that "something eating inside" ... usually caused by thoughts of guilt.

The "complex" makes the unihipili either willing to accept "punishment" ... or unable to repel "attacks" ... or both.

It also makes the unihipili accept the idea that punishment is "deserved" ... sometimes even with amends having been made ... and forces it to continue or manifest the "punishment" in the form of sickness or mental illness.

And more ...

... the complex does what the Kahuna called "blocking the path" ... making your unihipili "unwilling" to contact the Aumakua.

All so "unnecessary."

Because "the key" is finding and "draining off" the complex.

"It's that easy!"

Kala or "clearing!"

Here's a simple yet surprisingly effective method that works ... but you do have to pay ...

... attention!

As you say these words honestly.

This is just one simple method.

... there are other techniques at you can use.

So ...

Notice what "pops-up" and pay attention to the meaning of the words you're saying ...

... because there are "layers & layers" to this simple little prayer.

The "Little Prayer for the HRA's" Max wrote long ago.

Huna Prayer
by Max Freedom Long

If I have hurt someone today
With thought or word or deed,
Or failed another in his need,
I now repent.

If I can take those steps again,
Tomorrow will I make amends
And heal with love those hurts.
I do this pledge.

And if a hurt has struck me deep
And no amends are made,
I ask the light to balance all.
I count the debt as paid.

Parental Spirits whom I love,
And who I know love me,
Reach through the door I open wide.
Make clear my path to Thee.

So Mote it Be!


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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