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Huna Secrets of Remote Healing

One top authority (I don't recall if it was Charlie Kenn or Sam Lono or who at this time) told us ...
... he just didn't put them all
in his books."

When Dad asked the magic question ... "If I did know where those answers are, where would I find them?" ... the answer came back in Max's voice ...

... "Go back and read the Bulletins. It's all there." *

"The Secret Archives"

Most of you know ... or anyone who has done any SERIOUS RESEARCH on Huna knows ... there are over 3000 pages of research reports Max published and distributed to the HRA's in his lifetime.

All research, experiments, and discussions appeared in the Bulletins before they anything was published in book form.

And only a TINY percentage made it into the books.

BTW ... it was done that way deliberately. :)

Hmmm ...
"Why didn't he just
'give away' all his secrets?"

Well ...

You can still get ALL THE BULLETINS from HRI, if you want THE WHOLE STORY.


So HERE's a tidbit ...

Plenty of information was left out simply because of lack of space.

In the early days, many of the HRA's reported having trouble picturing the healed condition when working on Remote Healing.

In 1948, shortly after the publication of The Secret Science Behind Miracles, Max revealed his secret technique for getting around the tendency to let the "undesired condition" slip into mind when doing Remote Healing.

The secret is in visualizing the AKA BODY of the person you are healing.

Here's the basic outline.

Remember that you are connected by an aka thread ... so any manipulation you do in your mind affects them telepathically.

Also remember the Law of Reciprocation ... meaning whatever you "do to them" also affects you ... so be sure to ask for the guidance of BOTH High Selves.

Relax and go to level.

1. Start by seeing them in their current condition.

2. Then imagine their aka body raising out of the physical body.

You will notice that whatever ills the person may have will show up as contaminations on the aka body ... perhaps as dark spots, red flashes, hard objects, clogs, etc. on the otherwise transparent aka body.

3. Clean the aka body.

Now, one of the Master Keys of Huna is the use of PHYSICAL STIMULUS to impress the unihipili ... so it is important to actually REACH OUT AND USE YOUR HANDS as you imagine yourself cleaning and removing any imperfections from the aka body.

It's also important to remember to use a SURCHARGE of mana in your healing work.

Keep cleaning until the light blue aka body becomes a deeper blue.

4. Strengthen the aka body using your surcharge of mana until it takes on a new GLOW of "glassy solidity."

5. Return it to the body to use ITS STRENGTH to correct the ailing parts of the physical body.

6. End your session.

That's the basic process.

REPEAT the process (either in the same session or in multiple sessions) until the aka body can be pulled out WITHOUT bringing new amounts of the former contaminations ... until it COMES OUT CLEAR.
... and keep on learining!


* Max did know a lot of "unscrupulous" or "naive" people would say they were "channeling" him, so he DID set up a VERIFICATION CODE ... just like Houdini ... so WE CAN TELL by the "message" if it is valid or not.

Too bad nobody told that dimwit author with the Ouija board.

Hmmm ... "Why don't we give away all our secrets?"
© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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