Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Paranormal Activity

-- On Mon, 7/13/09, devon rice wrote:

>Hi Vince,
> I am starting to 'see' people and things out of the corners of my
> eyes, especially on the left-hand side. Is this 'normal' or am I
> losing it?

Aloha Devon,

No surprise you're beginning to notice more as you're paying close attention ... especially using Hakalau.

... so you'll start picking-up on all the "etheric junk" out there, as well.

And it's really MORE than normal ... it's very NATURAL ...

... ask any kid 7-years-old or younger ... IF their parents haven't told them to stop talking about such "foolishness."

In fact, you'll probably start remembering things like this you saw regularly when you were very young.

It's a new world.



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