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What is living a spiritual solution?

--- "Money Goner" wrote:

> Dear Vince,
> How are you doing? I do hope you are in good spirits.

I'm awesome!

> Please allow me to ask a question concerning my current situation.
> To begin with I have a very very lousy job that isn't paying. I
> would like to leave but it's very very difficult to fins another
> job. I am a dishwasher and my salary is the absolute minimum.

First, let me tell you this.

I've been there ...

... OK?

It sucks ... I know!

But you've already taken the first step to getting where you want to be ... and here's a *hint* ... "where you want to be" is NOT what you've described below!

Us this asset and create wealth.

Another thing ...

... all of the most successful people in life started out 5h1t jobs.

It's true.

Now-a-days I do a lot of work with high-paid CEOs, entrepreneurs, etc. ... and here's one "dirty-little-secret" ...

... when they look at a resume, they look at your FIRST JOB ... they look at what you've done.

If "dishwasher" is listed on your resume, you go to the TOP of the list ... because the business leaders who really get things done would NOT EVER hire anybody who's never really worked for a living.

> My physician has advised me to stop doing this job, because I have
> serious health problems. I'm 52 but I feel 88!

Go now immediately to

> At this point I cannot even pay my bills anymore, or the mortgage.
> Now the problem is this.

I've been there.

It sucks.

... but the GOOD NEWS is that ... after doing the Ha Rite correctly ... you're going to see big, dramatic changes you never believed possible.

Read this ... because this one quote got me from scrubbing toilets to running a successful business in less than a year.

> I am a bit naive and too kind when it concerns money. I have lent
> a "friend" 17.000 euro at a time I had some money. We had an
> "agreement" and it is written on paper. I felt sorry for this
> person and just wanted to help her. How stupid. This lady doe pay
> very irregularly, and much less than what we agreed. I know she has
> money, because she goes out on holidays, while I have much
> difficulties to make ends meet. I'm fed up with this situation, and
> just want my money.


... sounds to me like you're a good person, and you believe other people are good too.

Well ... there ARE people out there who don't hold up their end of the bargain.

> I don't want to harm her, or make threats. This will only make her
> angry. But I'm fed up with this situation, and want her to start
> paying regularly and give me what,s mine.

It's your money, she owes you money, and she's ripping you off ... so why don't you want to make her angry?

She's affecting your health.

> The second problem is this. Also money related. My father left me 2
> houses, the house I live in, and the house next door. My father was
> the landlord, and this man was living in the house almost for free.
> There was no contract. Now this guy is still living in the house
> paying me 178 euros a month!! This is outrageous!!! You can't even
> get a garage for 350 a month!! I have to pay taxes for that house,
> and I cannot even raise the rent!

What is preventing you?

> Oh yes I can ask 1% every year! Big deal! There is nothing I can do
> I cannot throw him out, for he is protected by law, while I am not.

How's that if there's no contract?

I know there are laws on the books in plenty of cities that pretend to "protect renters" and all they do is destroy landlords.

So both of these issues require some sound legal advice from an attorney familiar with and practicing in your area.

Yes, we're spiritual beings having a physical experience, and that means sometimes you have to take regular 'ol practical action right here on the physical plane.

> But I want him out, I need the money!

So what is living a spiritual solution?

Yes you do, and there are some nuts-n-bolts things you're going to have to take care of ...

... but FIRST ... you can make everything "so much easier" if you set-it-up-in-advance on the spiritual level.

Start by doing the I'o process with these people.

> I need money to go to school get education in order to get a
> better job!

Well that doesn't make any sense to me.

Here's why.

Go back and read my post from earlier today about how your Aumakua operates ...

... because "money-to-get-an-education-to-get-a-better-job" is totally "left brain" thinking!

This goes far beyond the healing powers of subconscious mind.

Remember you have a friend ... an Utterly Trustworthy Parental Spirit ... with resources and perspectives far beyond your left-brained thinking.

Your High Self.

Your High Self loves you, and wants you to be happy.

Your left-brain, conscious, uhane mind is there for a purpose and it is an essential part of you ...

... so here's one way to think-things-differently!

When creating the Thought-Form for your Ha Rite, you want to "go to the end of the process" instead of planning "how to get there."

Because your High Self will guide you there once you tell it exactly what you really want!

So ...

... start thinking about how you want your life to BE.

You've already though about how to get there, so go ahead and set that sort of thinking aside and do this:

Describe your ideal situation ... your lifestyle ... what you'll be doing ... how you'll feel ... etc. AFTER your High Self has stepped-in and given everything you've always wanted.

Focus on that.

This will help you get started:

So ...

... after you have a clear idea of what you really want, then you can enlist the assistance of the powerful energy from the TMHG.

You're going to be pleasantly surprised!



© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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