Friday, July 24, 2009

Release powerful emotion energy healing

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> Vince,
> I have been struggling with creating a thought form for my perfect job:

No you haven't ... you've been "striving."

... you've been really thinking-it-through, and you've already reaped some rewards which I'll point out below.

Now, here's your list ...

> Be a resource
> Help people and make a difference in their lives
> Use my creativity (whether to create an actual object or view a
> situation differently)
> Be positive and loving
> Use my knowledge of crystals and therapeutic essential oils would travel
> 25% of the time
> Have a short commute

Sounds more like you're aligning your life-style with your deepest personal values.

And when you're living your life-purpose, you're doing something completely different that a "job."

So, notice what feelings came up when you were thinking about "getting a job" ...

... got it?

And you can probably come up with a better term describing what you're doing when you're waking-up every morning exited about what you're doing, can't you?

Or do you just want a "job."

You choose.

... because your unconscious mind already chose.

> But I get stuck with taking all that and putting it into a thought form.
> I have been mulling this over for awhile, So today, I said what else do
> I want?


If you haven't noticed yet how good your inner-communication is, it's OK if you want to congratulate yourself now.

When you've done the "ground work" and then you just sort-of "let go" like that, your release powerful emotion energy healing.

> I would also like to meet the right man for me and get married.
> Immediately, I saw a rainbow and under the rainbow was myself and a man.
> We are standing face to face and holding hands. Our heart chakras are
> open and I can see the exchange of bright green light. How lovely, how
> easily that picture came to me. So I am thinking perhaps this is my
> biggest desire at the moment. If it were work, wouldn't I have formed a
> picture by now? Any suggestions for how I can put that desire into a
> picture?

Guess what ...

... that IS your thought-form-picture.

You've gone through all the conscious evaluating and analyzing ... and THIS is the picture your unconscious mind produced for you.

Notice how spectacularly wonderful it is ...

... and, if you can imagine stepping-into-the-picture so yo're experiencing it "as if" now ... you'll probably notice how all those other little details you used to worry about have "taken care of themselves."

Then step back out and send it to your Aumakua!

... and enjoy!


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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