Thursday, July 16, 2009

Metaphysical Money Miracles

Aloha y'all,

If you knew the ONE THING that was holding you back from getting anything what you want in life,what could you accomplish?

You might "think" you know what's holding you back, but guess what ... you're probably wrong.

Because what's holding you back is usually always a subconscious issue ...

... NOT not a conscious one.

It's just outside of your awareness ... in our mental "blind spot."

For example:

You might think and feel you are righteous, but in fact you're really "prideful."

This pride is a roadblock preventing you from realizing your goals.

Or you may have limiting subconscious beliefs about money ...

... so you ... unknowingly ... set yourself up to have very little money, that way you can go on "being righteous."

What you really see is actually a symptom, and the root cause goes unaddressed...

...until now.

With the all-new 2008 Huna World Convention Training DVDs, the blockages get exposed in the very first disc!

... You'll learn POWERFUL WAYS OF ENERGY ... how to remove the self-blinders placed on you by western institutional education.

... YOU GET to discover how to increase 1000% in 7 months!

... The Kahuna plane of awareness (this is like ZANSHIN
on steroids!) where you are so in tune that nothing
escapes your understanding

... The POWER-STATES that set you up for light-switch success!

... You'll find the most simple, peaceful and practical
methods of self-discovery and how to sky-rocket your

Would that be good to know?

That's only the first half-hour of the first disc!

...and each of the 7 discs is two hours!

You have a few more days to get this course for only $297+P&H

After Aug. 6th, it goes up to $497

So make a wise move now, you save $200 bucks and get skills that will last you a lifetime.

The time is right now for this:

Yours in Kahuna Wisdom,


© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"Reclaim your inner power!"
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