Sunday, June 01, 2008

Huna and Quantum Physics

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> Hey, Vince, I don't understand this "High Self"
> stuff. I can sometimes use it as a metaphor to get
> stuff done, but it makes more sense to me to think
> of "Higher Intelligence" or something along those
> lines.
> But what IS a High Self? How is it separate from
> "me"? How is it separate from my subconscious mind
> / my soul?
> Can you explain it in a way that makes sense to my
> thick skull?


Einstein and others proved Newtonian Physics is "wrong."

Yet ...

Our entire Space Program is based on Newtonian Physics.

Airplanes pretend Newtonian Physics is true for navigation.

They build bridges assuming Newtonian Physics is true.

I wouldn't want a Quantum bridge that's only there when it's being measured.

So we use metaphors.

After all, what is a meta for anyway?


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