Thursday, August 14, 2008

Higher Self Therapy


If you've studied anything about Huna, you should recognize some simple truths ...

  • You are connected to your High Self.

  • Your High Self always loves you.

  • Your High Self will help you if you make a specific request.
Therefore ... your High Self will resolve unconscious issues hidden in your unihipili or your energy body for you.

The essential format of Higher Self Therapy involves you making a conscious agreement with your unihipili to make a change.

Step 1: Identify the project you're working on.

What do you want to change?

Now ... your High Self recognizes the causes of any given condition, and HOW to remedy it. And ... because your High Self understands your true nature ... you want to involve it because it also has a higher understanding of the consequences of any given action.

The book Recovering the Ancient Magic has an excellent section on the nature of the High Self and its higher thinking processes.

Step 2: Verbally affirm your agreement that it is OK to allow yourself to experience the release and healing on this project with the help of your High Self.

As you clear out those old patterns, you want to prepare yourself for the future ... a time when a
situation arises that used to trigger the old pattern, but now triggers you to accept guidance from your High Self instead.

Very important.

Now. ...

Step 3: Allow your High Self to do it's job of changing that limiting pattern into a new empowering pattern that preserves all those special qualities of understanding that you have gained from personal experience.

Step 4: Notice when you have finished.


That's just a basic outline.

There are a number of positive experiences you can have that will confirm your success, and we can put more light on those things as we're progressing.

Questions? ... get answers to your specific questions at the Free Huna on-line Training Center.



PS - If you do want to experience the full therapeutic
process in a real one-on-one session with a Certified
Therapist in October, we will make arrangements for you.

© 2008 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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Anonymous said...

I just got of the phone to a friend that was concerned about something he felt was impeding his spiritual growth and all I could think to say to him was that he may need to ask his 'higher power' to solve this 'problem'...then I opended my email, and went to this link, as soon as I got off the phone!!! The penny dropped that it is no coincidence and that I need to be doing this myself with some issues in my own life. Your message was spot on as was the timing in which I read it. I am grateful and feeling my heart opened to the divine :D

thank you from Ziffadee

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wisdom with me; I truly appreciate it as this truly is an excellent explanation on how to address My Higher Self. I tried to print this page out so I can refer to it often however there is some block in place that prevents me from doing so. Could you help with this?

Thank you from Mississauga

Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD said...

Aloha Mississauga,

There's no print blocking on the blog, so it is likely the computer or Internet provider you're using.


Gloria said...

I encountered the same issue concerning printing. The first page would print and a second page of only sidebar info. Everything after the paragraph beginning "Now ... your High Self recognizes.... " failed to print.

However I went back and highlighted the missing text and clicked "print" and then "selection" and it printed.

Anonymous said...

Mahalos for this info!