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The Talker vs the Action Plan

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> You recommend; Kahuna secrets of psychic power. You said you used these
> techniques to go from grunt to a success. I am currently working part time .
> Struggling. Could these strategies benefit me if I do not have an exact vision
> of what financial success,job, I want.
> Thank you for taking the time to email me. You are very kind.

Aloha Bill,


And the fact that you are "struggling" actually gives you a huge advantage over the long-time student.

We give everybody a chance to take a "free test drive" simply because we know they work ... in fact the process works 100% every time ... but you can't always tell if someone who orders them is going take the initiative to actually follow the instructions.

... some people are "information junkies," just gathering piles and piles of different esoteric products, looking for something "new and different" since the only "thrill" they get is in thinking they know something that makes them better than everybody else.

The Talker reads everything he can but will never get-off-his-butt and actually USE what he's learned because, deep down inside, he's afraid of failure.

In fact, out of the 5 or 6 people who have returned the program for a refund, NOT ONE of them bothered to DO the drills.

Not one.

Some people are "all talk" and no action.

And that's OK, because it takes a special person to take responsibility and you won't get any results until you're ready to take action for yourself!

But you have everything to gain!

It's people who are willing to set aside your pride and get going who get results!

I certainly didn't have any idea of the riches to come when I was struggling, but the blessings I received by communicating with my 'Aumakua and always learning to better understand that relationship.

You can't really see from 'Aumakua's perspective "yet" ... so you "give it your best shot."

... and you always get feedback, especially within 72 hours of doing the Ha Rite.

As you're growing spiritually then your uhane (rational, conscious mind) will grow more and more capable of choosing the best thought-form to use.

It's a process.

That's one of the reasons it's so hard to explain exactly how much people are benefiting from the Kahuna Secrets program, because ... in the 8 years since I integrated the "planning your life path" process you learn on DVD 9&10, everyone who has done the process has blossomed.

I get messages almost daily, thanking me for putting that process together.

As much as I might like taking credit for it, I know I was "standing on the shoulders of giants" ... because, when the Spirit came upon me to produce it, I'd already been in a period of extremely intense meditation for a couple of months.

The entire process "came to me" complete and with a burst of manaloa to put it together.

Pay attention to those Advanced Techniques because people who've been studying Huna or metaphysics in general sometimes get confused because there's "nothing new" in the foundation material.

... what's totally new is the complete process outlined on DVD 9&10.

How you take action by putting everything that you've learned together and doing that complete Ha Rite process will determine how your future looks.

And it's always more beautiful that you could have imagined from your limited perspective ...

... so imagine how much better it's going to get when what you couldn't even imagine before becomes your everyday reality!

We are truly blessed!

The basics and review of simple energy techniques are going to be familiar because it's important for you to be familiar with these basics and have a solid experiential foundation of them before proceeding to practice Planning Your Life Path.

Do that and you will reap the greatest reward!

Keep studying!


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