Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Meaning of Aloha

> Have you noticed that the Ha-breath and Ha-waii, both start with "Ha" ?
> What does "Ha" mean?
> - Breathing
> - number 4
> - trunk of a tree

And check-out the layers of meaning in Ha-wai-i for greater discoveries.

Hawaiian Words

  • A-LO-HA
  • ALO-HA

Each syllable is a sacred sound with its own resonance, and it’s own esoteric meaning.


“Ahhhhh” is the sound of appreciation.

Relax in the peace of I’o in the sound of “ahhhhh.”

It means “the radiation of Mana Loa in the multi-dimensional universe.”

Say “ahhhhhhh,” … and you have called upon your Aumakua for healing.

ALO refers to I’o’s presence with you. … or absolute unconditional love.

HA means breath.

So ONE meaning of ALOHA is “the Divine breath is with us now.”


So many “definitions” in Hawaiian … so many multi-level meanings!

  • Love
  • Passion
  • Mercy
  • Sympathy
  • Caring
  • Affection
  • To regard with affection
  • To desire

The only word in the English language that fully expresses the meaning of Aloha is “meow”

-- Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD


Adding ai gives the meaning of “consumed with Divine Love” or “an all-consuming love.”

ALOHA … when used as a greeting … opens-up and raises your vibrations to manifest energy and healing.

Hawaiian Words:


The Kahuna must know what harmony and unity is … within himself, with the Divine, and with all mankind.

You must live by the “secret meaning” of Aloha.*

A – ALA - Watchful Alertness. Expanded Awareness.

L – LOKAHI - Working with and in Unity. Equality.

O - OIAIO - Truth. Honesty. Being Authentic to yourself and responsible TO others.

H - HAA-HAA - Humility. The multiple, repeated root Ha refers to you as a spirit having a human experience.

A - AHONUI - Fortitute. Patient perseverance.

Now ...

Max Freedom Long realized that the Hawaiian Kahuna must have had special words in their language to use to teach their beliefs to the younger priests. He began to study any words in the Hawaiian dictionary which might have to do with man's mental or spiritual nature. He immediately found unmistakable words which describe the "parts of mind," as they are called in modern psychology. After years of searching, he had started to learn the secret lore. Years passed before he found a "code" hidden in their language which told what they believed. This "code" aided him in discovering similar beliefs in other civilizations.

See http://huna.blogspot.com/2008/05/huna-code-words-some-simple-basics.html



© 2009 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

"12 Weeks to Mastering the
Secret Science Behind Miracles"

* Based upon and expanded from The Kahuna Religion of Hawaii by David Bray and Douglas Low


Cindy said...

These are questions. I'm a PT and Reiki Master, also interested in Huna. I"ve bought the 2008 Huna conference. Then I saw the new 12 wk course and got that as well. Which one do you recommend doing first? Which one will give me a better foundation of understanding? Does either one give enough foundation to practice Huna for/on others?
Sincerely, Cindy

Anonymous said...


It is very important that locals in Hawaii

know this...tell them

You are a true hero, my friend, thanks

for what you do!

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Thanks for the great post, Vince!