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> In the Theta Healing modality - they go directly to "Creator of
> All that is" in the "7th Plane of Existence"

Aloha Susanne,

Which plane is that specifically, and how are they measuring it?

... and, speaking of specifics, has Vianna picked one specific story about her what kind of cancer she had or where she did the healing in 1995?

Her story has changed from blood to lymphoma to bone cancer and her story about it has kept changing ... each version of the story becoming more dramatic over the years.
Onward ...

> to do the healings and at a Theta brainwave level. The theory
> behind this is that going to the Creator takes you immediatley
> into Theta, which is where the deepest healing occurs.

Any changes you make ... imaginings that take you down, through, in, etc. helps in accessing theta brainwaves.

... and the more changes you make, the deeper you tend to go.

So "going to the Creator" would emphasize theta brainwaves, even though there's really no such thing as "going to theta."

You don't "go" to a brainwave frequency because Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta are referring to electric impulses your brain is emitting ... like a radio broadcast.

They can be picked up by an EEG ... in fact, that's how you get mind-to-mind communication, because brainwaves are broadcast ...

... just like radio.

> What is better and why re: the Alpha state and the Theta state
> for healing? Does it matter?
It really does matter.

ALL of your brainwave frequenies have value, and no one is "better" than any other, even though Alpha is relatively more important for "bridging the gap" between Beta and Theta.

Effectively mastering brainwaves is key for insight, creativity, and healing.

... in fact, one Master Key to brainwave training is learning to master your Beta brainwaves.

Instead of "going to Alpha" or "going to Theta" you're really entering at will the state of consciousness that is most effective for any given purpose.

So keep studying!


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