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Huna's 8 Keys to Psychic Influence

--- In Huna-Ohana "chris" wrote:

> are there any methods of psychically influencing
> so that you got a greater chance with negotiations,
> relationships, etc.


Thought is vibratory, and your thoughts will always affect the other person ... so your only choice is if you want to be affecting others consciously or "by default."

That's your choice.

Now ...

There are 8 keys to effective psychic influence.


You have to have confidence in yourself and in your project.

No "tag ends," "ifs," or "buts."

You can use EFT, respondent conditioning, positive visualization, etc. & c. to build
your confidence, keep the feedback loop going, and keep going ...

... because SUCCESS is not built on one effort.


The ability to focus all of your attention on one thought to the exclusion of all others. a.k.a. "Segment Intending"


This one is one of the most difficult things to learn without proper training ... especially when combined with #1, 2, 5 and 6.

Fortunately Kahuna Training offers us a "short cut" ... the ability to be Passive AND Positive at will.


This is the ability to sit quietly and confidently while your partner "unloads" all of his/her objections.

YOU CANNOT OVER-RIDE THE WILL ... that would NOT be Influence ... that would be COMPULSION!

... besides ... it won't work if you try compulsion, because you'll just meet with RESISTANCE.

While the person is "unloading" they're pretty much in Beta and unaffected by
influence, psychic or otherwise.


Positive that is pleasantly convincing ... with INTEGRITY ... calm in your positive assurance.

Deliberate, yet firm.


This is the cool part ... probably the ONE MASTER KEY ...

... the strongest in the combination.

Again that's IMPUSLSION ... from within ... as opposed to COMPULSION (from outside).

That is to lodge the thought in the mind of your partner to do as you desire.

"Is This 'Right?'"

It is ...

... so long as your purpose is right ... and if it is ... only then you will succeed.

The "trick" is to think the thought in the FIRST PERSON ... that is to think as if you are thinking the thought for him/her.


Make it "clean" by following the thought with silence.

If the thought is verbal, end with a falling inflection, like a directive, rather than rising like a question.

This fits in with CONFIDENCE and IMPULSION.


"Home-field advantage" ... If you're working on a specific event, plan it in "your territory" ... familiar, comfortable surroundings. Bless the surroundings, the
individual, and the project so everything is conducive.


I was at a pawn shop looking at a cymbal. They were asking $200, but I felt ... this is important because it HAS to be "WIN-WIN" ... they needed to get $60 for it.

I let the salesman say everything he had to say about it, and then I offered $40 ... and as I did, I imagined myself inside his head, looking at me, going "Yeah, I can live with $40"

Which immediately felt wrong ... and I heard "Well, I really need to get $60" from behind me.

And that felt good.

The guy said, "I can't do that."

So I cut the aka connection and started walking away ... another form of "sealing the thought."

So ...

As I was walking out, the guy said, "Hold on!"

I turned around and fired the behavioral chain ... saying "Well ..."

And the owner ... the voice from behind the counter finished the sentence ... saying, "... I really need to get $60 for that."

Almost exactly as I heard it.

Hmm ...

... what does THAT mean?

And here's another cool thing about what happens when you can do fun stuff like this using Huna.

Before I turned to leave, the shop had that "pawn shop vibe" ... distrust ... slightly adversarial ...

After I turned to leave, the place cleared out.

Have you ever been going about your business, when suddenly there's a pressure release in your ear?

... and you didn't realize your hearing was muffled before because it seemed normal ... but after the pressure lifted, it was just that much better?

It felt kinda like that ...


And when we were doing the sale, it was like we were old friends.

I even ran into the salesman at a club a couple of months later and he bought me a beer, asked how I was doing, how I liked the cymbal ... he said the owner was asking about me because they had some stuff she thought I might like and they could give me a deal.

It HAS to be "WIN-WIN."


... so, I wonder what happened?


PS - You can learn exactly how to do this right and about a thousand times more with the Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power Training on DVD.

© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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