Friday, November 03, 2006

Huna 101: So what's really different about Huna?

There are really three unique concepts used by Huna in "healing."

Healing includes not only the healing of the physical body, but healing of social and financial tangles, personal problems, and developing your full potential as a whole person.

  1. The plans for the desired future must be carefully worked out as thought-form pictures to fit exactly what we want to accomplish.

  2. Mana must be provided by the low self for use by the High Self.

  3. The High Self builds our thought-form pictures into the reality of the future.
People often react, when first learning about Huna, that so much of it is "familiar."

... maybe because the truth of the principles are recognized or because Huna concepts are simple and universal.

Learning Huna may put your own ideas into perspective for the first time.

An Outline of unique Huna principles:

  1. The long-term scope of the Prayer-Action.

  2. The careful preparation that is required.

  3. The use of visualization may be familiar, but using it to create consciously a set of thought-forms to act as molds for the materialization of your desired future events is new.

  4. The request to the High Self, asking that the thought-forms be used to create for us a new and more desirable future is unique.
  5. Accumulating Mana, or Vital Force, and sending it to the High Self to be used in the creation of the your desired future are unique.

  6. The invisible AKA thread that connects you to your High Self is new, though hinted at in the idea of the "silvery cord."

  7. Using a flow of Mana along the aka cord to carry the thought-forms telepathically to the High Self is unique and of greatest importance.

  8. The fact that the aka thread runs between the aka body of the low self and the High Self ... and that it is the ONE AND ONLY means of contact between the inner self and the High Self ... is not only new, but REVOLUTIONARY.
  9. All prayer is telepathic.

These 9 principles explain WHY the usual vocal prayer made by the conscious mind or middle self often gets no answer.

... because the inner self is not brought into the action and the telepathic sending of the prayer is missing, to say nothing of supplying the needed vital force to be used by the High Self or paying attention to the removing of blocks to this telepathic communication.

Keep on studying.


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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