Thursday, October 26, 2006

Kahuna Secrets of Theta Brain Wave Training

--- Original question:

> Hi Vince,
> I purchased a Kahuna video course from you a while
> back and was wondering if you could tell me if
> there is a huna way of getting from alpha to theta?


If you’ve been practicing, you’re probably already getting there.

“The way to get from alpha to theta” is outlined below.

Now …

… about the videos.

The sound playing in the background during the "alpha drills" is designed to calibrate your brain to alpha.

… and I did “sneak” some theta drills in ... like where you were doing some Remote Viewing.


So I’ll put more on using sound for mastering theta below.

In the meantime …

… here’s a “quickie!”

The post “Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Awareness” ...

... is a theta drill.

> In one of the videos after you explain how to go to
> level - alpha you mention something along the lines
> of Kahuna`s finding a hole and using it to step down to
> theta.

What have your experienced by doing that?

> If you could please let me know if there is a
> Kahuna way of getting to theta that is as simple and
> effective as the huna method of going to alpha I
> would be gratefull. Thankyou.

Here it is.

Remember alpha waves give us our clearest, sharpest, and strongest visualizations … and you probably have a good grasp of that.

You already have the basic process, so let’s get you moving toward the “Kahuna Mind.”

Use your alpha picturing for awakening your theta mastery.


Generally speaking … theta brainwaves are best accessed through “journeying.”

Some examples:

… going down stairs.

…going through a tunnel.

… along a passageway.

And the more changes you make … the deeper you tend to go.


But …

… you have to “go somewhere” … right?

That’s why we’re always emphasizing you must know your purpose for going to theta … your expectation!

  • Astral Projection.

  • Lucid Dreaming.

  • Remote Viewing.

  • Healing.
  • … whatever!

    You see … once you get to the end of your “journey” ... the intention you’ve set-up ahead of time gives your theta waves something to focus on!

    … otherwise you’re just "zoning out. "

    So there IS a purpose for knowing your purpose!

    Keep studying.


    PS – Here’s how you can get to be a “Theta Master” using the theta sound.

    … go to

    You can get Hank Wesselman’s Journey to the Sacred Garden … it’s sort-of “kindergarten metaphysics” … but it’s cheap and you get a drum and rattle CD that will help. Since you already have the Kahuna videos you can make it work over time.

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