Thursday, October 05, 2006

The key "secret" that popular movie is missing!

Kahuna Secret missing from
"the movie" may prevent ...
... even saboatage your goals!

Here's how ...

One of the most misunderstood things in Huna seems to be the "TIME ELEMENT" ...


Your unihipili knows the future is NOT the present.

Pretty simple.

So ... when you're doing your Ha Rite you are building your chosen reality INTO THE FUTURE ... so it IS a reality ... in the future only!


Your unconscious CAN distinguish between "real things" and when you are imagining things ...

... and it pays more attention to what it knows is "real."


Simply imagining and affirming "I am healthy, wealthy, and wise. I radiate health because I have health ..." may CAUSE your unihipili to disregard that as just more of the "imaginings" of the uhane middle self.

... it could actually sabotage your desires!

Got it?

"Pretending" everything is the way you want it ALONE can actually set-you-up for "failure" ...

... because your unconscious KNOWS what is "real" ... what it is experiencing NOW.

So ...

Huna does not use the practice of saying "I am healed here and now" ... because that can set up conflict between your selves.

... "or worse."

But ... having done your Ha Rite ... you know that you are being healed in that part of the future that is being molded NOW.

That's your High Self's job!

Then ...

... having performed your Ha Rite ... placing your chosen outcome in your future ... it is THERE.

That actually sets-up the "Law of Attraction" in the way that will attract you to your chosen future!

... and start attracting your chosen future to you!

"Pretty nice!"


© 2006 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

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