Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Huna: The Nature of Predicting the Future!

--- "akajva" wrote:
> If I got a flash about the future and then I make
> changes so it doesn't happen. Then I wasn't seeing
> the future. Was I?


I like using the "clock tower" metaphor.

Let me give a specific example ...

I was leaving home one evening when I saw a “flash” of a white Camaro broad-siding me at a certain intersection.

As I approached that intersection I began driving slowly and more cautiously. Sure enough, as I got closer a kid in a white Camaro came racing up to the stop sing from the side street and skidded out into the middle of the main street in front of me.

"So what actually happened?"

The clock tower.

Imagine the same scene with two cars speeding toward an intersection … neither driver can see that another car is approaching.

But there’s a person standing atop a clock tower on the corner who can see both cars …

... he literally has a “Higher Perspective!”

He is able to PREDICT THE FUTURE … so far as he can see that *IF* the two cars continue
at their current pace, they will collide.

If he’s able to call one of the cars and give warning of the POTENTIAL tragedy, he BOTH predicted the future AND changed it.

Such is the nature of precognition.

The same thing happened to me and … I suspect … to you.

“Someone” … and I’m not going to name names, right? : ) … but, in Huna that "someone" is your Aumakua High Self.

... so "someone" with a Higher Perspective was able to predict what would happen if things continued as they were and give warning to avoid an undesired event.

Does that make sense?

And the "mechanics" of how to see the future is covered in Max Freedom Long's "The Secret Science Behind Miracles."



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Clare, said...

When I was young (around grade 8) I use to have dreams of the future. Nothing significant, just a flash of a mark on a test I was anxious about (not just letter grade but actualy percent and colour of teachers pen) or of meetings with my friends. As I grew older I found that they began to happen less often, although, sometimes I do experience a situation and say to myself, 'I know i've had a dream of this' and it occurs as a kind of dream deja vu.
What are your thoughts on this?

clare, said...

Also! I was just reading your note on meditation. I use to meditate almost everynight in grade 8 because i found it relaxing. I had read that you should picture a light moving up from your toes to the temple of your head.

Do you think this is why I was able to dream of the future?

Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD said...

Aloha Clare,

In your younger years your brain is operating at
Alpha, where both hemispheres are working together,
and where you have natural access to your psychic

By the age of 14, most people are functioning at Beta,
and need to be re-trained to access your psychic

So the meditation you practiced as a child
strengthened your abilities.

And here's The Good News!

Regularly doing the meditation again NOW will
re-establish those connections.

You can find advanced meditation materials at

All the best!