Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nobody should charge money for spiritual wisdom!

"Nobody should charge money
for spiritual wisdom!"

by Scott Bolan

It finally hit me!

So many people hold up their noses and snobbily tell you "nobody should charge money for spiritual wisdom" ... for teaching ancient practices, etc.

... all the while they're raking-in fist-fulls of tax-free "donations!"

Well, I have a very important question ... "Says who?"

Think about it!

Because every shaman ... every "medicine man" ... every monk ... every Kahuna always accepted payment in some form ... be it chickens, or eggs, a pie, or a bowl of rice.


Because THAT was the means-of-exchange in the old days!

But you know ... there's more to the story ...

They taught disciples in "the old way" ... what we would call "apprenticeship."

It's common knowledge the Kahuna training took at least 20 years ...

... that's 20 years of "apprenticeship."

That means you worked FOR the Kahuna!

And you worked for him from-dawn-til-dusk ... every day ... for 20 years! The whole time you were learning to ply the tools of your trade.


... and you didn't get paid ... not at all.

Do the math ...

Let's use the lowest-common-denominator ... minimum wage.

If you're working a full-time job for your teacher ... at $5.25-an-hour ... that's $210 a week.

Every week!

You're "paying" your teacher $10,920 just your first year! ... not even "Level One" by today's standards!

... and by the time you "graduate" with the skills you can apply for yourself ... you've forked-over $218,400 worth of blood-sweat-and-tears to learn the tools of your trade!


I think that's a little high.

And that sure-as-heck ain't "free."

... that's also 20 years of your life!

So if you look at the transformational experiences and just how many practical, real-world skill you get from just one training program like Vince can give you ... even if you were to pay $900 ... you're actually saving $217,500 every time you get the latest Kahuna training program on DVD!

Not only that.

You get to keep it!

... and you can watch those DVDs time and time again ... taking notes ... doing the drills ... perfecting your skills ... at your own pace.

Do it the easy way!

Vince spent almost 30 years training from the top Kahuna Masters in the world before he ever stepped in front of a classroom and blew-their-minds with his amazing skills.

... and with 40 years of real-life experience in the "psychic trenches," you can see why Vince is THE very best Kahuna trainer there is ... and he's one of only two living Huna Grand Masters today!

That's why:

"I laughed when I saw the all-new
and unique Advanced Self I-Dentity
Ho'oponopono DVDs selling for only $297."

... and I refused to pay it!

In fact ... when I was at the Speed Summit in Las Vegas ... after Vince wow-ed everyone with feats of Real Magick ... I muscled my way through the crowd to find out about those DVDs.

You won't believe this!

Vince reached out and gave me a set ... saying, "Scott, I want you to have these `on me' just for being such a good friend to me over the years."

I refused.

I whipped-out my wallet and handed him seven crisp $100 bills.


Because the knowledge given includes some of the most valuable skills I've ever seen ... and I respect that with every fiber of my being!

... and I saved myself twenty years of hard work and $217,300 in real-world value when I did.

And I'd do it again!

The Advanced Ho'oponopono training next month is already "closed" ... you couldn't weasel-your-way-in even if you tried!

But you CAN get the DVDs NOW for the ridiculously low price of $297.

And I'm tellin' ya ... you should DO IT.

I did!

You just can't put a price on enlightenment!


Scott Bolan

© 2008 Huna Ohana

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