Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Huna Telepathic Mutual Healing Group

"24-Hour Healing Report"
--- Kimara wrote:

> Dear Vince;
> I wanted to send you an update. Aunt Julia is doing
> better. I did talk to her nurse. As Julia had
> fallen asleep. She is being allowed visitors so we
> will make the hour trek to see her. She was in great
> pain and not eating. She says she has no pain and
> was asking for a peach fruit salad they have
> earlier. And she ate part of that. The pneumonia is
> gone.

I love it!

> The nurse said that the staph infection was present
> but she is doing better. I will have to find her
> Dr. To learn more. Apparently she had more than one
> infection and this was also causing pain in her
> neck as part of the infection was in her spine.

That IS amazing!

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All the Best!


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