Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Huna Ha Rite & the proper way to word affirmations

--- On Tue, 9/23/08, Mark Kirby wrote:

> This is in regards to the post Vince put up a while ago where he stated:

    "Pretending everything is the way you want it ALONE can actually
    set-you-up for "failure" ...because your unconscious KNOWS what
    is "real" ... what it is experiencing NOW. Huna does not use the
    practice of saying "I am healed here and now" ... because that can
    set up conflict between your selves . . . or worse. But ... having done
    your Ha Rite ... you know that you are being healed in that part of
    the future that is being molded NOW."

> Now, If you cannot say in your Ha Rite "I am now healthy and slim" or
> "I now have a successful career as a writer and a loving spouse" then how
> does one actually word the huna prayers so that there is no conflict with
> the unihipili and the uhane, between bringing your wish into the present
> but not confusing the time line? This may explain a lot of things I've been
> dealing with and why change and realization is slow in coming.

Aloha Mark,

The "time element" screws-up plenty of otherwise well-formed manifestations.

So all you need to do is re-mind-your-un-conscious-mind when now is ... and which "now" you're talking about.

Got it?

> Can anyone give any example of the wording of the affirmations one
> does during the Ha Rite or any type of prayer or manifestation exercise?

When you do it right ... it works every time.

The Master Key is discovering how your unihipili comprehends time ...

... that's about a two-hour class ... but it's worth it!

So ... what you can do right away to effectively deal with "the time element" ... consider which now you're talking about when.

You can find plenty of good articles on how to do the Ha Rite effectively by searching the message archives.


Here's a simple example:

Instead of "I am now healthy and slim."

... which is practically guaranteed to fail.

Test THIS instead.

... "It is January 7, 2009, and I am now healthy and slim."

THAT's the Thought-Form you want to use in your Ha Rite so your Aumakua High Self can place it in the future where it belongs now!

Got it?

Keep studying!


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