Thursday, April 22, 2010

Notice to All Kahunas

--- On Wed, 4/21/10, Farrell wrote:

> Great post on "What is Huna?" Vince! I think it will be very useful for
> everyone. It certainly clarified some stuff for me.

Thank you Farrell!

> From all my readings, Mr Long did a great job of giving Huna the credit
> it deserves.

And less than 5% of his findings were published in book form!

> Long never claimed to be a Kahuna.


... and he never initiated anyone "as a Kahuna" either.

> His credibility and extensive knowledge are high in my book.


... most importantly might have been this "notice," originally published in 1936.


"Aloha. I apologize for any mistakes I may have made in
telling of you or of your long-preserved wisdom. If I have
hurt any of you, I ask that I be allowed to make amends
rather than that punishment be sent. I have violated no
confidence. I have written under permission. I have only
love and gratitude for you in my heart. Aloha nui oe."

Pay special attention to the part about "permission."

... very interesting!

Almost as if there's more to the story!

... from the original "institute of science and spirituality."

Nana I Ke Kumu!


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