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Mark Perkins is the FUTURE o HUNA, and so I've asked our dear friend Carol Brochu to help coordinate your next big hoot-en-anny, when/where we will worship upon the lava rock formations at Amidon Memorial Conservation Area and conduct the ceremony.

Castor River Shut Ins

Monday, May 05, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Huna Training

Great training!!! My socks were blown off. The  issue I have been 
working on for 8 years has begun to heal! I am finally getting my house
in order, because of the things you taught me and the tools from the
seminar. Vince you are amazing!!! Thanks for your help.

Michael Black
Parker, CO


Hi, I would like to thank you for everything. My fractured foot
was totally cured, I was walking on it instantly. I learned so much,
I recommend this to everyone.

Jerry Tafolla
Chicago, IL


Vince, I want to thank you for all the teachings of this event. Healing
others and sending healings towards other and towards myself has
Healed my Vision. I was since little always using glasses, and my
brother Joshua also. I was far sighted...

A few days ago, I went to an optometry clinic in Fort Bragg (because
its mandatory in the military to do so every 6 months). They cleared
me as 20-20 vision.

I don't need glasses anymore! 

They only prescribe a small amount just for reading IF I Need it.

Vince thanks for all the Teachings.

Jonathan W. Rivera
Armed Forces Europe


Instant Healing!

Beginning January or 2007, I couldn’t sleep at night, but the
Convention in October, 2008 worked.

Today is 4th day that started with a healthy sleep, without any sleeping
pill and I see better without the glasses. I do laugh again in my life, I
have my life back.

So you have above the miracles… and professional work of Vince !!!

Barbara Gekecka - much improved since!


Aloha Rev. Vince,

Thank you so much Rev. Vince for creating, providing, facilitating this
wondreous experience, none other than Huna World Convention.

I am so pleased with the results thus far, my head is still spinning with
amazing results!

I find myself naturally, almost in disbelief trying to locate that feeling
of shame I had prior to doing Ke Leina, and I can't find it, which is a
great feeling!

You are a great magician, Kahuna!

Your style of teaching and your loving, kind presence willing and
wanting to help everyone, without any reservations, is really astonishing
and inspiring to say the least.

I really appreciate all the attention you gave me and teaching me and
healing me, and by the way, my back too feels better, and I will not
wear that watch anymore, glad you have pointed it out to me.

Rev. Vince, I consider you a friend for life, and I wish that I can one
day reciprocate as well.

Also your Mom and Dad were so wonderfully giving to me
throughout the entire time, I mean I got more hugs and love from you
guys more then my entire life perhaps!

Furthermore, the powerful life force energy generated by all three of
you beautiful spirits, was so empowering, and even though it blew my
lid off, and I still feel it around me as my head is spinning even as I
write this. It is a great euphoric feeling and I meaning to request from
you all to telepathically keep sending this psychic healing, restoring
energy to me daily, or whenever you can or think of me please I will
continue to ask for it as I am litterally hungry for it!

Thank you again Rev.Vince and the Entire Family, and all the nice
people I have met at the Convention, and please keep in touch and
keep me informed as often as possible.

Love, Peace and Blessings For All,

Andrew Slawek
Bayonne, NJ

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power


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  • The Four "Magic Questions" to Total Learning.
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  • The World's Easiest Energy Drill that Proves All Three Master Keys ...
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  • How to Focus Your Concentration Like a Laser Beam
  • How THEIR thoughts affect YOUR energy ... even at a long distance!
  • Basic calibration skills for How to Know when You're Moving in the RIGHT DIRECTION and when you're NOT!
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    • ... AND how to use the Three Essential Cognitive
      Positions to Accelerate Your Success
  • The simple "magic question" that propelled Max Freedom Long to successfully discovering HOW the Kahuna DID what they did.
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  • The FASTEST ESP training in the world.
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"Vince specifically outlines and leads you through the skills ... so all YOU have to do is take notes and do the drills. Strengthening your own or someone else's energy ... Going down to a level of unmatched relaxation in mere seconds... Remote viewing... and that is only 'part' of what is on the first four videos! I do have to say that Vince has done one fantastic job, in fact, those first four videos alone were worth the cost he sold the whole package at!"
--Gary Graves

"The Advanced Techniques (video nine and ten) teach you how to clear out negative emotions without having to feel them. If you have a memory with negative emotions attached to it you can clear out the emotions even if you don't remember consciously. It works even if the memory is in your unconscious. I had a problem that was interrupting my daily life. Now I don't even remember what or why the problem was, but it's gone!

"You should definitely get the videos because they will save you years of trial and error."
--Linda Barrett

"Thanks a bunch for the Great DVD's. I am only beginning to work and apply them and already things seem to be a lot lighter in my life. "

"Your explanation of Thought Forms is one of the clearest and easiest to understand that I have found yet! The 'Voodoo' demo you did with Calvin is absolutely amazing! Thanks!"
--Ron Matthews

And HERE's a List of "What's Covered" ...
... compiled from Members Who've Already Grabbed these Videos ...
... and Posted on the Huna Ohana List ...
You will also learn ...

  • How to build the psychic bridge between your conscious and your unconscious mind.
  • How to overcome negative influences and install an "auto-response" to stress.
  • How to get what your really want and how to find out what you really want.
  • The ten elements of Huna and how they relate to the three master keys of the kahuna.
  • How to generate massive amounts of mana.
  • How thoughts affect your energy.
  • How to stop a psychic attack.
  • Actual demonstration of aka cords and your inter-connectedness at the unconscious level.

This May just Blow Your Mind because of
the Shocking "VooDoo" Demonstration where You will
actually SEE aka cords in action.
  • How to cut the cords and how to reconnect.
  • The high self connection and the secret to invincibility.
  • Meeting your aumakua in a way you can understand.
  • How to learn to see auras in five minutes or less.
  • How to blow out negative emotions with one wave of the hand. Like that "Jedi" stuff from Star Wars.
  • A daily plan for increasing your vital force exponentially.
  • How to change an enemy into a friend.
  • Remote healing secrets.
  • The quick 9-point check-list of essential rules for forming your prayer picture so that it will work and the kahuna ha rite prayer-action for creating your future.
  • How to create a real psychic thought-form and place it in your future in a way that will absolutely cause it to happen.
  • How to clear negative emotions and limiting decisions from your past.
  • How to discover your life's purpose.
  • How to project your mind into the future.
  • How to consciously raise your mind to the 'Aaumakua (your High Self) perspective.
  • The secret prayer symbol that guarantees success.
  • And a ton of other stuff.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

New Huna Ohana Store

New and all-in-one-place ...

Go to


Friday, June 22, 2012

Huna Ke Leina

Coming this October ...

Huna Ke Leina Intensive:

  Encountering the Mystery ...

        ... the Freedom ...
... Wholeness

October 22 - 26, 2012 at The Rose Bed Inn- Cape Girardeau, MO Space is limited, so make your deposit NOW and save $500 off your registration ...
... reg. $1500 ... now only $997 while space is available .

Payment Options

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New Beginnings

You Can Put Our Hand-Picked "Mastermind
to Work on YOUR Personal
Challenges and Get Their Best CURRENT
How-To Advice
... Including ADVANCED
Strategies and "Live-On-Stage" Interviews,
Panels, and Open Q/A

by Vince Wingo

Gain the REAL-WORLD SKILLS you need today ... tomorrow ... and beyond!

  • How to ask for and GET what you NEED from your High Self ... when you need it.

  • Develop your own personal power!

  • Bring more ABUNDANCE into your life.

  • Fill-In any of those "Missing Pieces."

  • Getting GUIDANCE from your Higher Self

You really can "have it all" ... and you can have it on your terms ... according to your deepest values!

Money Manifestation ... Healing ... and Abundance ...

Discover the one system to virtually GUARANTEE your success by "awakening your hidden mind powers."

  • Get the best of difficulties... instead of letting them get the best of you!

  • Reclaim your POWER!

  • Learn the key phrases for success.

  • How to REMOVE thought forms that DRAIN YOUR ENERGY.


  • Straight-Forward-Healing


*** Here's What They're Saying About PREVIOUS Conventions...

"The sense of family I felt from the people at the convention was amazing. The energy was uniformly high." — Warren Perry

"This convention far exceeded my expectations. The seminar has `jump started' my engines. I was given healing for my condition and I felt the Mana flowing through my arms as I helped heal one of the participants! I return home Recharged, Revitalized, Alive, full of Energy and Mana! I got way more than I expected from the seminar." — Cliff Gbur (OH)

"The most important of many things is the awareness I gained. This convention filled in the missing pieces of my Huna questions, and it has also made me hungry for more HUNA!" — Charlotte A. Wright (NC)

"I accomplished things I never thought possible before." — Ken Price (CA)

"I haven't felt this good in years." — Greg Radke (IA)

2011 Huna World Convention

"Huna Healers Training"

October 24-28, 2011

in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

at the lovely Rose Bed Inn

EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL ... for the FIRST TEN people to sign-up NOW ...

YOU can attend this $1200 seminar for only $795 ... THAT's your "Early-Bird's Special Reward" ... just for signing up NOW.


Register for the
Huna World Convention
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Here's the MAIN EVENT This year's Huna World Convention training seminar is a complete, 5-day "spiritual boot camp" that will let you master the secrets of taking charge of your own future. Dr. Wingo's Team of World-Class Huna Specialists will literally hold your hand and walk you through the entire process, using proven methods.

Huna ... The Secret Science Behind Miracles ... doesn't require strange initiations. You don't need hundreds of bucks worth of special equipment. It doesn't require "talent" ... just enough brains to follow simple instructions.


Just absorb the information and put the principles into action ... that's all it takes. If you do just that the results will be hard to believe!

  • The single most important Key to energize yourself instantly.

  • Combating "hidden" beliefs that weaken you.

  • One simple tool to instantly access your inner intuitive self.

  • How to ask for and get what you want out of life.

  • The single biggest mistake people make in meditation and prayer.

  • 3 steps to guaranteed results.

  • Feel more total-self-confidence

  • Access past experiences... the future... and remote events.

  • Run your life more efficiently and have more fun doing it!

  • Increase your psychic influence 100 to 1000 times.

  • How-to instantly build a "Psychic Shield"

  • Develop you skills as a healer.

... and your cost is less than a visit to one so-called "expert!"

Listen up here ...

Most Seminar Companies would charge you $1,500 bucks for this much training ... and you'd be lucky to get one of those "fly-by-night" seminar groups to sell you a even a three-day training for $1000 ... and that's BECAUSE WE'RE DIFFERENT!

The regular fee for the Huna World Convention is only $2450 ... BECAUSE ... Huna Research is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

And THAT means ALL the proceeds are re-invested into more research, more programs, more service.

... and it gets EVEN BETTER ...

EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL ... for the FIRST TEN people to sign-up NOW ...

YOU can attend this $1200 seminar for only $795 ... THAT's your "Early-Bird's Special Reward" ... just for signing up NOW.

I envy the experience you're going to have!


— Vince

Vinson Wingo

PS - Get your room at the Rose Bed Inn ... where everything will be ... for special "HUNA" rates I'm not even allowed to publish on-line!


Register for the
Huna World Convention
Register Today and
get a MORE than $400 discount!

© 2011 Huna Research, Inc.

2011 Huna World Convention

"Huna Healers Training"
October 24-28, 2011
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

at the lovely Rose Bed Inn

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ka Huna Nui program from NEXUS magazine

Aloha my friends,

If you're interested in getting the Ka Huna Nui™ program recently advertised in NEXUS magazine, then please let me know!

We ended up getting far more orders than we ever anticipated ... and we're trying to keep up with the demand, but ... so far ... the demand greatly out-weighs the supply!

Ultimately that's a positive sign, but our old average of "24 hour turn-around" to get your package in the mail to you was severely affected by the massive response to the advertisement in NEXUS.

Huna Research Inc. is a small, not-for-profit, volunteer organization, and so we had to "out-source" our shipping to a "fulfillment company" in the business of making sure your orders are shipped out.

I am negotiating with some better-known fulfillment companies who have been in business for a long time and can provide the best service possible for you.

The current estimate is that we can have the system in place for producing and shipping DVDs and other products in early November.

I do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience if you're wanting to order your DVD right away, and we will put up special announcements here on this page for you as things are progressing.

You may want to go ahead and "bookmark" this page so you can keep checking back in with us more easily.

We also have the Huna Ohana Forum where you can begin learning these concepts free-of-charge today!

I recommend you check-out the following web pages ...
And keep on studying!


My Wish-List
All-New Q&A section in the Forum!

Na Huna a Pono Hale o 'Io

© 2010 Rev. James Vincent Wingo, DD

Monday, September 13, 2010

Black Magic Spells and Curses

--- Original Message ---

> I want to share something with you a few years ago, and my search for spiritual
> knowlege i joint a group . and a,fter few year with them i desided not to continued
> getting their teaching, because there where some contradiction. And for that reason i
> became their enemy.

Aloha Gilbert,

That's very common.

Mere knowledge without virtue is worse than ignorance.

I've had to put up with a number of those types over the years myself, and everybody must struggle with similar passions within yourself on a daily basis.

By dedicating yourself to purification (kala), you do not attract those energies, keeping focused on 'I'o-tumu ... the very highest perspective ... you become more and more pure.

Now look ...

Those prideful gurus despise having their contradictions exposed, and they usually "blame the messenger" and they quickly use anger, intimidation, and guilt-installation to manipulate and control.

By keeping to your regular kala, they remain completely impotent because their only power is what they can steal from you.

That's why doing a daily Ha Rite (pule) is so essential.

The complete Hooponopono manual we developed with Morrnah Simeona has all the prayers you need to do kala.

Even though Kala is only a part of the Ha Rite, it is probably the most important part.

And you'll better understand why below.

The ultimate goal of doing Hooponopono is creating harmony between your three selves.

This requires the complete relaxation of your body, the cleansing of all those unconscious negative programs from deep within your inner self and the conscious mind, followed by meditation on your 'Aumakua to "draw it near to you."

Read that again, because it really packs severl Master Keys together in a profound way. It sounds simple, and it is "simple" because all wisdom is simple ...

... it's in the nitty-gritty how-to-do-it that takes a lifetime.

Think about it.
  • complete relaxation of the body ... Complete!
  • total cleansing of your deepest inner self ... totally!
  • harmonizing the conscious mind with the Divine Will
  • etc.
THAT is the Truth of Huna!.


> After this about 3 months ago i found out that did black magic to me . I think that they
> shut off my solar plexus center . can you help me .or tell me what i have to do.

Pure A-LO-HA and the blessing of 'I'o upon you.

I'll explain exactly what you need to do, with the assistance of the Poe 'Aumakua below, and first ... let me explain ...

You are NOT alone!

"Pandora's Box" was opened upon the world with the spread of "spiritualism," New Thought, and what is now generally called the "New Age" movement.

There is a huge difference between a "good person" and a holy person.

... anyone who pretends to be holy should be avoided at every cost.

We're ALL human!

... and that means we're all "imperfect" and striving toward perfection. So, even if every New Thought leader of the past century began with the highest and best intentions, the energies they unleashed brought destruction.

The Theosophists appeals to "masters" on the spiritual plane, and countless "channelled entities" easily fool so many with their simplistic but entertaining feats of syllogistic expositions that any and every unihipili can and does perform quite easily.

Even Max Freedom Long, who had only limited communication with Kahuna after moving to California, suffered some terrible effects resulting from his earliest experimentation with healing energies.

And here's why ...

Without a long-lasting and very close relationship with experienced Elders from the Ancient Tradition, you're on your own.

The spiritual seeker who tries to guide himself has a fool for a student.

The world is full of sorcerers and misconceptions, and that is why I encourage everyone to thoroughly investigate everything that you're reading.

These teachings were traditionally kept under lock-and-key ... NOT out of greed or control or power, but to protect the uninitiated from the awesome power of these energies.

If you're playing with fire, you will get burt.

This is of the utmost importance!

We recently filmed a Huna Practitioner Certification, I agreed to put it on DVD, and we're going to have to pull it from the market because the company that is producing the DVDs put some parts of the training that should NEVER go out to the general public!

The Kupuna are here to keep you safe!

So the very first thing that you must do to protect yourself from their black magic is this ...

You have to forgive them.


... it's pretty simple.

They don't understand what their doing.

... if they did, they wouldn't be doing it.

We may always be dealing with the consequences of renegade teachers who place their own interests above all ... that's part of human nature!

Look at the "tourist industry Huna" some people in Hawaii are promoting today.

Led by self-appointed "kahuna" who claim they met some mysterious and unidentifiable "kahuna" years ago, but no one else has ever seen or heard of them nor ever discovered who they were supposed to be. They look sort of Hawaiian because they sprinkle Hawaiian symbols around indiscriminately, including a number of powerful black magic symbols, mixed together with positive symbols, and they're openly experimenting with all of them together equally. They have inexperienced students meditating on what so many of our Elders would instantly recognize as being pure evil. They're even trying to use them for healing!

Understand ... this is definitely nothing new!

You can find exactly the same thing happening in every nation throughout history.

The "Kahuna Motto"

In the "House of Teave" they had a seal-of-secrecy to protect people from themselves ... from aspiring to things for which they were not prepared.

And there was clearly good reason for having a minimum of 20-years preparation required in the Ancient Traditions before a Kahu beginning to teach.

The initiate can only prepare to command through learning to obey!

Practically everyone who's ever written a book on spirituality comes from that very limited perspective ... enthusiastically sharing what they've learned of the spiritual realm long before they've gained proper experience and perspective.

That's just human nature ...

... so you have to forgive them.

Forgive them now.

I will personally be working on this for you at 9am and 9pm daily (see but you must understand that I am irrelevant, because it is the Kupuna I represent who hold the real authority.

Your humble servant,


All-New Q&A section in the Forums
Na Huna a Pono Hale o 'Io

© 2010 Rev. James Vincent Wingo, DD

From: GILBERT <>
Sent: Sat, September 11, 2010 9:02:40 PM
Subject: am taking the 12 weeks course,

mr. james vinson wingo: my name is gilberto l. gutierrez , and want to share something with you a few years ago, and my search for spiritual knowlege i joint a group . and a,fter few year with them i desided not to continued getting their teaching, because there where some contradiction. And for that reason i became their enemy.After this about 3 months ago i found out that did black magic to me . I think that they shut off my solar plexus center . can you help me .or tell me what i have to do.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

2010 Huna World Convention - Spaces Available

Aloha y'all,

Make your plans now
, because it's first-come-first-served, just like at the dinner table.

The Annual Huna World Convention has been going on since 1977 and it just keeps getting better, and ... for the first time in history ... it's going to be just me and Dad on-stage!

No outsiders giving their opinions, just 84 years combined experience presenting the culmination of research gathered over the past 250 years ... some of which is being revealed for the very first time ever!

How the students USE what we're going to reveal will determine if we ever teach this again, and ... for security reasons ... nothing will be filmed.

This is it.

If you miss it, then it's gone forever.

We're being very careful and keeping the class smaller than usual so we can personally work with every single person as needed!

So grab your chance NOW with your deposit, or register on-line ...

... go to

And get ready!

I Ke La'a Kea!


PS - Don't risk missing out on being a part of
something huge ...

Register Now!
2010 Huna World Convention
October 17-23, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Talker vs the Action Plan

--- Original Message ---

> You recommend; Kahuna secrets of psychic power. You said you used these
> techniques to go from grunt to a success. I am currently working part time .
> Struggling. Could these strategies benefit me if I do not have an exact vision
> of what financial success,job, I want.
> Thank you for taking the time to email me. You are very kind.

Aloha Bill,


And the fact that you are "struggling" actually gives you a huge advantage over the long-time student.

We give everybody a chance to take a "free test drive" simply because we know they work ... in fact the process works 100% every time ... but you can't always tell if someone who orders them is going take the initiative to actually follow the instructions.

... some people are "information junkies," just gathering piles and piles of different esoteric products, looking for something "new and different" since the only "thrill" they get is in thinking they know something that makes them better than everybody else.

The Talker reads everything he can but will never get-off-his-butt and actually USE what he's learned because, deep down inside, he's afraid of failure.

In fact, out of the 5 or 6 people who have returned the program for a refund, NOT ONE of them bothered to DO the drills.

Not one.

Some people are "all talk" and no action.

And that's OK, because it takes a special person to take responsibility and you won't get any results until you're ready to take action for yourself!

But you have everything to gain!

It's people who are willing to set aside your pride and get going who get results!

I certainly didn't have any idea of the riches to come when I was struggling, but the blessings I received by communicating with my 'Aumakua and always learning to better understand that relationship.

You can't really see from 'Aumakua's perspective "yet" ... so you "give it your best shot."

... and you always get feedback, especially within 72 hours of doing the Ha Rite.

As you're growing spiritually then your uhane (rational, conscious mind) will grow more and more capable of choosing the best thought-form to use.

It's a process.

That's one of the reasons it's so hard to explain exactly how much people are benefiting from the Kahuna Secrets program, because ... in the 8 years since I integrated the "planning your life path" process you learn on DVD 9&10, everyone who has done the process has blossomed.

I get messages almost daily, thanking me for putting that process together.

As much as I might like taking credit for it, I know I was "standing on the shoulders of giants" ... because, when the Spirit came upon me to produce it, I'd already been in a period of extremely intense meditation for a couple of months.

The entire process "came to me" complete and with a burst of manaloa to put it together.

Pay attention to those Advanced Techniques because people who've been studying Huna or metaphysics in general sometimes get confused because there's "nothing new" in the foundation material.

... what's totally new is the complete process outlined on DVD 9&10.

How you take action by putting everything that you've learned together and doing that complete Ha Rite process will determine how your future looks.

And it's always more beautiful that you could have imagined from your limited perspective ...

... so imagine how much better it's going to get when what you couldn't even imagine before becomes your everyday reality!

We are truly blessed!

The basics and review of simple energy techniques are going to be familiar because it's important for you to be familiar with these basics and have a solid experiential foundation of them before proceeding to practice Planning Your Life Path.

Do that and you will reap the greatest reward!

Keep studying!


You can get your "Kahuna Secrets
of Psychic Power"
training NOW on DVD ...

© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Saturday, July 31, 2010

What is Huna all about?

Huna power principles: What is Huna all about?

That is a question I probably ask myself every single day.

I asked myself many times during the initiation experiences throughout my 40+ years learning Huna,* it's a question you've undoubtedly asked yourself, and so has everybody who's forged-on along the pathway of self-discovery to recognize Huna.

The language and mystical concepts are equally bewildering to the beginner.

So people ask, "What is Huna all about?"

After you've become familiar with the techniques and rituals, and you've learned something of the basic practices and their meanings for you, you might still discover that Huna as a whole ... apart from the mystery of any one part or detail ... can appear to be something almost too complex to grasp.

Even though you know Huna is simple and profound.

When you've become accustomed to the teachings of Huna and no longer have that first sense of "strangeness," you might occasionally or suddenly discover something totally new you've never known before ... perhaps something of the antiquity, the universality, or the profound power of Huna.

For all your familiarity with Huna, you may find yourself "in the dark" about Huna in its entirety.

  • What is Huna?

  • What can Huna do?

  • How did it come into being?

  • What are it's central and permanent teachings?

These questions eventually come to the mind of every student, no matter how indifferent one may be that the philosophy of Huna even exists.

When you learn Huna, you become heir to a rich tradition.

Books and classes provide access to something that was NOT put together in a day, and it will not profit you very much if you make no effort to acquire the at least a portion of the sacred entitlements you've inherited.

You must learn something of the history of Huna.

... of its achievements.

... of its outstanding teachers and what they taught.

... of its ideas, principles, and spirit.

Reading alone cannot, and no classroom could, confer this modern knowledge and ancient wisdom in its entirety.

You must "strive" for yourself to make your own inexhaustible riches out of Huna. You must discover for yourself its higher purposes because you are the most valuable member of this world-wide Huna Ohana.

There is no "authorized" interpretation of Huna.

You will not find a ready-made Huna creed waiting for you or any ready-made explanation of our practices.

  • You must think-it-through for yourself.

  • You must feel-it-through for yourself.

  • You must see-it-through for yourself.

Huna is very simple.

It may not be "easy" going-it-all-alone. It is certainly not easy to do without guidance and assistance, and THAT is why the Huna Ohana is here for you.

Our "sacred family" is a world-wide gathering. Over the past 65 years it required untold sums of money and human effort to sustain and manage such a society. Now, with the blessing of 'Io and the world-wide-web, we are beginning a New Era for the Huna Research Associates.

You are a part of this and important story.

Tell your part of this story.

And keep studying!


© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ancient Hawaiian Huna Power Principles

Aloha y'all!

Are you ready to live-in-the-faith that the whole world is on your side, as long as you are true to the very best in you?

Forget the mistakes of the past and "press on" to the greater achievements of your future.

Those for whom these Ancient Truths are intended will recognize its inner teaching, and will never be the same once you've experienced it first-hand.

If these words mean anything to you, rest assured that we have a message you've been waiting for a long time!

So I need to make sure you are totally serious, completely honest, and judiciously honorable.

... if you ARE pure-of-heart, then you may NOW proceed ... right now.

And keep studying!


All-New-and-Improved ...
Na Huna a Pono Hale o 'Io

© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The "Huna Facebook"

Aloha y'all,


World-Wide Hawaiian Family Applying
Traditional Values to Contemporary Living the new "Facebook of Huna"


  • Choose only the topics you want.
  • Create and edit your own profile.
  • Control your privacy settings!
  • Set-up Notifications.
  • Fully integrates with Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo!, etc.
  • Choose how many emails you receive.
  • No Yahoo! ID required.

A TRUE on-line Community for Huna Students and Certified Huna Practitioners World-Wide

... at


The Huna Ohana is for Serious Sudents Only!

For over 65 years, the Huna Fellowship has judicially applied the highest peer-review procedures to maintain standards, improve performance, and ensure that only qualified individuals achieve official recognition from the Huna Research Associates.

The Huna Ohana, the Huna Fellowship, and the Huna Research Associates, are NOT associated with any individual or organization currently promulgating Hawaiian Mysticism in any way by using fictional accounts or alleged historical event if they cannot provide any supporting references or records to justify claims of authenticity or privilege.


The original and standardized nomenclature of Huna was established by peer review from 1948 and 1971.

The Huna Ohana, the Huna Fellowship, and the Huna Research Associates, are NOT associated with any individual or organization currently trying to change the established definitions of specialized Huna Nomenclature to refer to any other system or body of work.

Fair enough?

It's simple ... if you are who you say you are, then you're OK.

... if you're hiding something, then act accordingly.

We're open to everyone, as long as you're honest and honorable.

That's it!



HUNA practitioner Training on DVD

© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Re: Huna October Convention & special training

--- On Thu, 5/20/10, sylvanachambers wrote:

> Aloha everyone,
> I am considering to go to the October convention. I need to know when
> exactly the sessions start on the 17th and when they end on the 23rd.

Aloha Sylvana,

name, of course ... like a grove or orchard.

> Also - is everybody participating in all of the sessions or do we sign
> up for chosen topics; are there "beginners" and "advanced" sessions ;

They run simultaneously and paralel.

... and sometimes "perpendicularly."

> who are the speakers this fall and what topics are they going to present.


... this is NOT your typical "classroom setting."

We give personalized program of supervised practical application within the group setting and "in the field."

It's an experience ... as you've probably already discerned from previous participants who post on the Ohana group.

> I would also like to know about options for accommodations in the area,
> how the meals work etc.

You're going to meet James and Eldon, owners of the Rose Bed Inn, who provide gourmet meals throughout the day if you so choose, or you can explore the town's local cuisine.

Most people do both.

> I would be flying to St.Louis airport. What is the best way to get to
> Cape Girardeau from there?

The best way is through Cape Air ... they have contracts with most major carriers and you can include round-trip airfare to CGI airport, often for less you'd spend driving.

> Do I get a discount if I bring an extra participant for the convention?


... significant others registering with you are half-price.

See ...

And I really appreciate all the helpful comments from previous attendees in answering the above questions.

See everybody in October!


Register Now!

2010 Huna World Convention
October 17-23

© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Internet Only Special

HUNA practitioner Training on DVD
We plan to release them publicly for $895 ...
but, because you're a Huna Ohana member, you're
getting 'em for only $379 ... the next couple of days ONLY!
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Huna Practitioner Training

Aloha y'all,

Certified Huna Practitioner Mark Perkins is going to be combing-through the DVDs, making notes of and "capturing" clips that are the most powerful.

We'll post 'em ASAP.

The ones I remember really wanting are when I was explaining the functions of the "etheric body" ... as opposed to the Astral body ... in conjunction with the Five Elements and actually demonstrating the memory function by taking Paul's etheric body out ... so he couldn't remember anything, but right as soon as I put it back in he began remembering things ...

... it was beautiful, and a great example of putting theory into practice, and actually demonstrating for-the-eye the undeniable truth of Huna practice.


As you've probably noticed over-the-years, most people only "talk" about these concepts instead of actually showing them in real life.

This is science ... from the original institute of science and spirituality.

One other demonstration I remember wanting ... I think it was just a couple of minutes later .... is when Gerry "thought" he couldn't feel energy until we pointed out that he already WAS feeling it, and everyone else could easily see him feeling it.

Then, right as-soon-as his conscious mind "linked-up" to the unconscious perception, he "got it" and then quickly began discovering the old knee injuries and determining the relative severity of them ... all within just a few seconds.

Powerful stuff you just can't put into words!

But it's ON DVD!


All-this-and-more coming up!

I Ke La'a Kea!


Huna Practitioner's Training on DVD
We plan to release them publicly at $895 ... but, because you're a Huna
member, you're getting 'em for just $379 ... the next couple of days only!

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© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Huna Practitioner Certification Training NOW on DVD

Get the complete 7-day
HUNA practitioner's

... Home-Study Course NOW on DVD

Order today to get your 58% discount ...
thru Monday, August 9th, 2010
... and you only have to say "maybe!" see below


These truly are historic times, and you might be surprised when you discover that you play a key role in making the times we're living in so special.

You're going to be learning more about all the important specifics as your Ohana rapidly expands to surround the globe with our Lei of Aloha. (1)

Now you can do your part.

You are unique for many reasons, and right now, the most important one you want to consider is how you want to take advantage of your historic opportunity to be among the very FIRST people in the world to get the ALL NEW information, learnings, training, and mystical experiences available to you FOR the VERY FIRST TIME EVER in Western HISTORY (2)

I'm not quite sure exactly how to explain the importance of this event.

... my Elders began preparing me for this before I was old enough to go to kindergarten. It didn't make any sense to me then, and it's still quite mystic in nature.

But ... deep-down in my gut (na'au) where it really counts ... I absolutely KNOW it IS true, and THAT is the only thing I need to give this totally new and improved system (returning to the real, most pure, and un-contaminated of the Ancient Hawaiian Mystical practices yet revealed) my very best efforts.


I spent the last month getting myself ready for you, simply because you're the most important key

So I'm gathering as much input as possible on the best way to get this information out to the general public who needs it so much more NOW ... more than ever.

Our "mother earth" is bleeding in the Gulf of Mexico and panic is spreading accross the world in preparation for the energy shift everyone can FEEL is coming in 2012.

Don't panic!

... you know how to relax and see things from higher perspectives. (3)

You really need to learn the New Ka Huna Nui system, and you have two choices on how you want to proceed.

1. Do it the easy way ... the FEE paradigm from Western Culture.

... just get the DVDs and you can accomplish MORE in the next 12 months than you ever have in any revious 12 years!

Even though HRI is not-for-profit, we're still paying the production costs for making these DVDs available to you. Professionally recording, editing, and producing DVDs is pretty expensive.

If you can afford to get the DVDs, then you know you can do that today and get 365 days to apply what you learn.

Keep them, and your donation is tax-deductible also!

... OR ...

2. Do it the hard way. The FREE paradigm from my Ancient Ohana where you must "serve to deserve" and you can learn everything from the DVDs in approximately 5 to 20 years, depending on your level of dedication.

You choose your path!

Either way, it is vitally important you begin today.

Now, if you're wanting to begin the home-study program on DVD program, it's important you understand this is the very first time that anything even close to this program was EVER released on home video.

So I need to make sure you're serious, honest, and honorable.

If you're not, then go away now, before boomerang karma gets you.

Because it WILL.

You WILL get what you deserve.

Now, if you're pure of heart, then proceed ...

The people at Straightforward, Inc. have completed the All-New and professionally-produced the Complete 7-day Huna Practitioner Certification Training DVDs.

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So this is your opportunity to get this once-in-a-life-time offer ...

Look ...

... if you'd been there, you'd
already know what I'm talking about!

But you don't have to pay attention to me ...

... just listen to what everybody else is saying ...

SAMPLE (emphasis added)


I received my copy of the Huna Practitioner Training DVDs a few days ago. It is absolutely wonderful. The notes that Carol took are such a bonus!

I knew there were times I had zoned out or had become so overloaded that I was missing important points. The DVDs and study notes have filled in all the blanks plus they gave me an eagle eye perspective of what was happening in the room.

Anyone who is thinking about ordering the training DVDs, go for it! You are getting the convention at less than a fifth of the cost than if you had attended in person.

It's fun to watch the changes we went through, see how the auras light up when practicing the different breathing rhythms, and watching a group of individuals become family.

Thanks Vince!


jrdljd (at) gmail (dot) com <-- ask her yourself

Ask anyone who was there:

... they ALL jumped at the chance to get these DVDs ... and they did it BECAUSE they know exactly what is on them and just how valuable it is.

If you want to send me a private email, or just join the Huna Ohana ... you'll get-in-touch with any trainee you see on these DVDs because they're good people and ... unlike every other "spiritual" product you can get on the internet, these people NOT paid to promote this or any other product available from the original Huna Research Associates.

Check 'em out ... because that's just ONE advantage of our not-for-profit organization ... it keeps everyone totally honest.

Try finding honest people anywhere else on the internet!

... good luck!

NOW you can get a "front-row-center" seat ... right in your own home ... where you can "savor every single minute" of this legendary training experience ...

... and you can keep watching-and-re-watching the DVDs again and again ... taking notes ...doing the drills ... perfecting ALL the skills you're learning ... and you can do it all at your own pace.

You can even REWIND!

It's the perfect home-study training for you ...

... and you risk nothing! ←see the guarantee below!

So here's a little "extra incentive" to get yours today!

We're also going to throw-in a complete bound copy of Certified Huna Practitioner Carol Brochu's extensive class-room notes that's 75 pages ... practically an inch thick ... along with your work-book of complete handout ...

... for the FIRST 20 7 people to ORDER NOW!

(I gave this offer to 9 people who called to order, and all nine jumped at the chance!)

Pretty cool.

They're THAT good, and they're all yours ... absolutely free ... just for ordering today!

So order yours today!


I do hope to hear from you soon ... hope to see you in October, and certainly wish you absolutely ALL THE BEST!

Nana I Ke Kumu!

thru Monday Aug 9th
PS - You can get your Huna Practitioner Training DVDs NOW ... before July 30th ... for only $379 because we're planning to release them to the public by this fall, and your feed-back will be a huge help!

PPS - A quick note here ... if, after you've gone through all the DVDs taken your notes, and practiced what you've learned, and you don't love them, just send them back. You get our FULL 365-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

... that's way more than than fair, right?

PPPS - Go ahead ... there's NO RISK, so get yours today ... just got to the "Buy Now" or give the Huna Research Associates a quick call ... credit card in hand ... at 1-573-334-3478 now.

© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD


(1) My dear friend, Pali Jae Lee was inspired to publish concepts of our Huna "Lei of Aloha" in our newsletter, then titled "The Huna Work" during the 1980's.

(2) Kumulipo

(3) See the 'I'o process for instructions,

Friday, May 14, 2010

Using the 'Io Symbol

--- On Wed, 5/12/10, Kimara wrote:

> Well my husband Joe and I used to get along like two peas in a pod.
> Lately since he has retired and is home all day it has been sniping and
> snarking and bickering. Now we seem to be on the same page. We are in
> sync again!
> And I believe this is only the beginning!

Aloha Kimara,

I'm absolutely certain you're right!

'Io (or Kiho or Yhihvogh) was the sacred name of the "creator of all things" ... aka TGAOTU.

One noted Polynesian historian counted 27 different names for 'Io, including

  • 'Io-ke-wanala or Kiho-te-wanaga ... "the source of all knowledge."
  • 'Io-maka-wai or Kiho-mata-wai ... "'Io, the God of Love"

Another symbol of 'Io was the Hawk.

If you look through the message archives, you'll notice how often a hawk appears to people when they're getting specialized remote healing ...

... a hawk also "appeared" to almost everyone the night before the March training.

That's 'Io.

Here's a passage from one Ancient Initiation Ceremony (English Translation):

    "See how the hawk flies so high in the sky.
    From his perch in the sky, he can see
    the clouds that brush against the mountain peaks and fall as rain.
    He can see as the rain forms rivers, rough rapids, and cascading waterfalls,
    and finally large rivers which flow into the great ocean.
    So ... 'Io can see the stream of your life from beginning to end."

And, as you already know ...

... there's plenty more where that came from.

Nana I Ke Kumu!


© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Huna Prosperity

Aloha y'all,

The much-anticipated manuscript on Prosperity I'm calling "Lessons from the Poverty Mentality" is ready for distribution.

There's NO QUESTION this process works, so we're only looking for people who will simply follow the easy instructions.

Here's how to get your FREE copy:
  1. Hand-write your name, mailing address, and email on a clean, un-lined piece of paper.
  2. Write the words "I Am" at the top.
  3. Commit yourself to your prosperity by including a donation indicating your level of commitment to either "The Huna Fellowship" or "St. Louis Scotish Rite" with "TPAF" in the memo ... (it must say TPAF for the Scottish Rite Cathedral Preservation Association)
  4. Mail-it-in to 145 Saddlebrooke Ridge / Jackson, MO 63755 USA

Like most things in life, feedback is key, so we only need 12 people to put-it-into-action and prove how mind-numbingly simple it is, but everyone can participate ... "the more the merrier!"

All you have to do is follow the instructions.

That's it.

Keep studying!


© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Re: Kiho Image

--- On Fri, 5/7/10, Julie Martin wrote:

> Hello Vince :) I am very intrigued by this image you have created :) I was
> hoping that you could share with me some more information about this and
> some of the history of the Kumulipo.


I got some of the symbolism posted earlier today under Kiho-tumu.

The Kumulipo is the Hawaiian creating chant ... telling the story "beginning in deep darkness."

... oooops, did I say "creating" ... must be a type-o, huh?

Or not.


One version goes ... (English trans.)
  • "Kiho dwelt within the breathing space of immensity. The universe was in darkness, with water everywhere. There was no glimmer of dawn, no clearness, no light. And He began by saying these words, that He might cease remaining inactive, 'Darkness, become a light-possessing darkness.' And at once light appeared."

How's THAT for packing a powerful-punch ...

... sounds kinda' familiar, but with some slight differences that are the most important thing to be paying attention to right now.

And THAT concept will become increasingly important as we proceed.

Now ... in Hawaiian, "darkness" does NOT refer to the silly, childish Western concept of "bad," but ... INSTEAD ... refers more to darkness in the "unconsciousness" sense of the word ... the "void" where-from-that-which-is-unknown-becomes-known kind of "darkness."

So ... there's lots more where that came from.

Keep studying!


Get your Kiho-tumu images!

© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mana Generator and more ...

Aloha y'all,

I've been experimenting with the Kiho or Kiho-tumu image ...

.. see

In Hawaiian it would be pronounced 'Io.

Got it?

It is very strong energy!


I simply took the color symbol and pasted it on my bathroom mirror ... that way I see it every morning first-thing-in-the morning.

... and I quickly, almost immediately felt charged-up-and-ready-to-take-on-the-day.

Pretty cool.

This symbol comes through the Kumulipo, and it has that "atomic" energy of the creation of the universe.

How's THAT for a "quick pick-me-up?"

... and there's no jittery after-effect :->

Find-out for yourself!



Get your Kiho-tumu mug!
© 2010 Rev. James Vinson Wingo, DD