Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Huna Practitioner Training

Aloha y'all,

Certified Huna Practitioner Mark Perkins is going to be combing-through the DVDs, making notes of and "capturing" clips that are the most powerful.

We'll post 'em ASAP.

The ones I remember really wanting are when I was explaining the functions of the "etheric body" ... as opposed to the Astral body ... in conjunction with the Five Elements and actually demonstrating the memory function by taking Paul's etheric body out ... so he couldn't remember anything, but right as soon as I put it back in he began remembering things ...

... it was beautiful, and a great example of putting theory into practice, and actually demonstrating for-the-eye the undeniable truth of Huna practice.


As you've probably noticed over-the-years, most people only "talk" about these concepts instead of actually showing them in real life.

This is science ... from the original institute of science and spirituality.

One other demonstration I remember wanting ... I think it was just a couple of minutes later .... is when Gerry "thought" he couldn't feel energy until we pointed out that he already WAS feeling it, and everyone else could easily see him feeling it.

Then, right as-soon-as his conscious mind "linked-up" to the unconscious perception, he "got it" and then quickly began discovering the old knee injuries and determining the relative severity of them ... all within just a few seconds.

Powerful stuff you just can't put into words!

But it's ON DVD!


All-this-and-more coming up!

I Ke La'a Kea!


Huna Practitioner's Training on DVD
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