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Re: Huna October Convention & special training

--- On Thu, 5/20/10, sylvanachambers wrote:

> Aloha everyone,
> I am considering to go to the October convention. I need to know when
> exactly the sessions start on the 17th and when they end on the 23rd.

Aloha Sylvana,

name, of course ... like a grove or orchard.

> Also - is everybody participating in all of the sessions or do we sign
> up for chosen topics; are there "beginners" and "advanced" sessions ;

They run simultaneously and paralel.

... and sometimes "perpendicularly."

> who are the speakers this fall and what topics are they going to present.


... this is NOT your typical "classroom setting."

We give personalized program of supervised practical application within the group setting and "in the field."

It's an experience ... as you've probably already discerned from previous participants who post on the Ohana group.

> I would also like to know about options for accommodations in the area,
> how the meals work etc.

You're going to meet James and Eldon, owners of the Rose Bed Inn, who provide gourmet meals throughout the day if you so choose, or you can explore the town's local cuisine.

Most people do both.

> I would be flying to St.Louis airport. What is the best way to get to
> Cape Girardeau from there?

The best way is through Cape Air ... they have contracts with most major carriers and you can include round-trip airfare to CGI airport, often for less you'd spend driving.

> Do I get a discount if I bring an extra participant for the convention?


... significant others registering with you are half-price.

See ...

And I really appreciate all the helpful comments from previous attendees in answering the above questions.

See everybody in October!


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